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@betweentwoears Offers a Picturesque Perspective on the Irish Countryside

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Between the ears of Alex Calder’s (@caldalex) trusted chestnut thoroughbred Ben lies one of the finest views of the Irish countryside. “Where we live is an old part of Ireland, and it’s quite historic,” says Alex. “It’s where the Vikings came when they landed in the 800s or 900s. There’s an old, ruined castle, an 800-year-old church and an old corral, which apparently King John of England camped in.” Her scenes from the saddle on @betweentwoears draw inspiration from “The Finest View in Europe,” a painting by English artist Charles “Snaffles” Johnson Payne. “It’s just the horse’s head and neck and ears, and he’s looking over the fields. I always think of it when I take photos,” Alex says.

Luckily, Ben is mostly patient during impromptu photo shoots on their rides. “You can see how alert he is,” she says. “When I stop and take pictures, he sort of sticks his head up and pricks his ears.”


Letter from Arlene Foster to the Scottish government. She had originally denied writing this but the Scottish government have just published it.

While she was finance minister of Northern Ireland, she wrote the letter to SNP minister, Marco Biagi. She asked for him to reconsider the policy which meant that those in civil partnerships in Northern Ireland could get converted to official marriages in Scotland.

Scotland is the only country in the UK to allow people from anywhere within the UK to change their civil partnerships to marriages.

We’re just proud that the Scottish government’s reply to Foster was a resounding, “No.”

George Weasley x Reader: Gifts

AN: It tisn’t the season but who doesn’t love the holidays? ;) I just want to say thank you for all of your patience! There should be another fic this week as well!

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Warnings: N/A

Christmas Eve at the Weasley’s was a magical, truly magical, event. Arthur would chop down a large tree from the forest off of Ottery St. Catchpole, and Charlie and Bill would help him drag it inside. Percy and Mrs. Weasley took great care in stringing the lights and decking the branches with ornaments and glittery tinsel. Bill would pull Ginny on his shoulders and she would place the star on top, while Ron brought out the gifts to place underneath the tree. The twins enchanted a toy train to huff and puff on the rug before the fireplace, and everyone was in high spirits as snow drifted in sheets in the yard.

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Kickers and their methods
  • Greig Laidlaw: [makes eyes at the posts]
  • Jules Plisson: [makes puppy eyes at the posts]
  • Owen Farrell: [makes weird eyes at the posts]
  • Johnny Sexton: [plays mind games with the posts]
  • Dan Biggar: [dances for the posts]
  • Sergio Parisse: [is unaware the posts exist]