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The Fox and The Maiden Fair: The Morning Gift

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Summary: Ivar and Emer going on a journey.

After receiving her morning gift, Emer walked to the hall to eat. The dagmál was composed of a porridge made of wheat flour, crushed hazelnuts and barley kernels. Emer could notice that they used honey as well. She couldn’t eat thinking about Ivar’s threat. She was not sure if her uncle was released and was afraid to imagine what Ivar could do to her father, once he put his hands on him.

She was so lost in her worries that she didn’t notice Ivar looking at her the whole time. His warm and calloused hand touching hers were enough to wake her.

“I think it’s better if you eat. We will ride today. You will need your strength.”

Emer replied. “I’m not hungry.”

Ivar grunted in disapproval. “If you fall from your horse during the journey, I will let you on the ground.”

Emer thought that she should eat to avoid angering him even more. She started eating the porridge, she didn’t regret it. It was heavenly and sweet. She sighed in satisfaction. From her peripheral vision, she saw Ivar’s cocky smile. After she finished her porridge, Ivar offered her some strawberries and raspberries. They were inviting and their smell was rich. Before she could pick up one of the berries, Ivar took the bowl away from her reach. Emer opened her mouth to protest, but he held a strawberry to her mouth. She was taken by surprise, his intense gaze was commanding, she closed her mouth around the fruit, tasting the sweetness of the strawberry. Its juice started flowing to her lips, Ivar used his thumb to clean her lips, she swallowed hard. He was so concentrated. Emer imagined if he acted this way while in battle, absorbed by the destruction he was inflicting upon others.

His fingers toying with her lower lip, she didn’t know what to do, afraid that even the slightest movement could make him stop. She let out a heavy breath, an odd warmth running through her. The noise made Ivar look deep into her green eyes, he raised his hand, liking the juice from his thumb, with his glaring eyes still fixed upon her. Those indigo darts using her as a target. She was helpless. Looking into her husband’s eyes, Emer could hear the waves crashing against the shore, see the foam flying into the air. His eyes were blue like the sky right before the sun disappears.

He kept doing his ministrations with a thoughtful expression. She wondered if one day she would decipher the man in front of her.

The noise of Sigvard’s arrival interrupted Ivar’s actions.

“It’s time for us to leave, or we will have to spend the night there.”

Ivar’s lips were forming a straight, disapproving look on his features. A clenched fist.

Ivar looked from Sigvard to Emer. “I hope you can ride faster than you eat, since we are late.”

She signed in frustration. They were late because of him.

things michael flatley decided lord of the dance needed:

  • cyborgs
  • spray tans
  • pop ballads sung barely on key
  • arabian pants
  • female dancers snagged from middle american mall beauty pageants
  • new music that often doesn’t work with the choreography
  • dresses fit for jr prom
  • guitar riffs

things he inexplicably decided to keep:

  • lame hand twirling
  • random push-ups
  • the theft of the magic belt buckle

things i can’t remember being in the original that might’ve been but he should have cut:

  • men slapping their own nipples
  • aggressive finger-pointing
  • finger guns
  • power derived from partial nudity

things he decided to cut:

  • almost everything that made the storyline seem ‘mystical’ and ‘ancient’
  • anything remotely like natural beauty
  • good lighting, costuming, and styling
  • the grace and sensuality of the morrigan’s dance
The Fox and The Maiden Fair: The Wedding night Archive of Our Own
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She didn’t know what to do. Ivar’s gaze was fixed on her. It was like he had some power over Emer. She couldn’t move. Ivar passed Emer, sitting on the bed. He started taking off his belt, and then his tunic. Emer looked at his thick and dark hair, it was shiny and inviting. She wondered how it would feel to run her fingers through his locks. It was impossible not to look at his broad naked chest either. His torso was decorated with dark patterns she didn’t know the meaning. Ivar’s arms were something extraordinary too, so muscular, she imagined it was due his constant effort to carry himself without putting all of his weight on his legs. Her eyes traveled to his stomach, it was flat and well-defined as his chest and arms. He had distinct cheekbones and an angular and strong jaw, his pale skin made him look devilishly handsome.

His jaw was tense while he was working to take his boots off. She came closer and kneeled to help him.

Ivar yelled, scaring her. “Don’t!”

Emer looked at him in confusion.

“I don’t want your help!”, he added.

Emer replied. “But I want to help you. It’s my duty!”


He laughed in mockery, but Emer saw pain in his eyes.

“Duty? What other duties do you have? To lay on your back, allowing me to place my crippled body between your thighs?”

She was on her knees, almost crying from the humiliation. But, she would not give him the pleasure of seeing her pain. She walked to the table to drink more mead. If this night was going to be this difficult, she’d rather be drunk.

Before she could realize, Ivar was standing behind her, with the help of just one of his crutches. His free hand running through her hair as if she was made of glass. It was the first time she was so close to an almost naked man. Emer was embarrassed. She didn’t want to look at him, she was sure her face would give away what she was really feeling.

His smell was not helping her to think straight. He smelled like pine, mead and leather. Her head was spinning. She wanted to blame the mead she had had. Yet, Emer knew it was not the case. He bent forward, smelling her hair. She had never expected a man of his reputation to act in a gentle manner. Maybe, this was part of his dangerous nature. You wouldn’t expect the violence, wrath and cruelty until it was too late.

She was lost in her thoughts, until she heard his command. “Look at me!”


Emer complied. She was now facing him. This close, she could see he had strong arched brows and thick eyelashes. And then his eyes. They were deep and catastrophic, a vivid blue. As if he was born to have a close bond with the sea. After all, he came from the fogs of the sea to torment her.


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