irish maiden


Not even a single SmackDown Live Women’s Division is featured on the 2017 Royal Rumble?! This company…

Poor Becky.

things michael flatley decided lord of the dance needed:

  • cyborgs
  • spray tans
  • pop ballads sung barely on key
  • arabian pants
  • female dancers snagged from middle american mall beauty pageants
  • new music that often doesn’t work with the choreography
  • dresses fit for jr prom
  • guitar riffs

things he inexplicably decided to keep:

  • lame hand twirling
  • random push-ups
  • the theft of the magic belt buckle

things i can’t remember being in the original that might’ve been but he should have cut:

  • men slapping their own nipples
  • aggressive finger-pointing
  • finger guns
  • power derived from partial nudity

things he decided to cut:

  • almost everything that made the storyline seem ‘mystical’ and ‘ancient’
  • anything remotely like natural beauty
  • good lighting, costuming, and styling
  • the grace and sensuality of the morrigan’s dance

beckylynchwwe: Just a few women that set out to change the game. @machetegirl @charlottewwe

machetegirl: They may not see eye to eye, but there’s an inseparable bond that comes with giving everything you have to be the best. #wwe #survivorseries #doublechamps #thefutureisnow