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Gloria, hampstead theatre

So, I went to see Colin on stage again tonight, and it was quite a catching experience. The cast is really good and the theme will keep me thinking for quite a bit. I actually won’t say more about the play itself, because it’s something you should see without spoilers, but for those who aren’t able to see it, you can message me and I’m gladly letting you know in private what happened. It’s a whirlwind of emotions, but what did I actually expect when it concerns Colin? I should have learned by now but well I haven’t. On the other side he’s still surprising me, so there’s that.

And by chance I met the lovely @narlth again, but cat got my tongue once more, I’m terribly sorry. I forget all about English while talking to a native speaker. But nonetheless I’m always happy meeting you.
Deity devotions templates tumblr.pdf

I made this today (literally about 30 minutes ago after I finished making a workout log for April) because I got an idea about making devotions a little bit easier for new polytheists as well as more established ones. The layout is pretty simple and allows you to keep track of what deity you prayed to, the date, any offerings that were made, etc. I’ve also included a journaling option. Also (and though it’s not viewable in the pictures below), I’ve left enough room around the borders so people could do their drawings or whatnot. I’m more than happy to provide the documents I created since the pics aren’t that great via email or messenger.

Update: Okay, I think I fixed it so now people can download and begin their devotional book. 

A Beseeching to My Gods

Sweet Boann, gentle mother,
Comfort our weary souls.
You who challenged and was swept away,
Share Your hard-won wisdom with us.
As You are in the raging of Your waters,
Let us rise, fierce and implacable.

Wise Dagda, strong and true,
Lead us in right action through what comes.
As Your Undry never runs dry,
May our hearts and spirits never fail.
Pluck Your harp, Uaithne, and lead the charge,
So we know when to fight and when stand ready.

Sister Brighid of hearth and healing,
Heal our hearts that we may welcome the needy.
Brighid of song and inspiration,
Light the fire within us and give us the words of change.
Brighid of the burning forge,
Shape us into the weapons to protect our brothers and sisters.

Beloved Manannan, protector of outcasts,
Shake out Your cloak over the vulnerable.
Lord Over the Waters,
Wash fear from us so that we can stand.
Clever Lord, God of the Westland,
Guide us. Protect us. Your will be done.

Mysterious Lir, loving father and ocean deep,
Teach us patience where we would be brash.
Dark God who boils and heaves,
Let our storm break over those who oppose us.
Constant Father who surrounds us all,
Let us be as the tide, and rise.

Washer at the Ford

Available as a download/coloring page from 3 Cups of Ink here.

The Washer at the Ford is a recurring figure in Irish mythology often seen washing the clothes, bodies, or tools of warriors destined to die in an upcoming battle in the river.  She is usually identified as Badb, who in turn is often identified as a “sister” of the Morrígan or even the Morrígan herself, an Irish goddess of war, death, sovereignty, prophecy, sorcery, and fate.  She is one of the mythological ancestors of the folkloric banshee whose mournful scream is said to herald the death of a family member.

Here she wears a torc and carries a skull wrapped in cloth in one arm with blood dripping from the other.  The heavy black feathers recall Badb’s epithet as “Battle Crow.”  The shield at her feet is based in part on the design of the British Celtic bronze Wandsworth shield found in the River Thames, which is decorated in the La Tène style and dates to the 2nd century BCE.

JPG format (other formats available upon request)
600 dpi
2000x3688 pixels

Good for coloring, and you can print as many copies as you want.  :)

Devotional Prayer to the Morrigan

Na Morrigna, most honored ladies of sovereignty and war, I will follow you into battle, trusting that you know the way. I may not always see the outcome, and fear might shake me to the core. But your battle cry inspires, your feathered wings are strong, and your prophetic words guide me through the fray. When all is done I know that you will be by my side, whether to heal my wounds, or lead me to the Otherworld. I put my faith in you–you who raced horses and won, who guarded your champion’s death, and blessed the Dagda with victory.

The Flame Grows Stronger (a poem for Brighid)

I gave my heart to her
long ago
and though I have not prayed
not in days, not in weeks, not in months
she still calls to me

I cannot let her go
and she cannot let me go
because she has faith in me
and I find faith in her

She and I forge my life together
a long path, never clear

I am challenging
she knows it well

In one of my hands
she places a sword for the fight,
forged with her love
in the fires of
inspiration and hope
that I cling to

In the other she places her own hand,
and I cling to it
as we walk the path towards healing.

I found my new favorite liminal space

When you’re heading home on the bike and between you and there is a storm on the verge of breaking.

Where the smell of rain lays so thick on the air you can taste it on your tongue. 

Where lightning dances in the same sky as the burning full moon.

When you race laughing towards the storm, hoping you make it before the bottom drops out and soaks you to the skin.

You dance on the line between here and there, between storm and calm, between the presence of the storm and it’s absence.  It’s a giddy thing.  So I poured all that out - that giddy joy, that laughing terror, that rush of joy that happens whenever we ride - I poured it out and I offered it.

To my Gods.

To my ancestors.

To the fae and the other “not Gods”.

Because joy shared is joy redoubled.  And in that time and in that place, the line between me and Them is nearly gone and, for a moment, I am a “not God”, too.

an explanation of my personal practice

so, i thought i’d write something out to explain what i do with my religion and beliefs, since i realized a couple of things–first, that a lot of my friends are not gaelic (or otherwise celtic) polytheists and have very little idea what i’m doing with my practice, especially since there’s so much misinformation out there about the various celtic polytheisms; and second, there are a lot of things about my personal practice i’ve briefly mentioned or alluded to without ever actually explaining. so, here it is, an overview of sorts.

let’s start with the basics. i am an irish polytheist pagan and an informal practitioner of the various folk traditions often referred to as the fairy faith. i am not a reconstructionist, though i tend to get along relatively well in reconstructionist circles because of my personal emphasis on a historical grounding. i am a devotee of brigid, ogma, the mórrígan, nuada airgetlám, manannán mac lir, and donn, and i associate particularly with the wild hunt. i practice magic and occasionally refer to myself as a witch. my magic includes significant threads of urban witchcraft that borders on city worship. i am working on improving what i refer to as my bardic skillset in hopes of formally devoting myself to ogma.

all of these are detailed in more depth below. it is important to note that this is a personal post–this is about my practice and how i do things, and may not necessarily reflect (in whole or in part) the practices of any other irish polytheists. you are welcome to reblog it for personal reference if you wish, but please do not take this as either authoritative or an instructional guide.

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Using Penzu for devotional practice

I tend to be one of those people who come across better in writing than I do in person. I tend to stutter when I get nervous and I ramble when trying to make a point. Due to my social anxiety, I sometimes feel like my off the cuff, from the heart devotions are not enough or that my deities dislike them. In an effort to clean up my devotions and make them more to the point (and to stop my anxiety from interfering in this aspect of my life), I decided to turn to what I do well and that is writing. 

I am a writer by nature. Currently, I am working on two romance novels that I hope to one day self-publish. I write out little stories for my children and while I am no bard, I can string together a paragraph well enough to paint vivid pictures in the minds of anyone who reads them. 

So, I decided about a month ago to find a suitable platform for my needs. I thought about Tumblr but, honestly, I didn’t want to start six new blogs. I tried out Wordpress, keeping my own physical journal, and several other writing/journal sites. However, none of them really fit what I was looking for. 

And that is where Penzu comes in. I can’t remember exactly where I found this site but, I absolutely love it! I can create as many journals I want, choose a cover for them, and decide whether or not I want them public or private. Since Penzu, my devotionals have gotten better. They are still informal but, I no longer ramble. I can take my time and really think about what I want to say to Brigit or Flidais without my anxiety kicking in. As a result, I feel like my relationship to my deities has begun to strengthen. 

What’s great about this is since I am moving soon, I officially have no excuse to not keep up with my devotional practice. My shrines are online as is my main form of communication with my deities. In my opinion, Penzu is a good site for any polytheist to use in their practice if they wish to utilize this tool.