irish defense

May Zedong, who's more of a useless lesbian, you or Weiss? (Asked by anon)
  • May, her face quickly boils into a flustered mess, stumbling over her words: Wh-What!? Me? No! NO!! Not me!! Her! Her her not me!
  • May, pulls her hat down over her face and drops to a fetal position, clearly very embarrassed: Ugh. Wake me up when I'm dead.
  • Roy, one hand on his hip, the other scratching his head: Oy. Wt's ya problem?
  • Nolan, shaking his head with crossed arms, sighs: Aye, I'm tellin ya. She'll be death o' us I swear.
  • Brawnz: Oh come of guys, don't pick on her too much.
  • Brawnz, a joking smirk splitting across his face: We all know she's not a useless lesbian.
  • May, pulling her hat up: Y-you think so?
  • Brawnz, doing his best to hold back snickers: Yeah. You're much more of an "incompetent bisexual".
  • Roy, slapping his knee in laughter as him and the other boys burst out, May throws out a grumpy 'hmph!' And storms away: BAAHHAAA!! Oi lord ya sure gottuhr didn't ye.

Aksaray, Istanbul, Turkey — Apparently, this Irish tourist accidentally spilled a fridge full of bottled water in a shop, which resulted in an argument between him and the shopkeeper. The latter then hit him with a large piece of wood while he gathered his people to help.

He turned out to be a boxer, who then used his skills to fend off attackers in the street. The crowd then grew as more tried to help fight the tourist. Despite the impromptu mob, they couldn’t take the man down and later decided to retreat.

(Neither going head on with multiple attackers nor blocking weapons with your forearm are advisable; it just so happened that this guy was bigger and tougher than the attackers. It was also fortunate that no one took a blade or gun into the scuffle.)

Watch the video [here].

Youth Defence, a hateful organisation that pretends to forward the catholic issues in Ireland, but actually spreads anti choice and anti equality rhetoric veiled in “concern” for marriage or families, had their website hacked and replaced with this beautiful mural which is up in Dublin right now in advance of the Marriage Equality referendum on May 22nd. And it’s amazing.