irish dance trophy


Trophy came in the mail! I love the southern academy. Y'all were so nice at the feis and so nice to get my name engraved. Totally recommend american pride feis since they let us practice on the floors the night before and they had treble kote (and chocolate bars for rounds omg screw medals give me chocolate).

By far the best and most rewarding part about being an Irish dancer: getting to teach these kiddos their first jig, watching them grow into their first pair of hardshoes, watching them light up when we turn the corner at the end of their first ever parade and to see all those people cheering them on, clapping for them. ONLY THEM. They all feel like they’re famous, like everyone is there to watch them dance. That’s the true beauty behind irish dance. Sure trophies are great, but watching these little people bloom into confident dancers is the most amazing part about St Patrick’s day and irish dancing in general.