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How about a Nursey/Dex mutual celebrity crush meet-cute with NHL!Nursey and IrishDancer!Dex?

I’m not sure how popular an Irish dancer is, but let’s roll with it. I’m also making a whole bunch of shit up because I don’t know much about Irish dancing. So if something is so glaringly wrong that it completely ruins the story, kindly let me know and I’ll change it up.

Dex has been on tour with the National Academy for over four months now and while he loves dancing (and loves getting paid for it), he’s exhausted. He can’t think of anything more he’d rather do than curl up in his bed at home and sleep for about a week.

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The most successful people aren’t the most talented. The most successful people are the most persistent.

Aneesh Chaganty
Filmmaker, Google

(He gave the commencement address at my graduation and his speech really spoke to me. It made me think about dance and my goals I aspire to achieve. This quote really stood out to me because although yes I think I have talent, I’m definitely not a Nadine Martin or a an AmyMae Dolan or whatever. Even though I have been faced with setbacks and failures time and time again, I haven’t let it phase me or give me a reason to give up. I’m going continue working hard and pushing myself and hope for the best.)

Important French Phrases for Nationals Dancers!

Although the majority of people in Montreal with speak english to you once they realize you don’t speak french, if you plan on traveling around to other parts of Quebec or just want to make life easier, here’s some useful phrases! Also how often do we get to go to an Irish Dance event where they speak a different language? Try these out and have some fun! (Especially the bottom group) I’m going to do my best to type them “phonetically” as to how i would say them. lol this should be fun.

Common Phrases

Bonjour (Hello) [Bo-zher]

Merci (Thank You) [Mare-see]

Pardon/Excusez- moi (Sorry/ Excuse me) [Par-dawn/Ex-que-say mawh] lol

Parlez vous anglais? (Do you speak English?) [ParLay Vu OnGlay]

Je ne comprends pas francais (I don't understand french) [Je nuh com-prawn pa frawn-say] Say this when people start speaking french to you and they will happily switch to english! 

Oui (Yes) [Wee]

Non (No) [Pretty much no with a french accent, idek)

Super Important Irish Dancer Phrases

Non, Ce n'est pas mes vrais cheveux (No this is not my real hair) [No, Say Nay pa may vray shev-o] 

Comment est mon bronzage? (How is my tan?) [ka ma a mon bron-zage]

Une autre bière s'il vous plait (Another Beer Please) [Oon O-tra beer See-Vu-Play)

Merci, Gavin a fait. (Thanks, Gavin made it) (Mare-see, Gavin a Fay)

Quand est les rappels/les prix (When are recalls/awards?) Kawnd a lay Ra-pell/ lay Pree)

Let me know if I’ve missed anything! :p

Bonne Chance a Montreal Tumblr!!!


Short documentary starring Dara McAleer, Australian champion Irish Dancer, 16th in the World!