irish birds

so, today on our hack I had to go slow due to 28 degrees outside, which made me bored and got me singing ‘fields of Athenry’ (that’s a /bad/ Irish folk song)

… some kid heard me before I noticed him

I can’t sing for shit

He didn’t say anything.

Badhbh (Celtic goddess)

“Meaning crow, Badhbh was a war goddess who took the form of a bird.
She often caused fear and confusion among soldiers in order to move the tide of battle to her favoured side. Badhbh would also appear prior to a battle to foreshadow the extent of the carnage to come or to predict the death of a notable person. She would sometimes do this through wailing cries, leading to comparisons with the bean-sídhe (banshee)”


I’ve posted photos of this gem before…but here are some better ones! Shot by my lovely friend Ian Glass. We had a great ol’ time photographing all of my woodburned guitars at once. This is my personal Fender telecaster (a tele deluxe?). Done with woodburning and a touch of acrylogouache paint.  The lyrics wrapping around the side are from the song “Youth” by Daughter, which I find very very inspiring. Thanks for looking guys :) 

Check out more of Ian’s work at

“anakin nononono i can’t have any pets it’s attachment it’s against the code—” “but master, they’re so cute!” “…alright.”

in which famed republic general and jedi master obi-wan kenobi somehow finds himself the guardian of two, admittedly very cute pets— an irish setter named arc and a scarlet chested parakeet named pilot.