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HeyO! This was a bit of something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. Had it in my mind to do an Irish/Celtic/Gaelic/Welsh/Scottishwhathaveyou guide for awhile. Finally got around to it, at the very tail end of summer. So here goes.

Aos Sí: Irish term meaning “people of the mound”, they’re comparatively your faeries and elves of Irish mythology. Some believe they are the living survivors of the Tuatha Dé Danann. They’re fiercely territorial of their little mound homes and can either be really, really pretty or really, really ugly. They’re often referred to not by name, but as “Fair Folk” or “Good Neighbors”. Never, ever piss them off.

Cat Sidhe: Cat Sidhe are faerie cats, often black with white spots on their chests. They haunted Scotland, but a few Irish tales tell of witches who could turn into these cats a total of nine times (nine lives?). The Cat Sidhe were large as dogs and were believed to be able to steal souls by passing over a dead body before burial. Irusan was a cat sidhe the size of an ox, and once took a satirical poet for a wild ride before Saint Ciaran killed it with a hot poker.

Badb: Part of the trio of war goddesses called Morrígna with sisters Macha and Morrígan, Badb, meaning “crow”, was responsible for cleaning bodies up after battle. Her appearance meant imminent bloodshed, death of an important person, and/or mass confusion in soldiers that she would use to turn victories in her favor. She and her sisters fought the Battles of Mag Tuired, driving away the Fir Bolg army and the Formorians. In short: total badass.

Merrow: The Irish mermaid. They were said to be very benevolent, charming, modest and affectionate, capable of attachment and companionship with humans. It is believed that they wore caps or capes that would allow them to live underwater, and taking a cap/cape of a merrow would render them unable to return to the sea. Merrow, unlike regular mermaids, were also capable of “shedding” their skin to become more beautiful beings. They also like to sing.

Púca: Also called a phooka, these are the chaotic neutral creatures of the Irish mythos world. They were known to rot fruit and also offer great advice. They are primarily shapeshifters, taking a variety of forms both scary as heck and really really pretty. The forms they took are always said to be dark in color. Púcas are partial to equine forms and have known to entice riders onto its back for a wild but friendly romp, unlike the Kelpie, which just eats its riders after drowning them.

Faoladh: My all-time favorite Irish creature. Faoladh are Irish werewolves. Unlike their english neighbors, Faoladh weren’t seen as cursed and could change into wolves at will. Faoladh of Ossory (Kilkenny) were known to operate in male/female pairs and would spend several years in wolf form before returning to human life together, replaced in work by a younger couple. They are the guardians and protectors of children, wounded men, and lost people. They weren’t above killing sheep or cattle while in wolf form for a meal, and the evidence remained quite plainly on them in human form. Later on, the story of an Irish King being cursed by God made the Faoladh a little less reputable.

Dullahan: Dullahan are headless riders, often carrying their decapitated cranium beneath one arm. They are said to have wild eyes and a grin that goes from ear to ear, and they use the spine of a human skeleton as a whip (What the WHAT). Their carriages were made of dismembered body parts and general darkness. Where they stop riding is where a person is doomed to die, and when they say the human’s name, that person dies instantly.

Gancanagh: An Irish male faerie known as the “Love-Talker”. He’s a dirty little devil related to the Leprechaun that likes seducing human women. Apparently the sex was great, but ultimately the woman would fall into some sort of ruin, whether it be financial or scandal or generally having their lives turn out awful. He was always carrying a dudeen—Irish pipe—and was a pretty chill guy personality-wise. You just don’t ever want to meet him—it’s really bad luck. 


5/5 stars: Heart of the Fae by Emma Hamm

“once upon a time, a midwife fell in love with a king…”

Sorcha was raised in the land of Uí Néill, surrounded by emerald hills and the whispers of the Fae. But when a plague threatens the life of the people she cares most about, she must make a deal with a war-like goddess and cross the seas to find a forgotten isle imprisoning a forgotten, fallen prince, Eamonn, marred by jagged scars of crystal and haunted by his brother’s betrayal. Bitter, unyielding Eamonn is Sorcha’s only hope, but can one mortal midwife melt his beastly, stony heart?

Heart of the Fae is a Beauty and the Beast retelling at it’s finest – retaining enough of the original elements of the fairy tale to honor the story but set against a backdrop and a cast of characters entirely its own. Set in Uí Néill, a fantastical version of Ireland, Heart of the Fae boasts a rich setting and a colorful, varied, and fascinating array of faery folk, with meaningful and well researched ties to old Irish lore. It was a quick and comforting read, familiar enough to feel like home but original enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. So brew a cup of tea, settle in by the fire, and dive into the story of Sorcha and Eamonn. You won’t be disappointed. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to wait (impatiently) for the second book in the series. 



Something I feel like people need to see. This is friggin cool.

Listen, being an Irish girl I think you’re born with a crush on Colin Farrell, but something wonderful happened when that slight crush on Colin combined with my childhood in the form of Fantastic Beasts and now I’m in love with a 40 year old father of two and have an unrepentant daddy kink. I can’t believe this is life in my 20’s…

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31 Days of Titans - Day 16: Banshee

Because I’m Irish and because I believe in the Banshee because of some weird shit my grandad has experienced in connection to this legend. I thought; why not throw this in for 31 Days of Titans.

This one is based loosely on one of those experiences of my grandads.

Hope you like it.

Day 16 - Banshee

“Man, that arcade was awesome!”

Beast Boy grinned, “Dude! I told you it was! I’m so happy they remodelled that place. It’s so freaking cool now!”

Cyborg nodded as they wandered down the quiet street. It was just past 1am and there were no other people really about on their walk home from the Arcade. 

The autumnal weather was certainly showing itself lately. Orange and maroon leaves littered the sidewalks and there was the start of a bitterness hanging in the October air. People had their Halloween decorations out and at the ready what with it only a couple weeks away. 

Cyborg felt the crunch of leaves beneath his foot as they continued through the main street, just beside the pizza parlour which was now closed.

“We shoulda left earlier to get pizza, dude. Now I’m starving.” Beast Boy groaned,

“It’s fine, BB. We got enough food stuff to make something up when we get home.” Cyborg told him, waving his hand dismissively at his best friend’s complaints. 

Beast Boy nodded and yawned, falling into a companionable silence with Cyborg. They made a turn and decided to cut through the park, despite how dreary and dark it appeared tonight. There was a serious lack of streetlights within the park so travelling through it at night always had this eerie feeling to it. 

Cyborg whistled to himself as they walked, trying to remain upbeat regardless of the way the trees seemed to close in on them as they moved or how dark it was when they glanced over their shoulder at the direction they had come from. 

There was a hitch in the older Titan’s step for a brief moment, thinking he heard something but he shrugged it off; knowing what kind of tricks the mind played when it was dark and late at night. 

Suddenly, there was a sound that he simply could not ignore.

A piercing scream echoed around the trees; one that was so loud and clear that Cyborg could have sworn it had come from someone right in front of him.

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Originally, I made this as a joke for a friend of mine who didn’t like Colin Farrell until she saw him as Percival Graves. Her contradictory feelings made me laugh so much !

But now that this man is clearly ruining my life even more than before, I can’t help but identify with this picture… Now she must be the one laughing at me.