~Results Day~

Well, the day has finally come to collect my Leaving Certificate/Finals results that will decide if I get into college or not and…

*insert drum roll here*

I got 543 POINTS!!! 

I’m sooo happy!!! I was expecting 521 points out of a possible 625, and I only need 390 points for my college course so hopefully I got my place!

Subject - Expectations — Actual Results

  • English - H2 — H1
  • Irish - H3 — H3
  • German - H3 — H3
  • Maths - H5 — H3
  • Biology - H2 — H2
  • Business Studies - H2 — H2
  • Geography - H2 — H2
  • Agricultural Science - H2 — H3

So overall, I am super happy with the majority of my results and will find out for certain if I got my college place next Monday!

Not perfect, but here’s my notes listing various kinds of food along with pronunciations.

As you can see, I’m still missing a few, but that’s what going back through lessons are for.

(The pronunciations might not work for everyone but they do work for me. I recommend listening carefully to an audio test and writing down exactly what you hear, how you hear it. Say it out loud and make a disparaging comment about your inability to pronounce foreign words before dismissing it by saying you’re still learning, you’ll get there, and move on to the next lesson)

Don’t mind me I’m just screaming about all the empty neighbourhoods in my country that no one can move into because private builders want to charge hundreds of thousands of euros for them and no one can pay so they sit empty while children and adults sleep on the streets here in the cold and dumbfucks blame refugees instead of the government who should fix this by seizing the properties and publicising them

Also I don’t care how much was spent on them, it’s evil to create homes and deny them to people because you’re not making the exact amount of money you want

People need homes, affordable homes, fuck the rich who built these places and allow their greed to damage the community

It sucks being fluent in Irish because no one speaks it so when I actually DO start talking it’s like my words have been stagnated, they take just a little too long to come to mind, just enough to stammer

They’re all there tho, I remember random words all the time and it makes me happy to look at the sky and suddenly “speir, scamaill, bogha baiste, gaoth, èiníní, grian” excuse my spelling, I was always awful at writing Irish

My point is, even if your language is little spoken and you speak another language more, it’s nice to just speak your native tongue and dredge up old words you thought were lost because really it feels so lovely to rediscover a word in your own language you’d missed for a while, even if it’s simple, like “leabhair”, meaning “book”

The Leanan Sídhe is a vampiric fairy from Scottish and Irish folklore. The Leanan Sídhe is described as a beautiful woman who seduces men then once seduced the Leanan Sídhe drinks the mans blood and drains his life essence while engaging in sex with him. The Leanan Sídhe is said to look for a man and try to seduce them and if the man refuses her advances the Leanan Sídhe then has to be his slave but if the man accepts her advances the man then becomes her slave and can only escape by finding another man to take his place. The Leanan Sídhe has inspired some poetry and it’s name means “Fairy Lover.”