There’s a hierarchy in our household that needs to be respected. [image transcription: “Ithim roimh an bportán” which translates to “I eat before the crab”]


Cry Monster Cry - Atlas

We are delighted to present the Official Music Video for our new single, “Atlas”.

The video deals with the themes of isolation, self doubt and anxiety and the journey towards self assurance and maturity that can come as a result of these experiences.

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AnGallAbhaile Movie teaser 2.
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Today in Irish history: June 30th

1691 - The fall of Athlone. Despite the bravery of legendary Sergeant Custume and others, severely outnumbered, the Connacht side of the town fell. The remainder of the Irish garrison retreats to Limerick

1790 - Birth in Knockfin, Co. Laois of Arthur Jacob - noted oculist and Professor of Anatomy in the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin

1798 - Rebels break camp, Needham sends Cavalry to pursue them. The rebels ambush cavalry at Ballyellis and inflict heavy defeat on them. By evening rebels are camped at Kilcavan

1835 - Sir Samuel McCaughey, who is destined to become a sheep tycoon in Australia, is born near Ballymena, Co. Antrim

1922 - The Four Courts, Dublin, are abandoned by Anti-Treaty forces after a two-day bombardment

1932 - De Valera abolishes the oath of allegiance and withholds land annuities from the British Government

1941 - Stephen Hayes, a former IRA chief of staff, is kidnapped; he later claims to have been ‘court martialled’ and tortured by the IRA; Seán McCaughey is later convicted of his kidnapping

1981 - Garret Fitzgerald replaces Charles Haughey as Taoiseach

2000 - Breakaway republicans are held responsible for an explosion which halts all cross border rail services

2001 - David Trimble resigns as Northern Ireland First Minister.

‘WATER TOWER’ by Adrian+Shane


Medium: Archival pigment print.

Size: 32 x 48 cm

Hand signed and numbered edition of 10.

The print will be rolled in acid free tissue paper and packaged in a sturdy postal tube.

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Video Games And Church With Hozier


As we sit in the back of his air conditioned bus at the end of a muddy road behind Firefly Music Festival, Hozier recounts the video games he played as a youth in Ireland.

“I grew up in the nineties so Sega Mega Drive, Super Nintendo. That was my earliest childhood memories.”

The world touring “Take Me To Church” singer once spent his afternoons playing GoldenEye tournaments with friends.

“GoldenEye man. Just hours of four-player GoldenEye. We used proximity mines. Hide in the corner, just lace the place with mines. You have to know the map well but just, mines everywhere.” says Hozier. “I did go back and try to play GoldenEye recently and it’s aged obviously a lot. But I don’t know, there’s a charm to it that I haven’t seen in many games.”

On this Father’s Day in Dover, Hozier is just as passionate about remembering his father’s influence as he is those forgotten systems. It was in sitting with him and listening to his record collection that brought him to that day’s festival stage.

“I was through his collection I definitely kind of formed my tastes. That was what I listened to as a teenager, growing up listening to blues, and jazz, and soul music was really through his tastes and through the music that he had played. Definitely. If it weren’t for that I wouldn’t be making music.”

It was Hozier’s song “Take Me To Church” that first started gaining him fans across the U.S. in 2013. The lyrics detail his frustration with the Catholic Church and their stance on homosexuality.

He himself, is a Quaker and rarely attends church.

“I do for weddings and funerals. Mostly funerals. As a kid I was actually raised as a Quaker. It’s a very different kind of service. I haven’t gone to church in a long time.”

With his set at Firefly Music Festival behind him, Hozier now returns to Europe for a string of shows, and will be back to the U.S. for more festivals at the end of July.