a post i did on alivenotdead a while back.

sweet escape.

mosaic @ the westin.
no. 1 martin place, sydney 2000

Waffles served with sweet strawberries and jam, creme brulee with the perfect caramel top, and last but not least, a scope of ice cream of your choice (in the picture it’s hazelnut flavour, which I have already taken a bite out of.. I began eating before my brain registered that I should probably take a photo of it first). The ice cream is filled with rich hazelnut flavour with very solid taste. The strawberries are deliciously fresh, and after taking a bite out of the waffle, the outside is crunchy, but as your teeth sink deeper into it, the middle is soft and moist. What more can you ask for? But wait, there’s still the creme brulee. The top is hard and nicely burnt with a touch of orange syrup. The “creme” is very soft on the tongue and made with actual vanilla, not your average vanilla essence.

Superb is a good word to describe it. Awesome is probably better. But I think sumptuous suits the most. The competing flavours of sweetness explodes in your mouth and melts your heart. Of course, the trilogy makes all your three wishes come true, with delicate servings complimenting each other to create one of the restaurant’s best desserts.

The main meals are also of really high quality. But maybe I’ll leave that for another blog.


c'est ça.

I used to think in order to feel in love you need that heart-wrenching, tear-jerking feeling. To love there comes pain, and while everything was going well I would seek out these moments and grab onto them to feel alive, to feel that this relationship getting more emotionally intense. What I have neglected to see was that building a connection with someone through negative emotional attachment is a horrible idea. It ended up leaving both of us wounded, distraught, and it took a really long time to patch things up even the tiniest bit.

We all make mistakes, and through these mistakes we learn. Some relationships work and some don’t. And you will know it when you find out that what works for you. Then for a moment I stupidly reverted to thinking, why aren’t I having those heart-wrenching moments? That’s when I realised that you don’t need those. Happiness is as simple or as complicated as you make it out to be; experiencing happiness in its simplest form is a blessing.