Iris Zero AU???

Okay, before I go back to my study, I’ll just write this down.

Have you ever read the manga “Iris Zero”? Yes? No? Well, it’s basically a world where people started to born with special “eyes” or “iris” that allows them a special ability to see stuff others don’t. Each iris can see different stuff, for example, one iris can see a tail whenever someone’s lying, another iris can see arrows above people’s head that points to their crush, another can see wings that change colors every time the person feels different emotion, etc.

The irises are so varied and almost every child born in the newer generation have this and the ones that don’t are called “Iris Zero” and they’re the anomaly. “Iris Zero” are very rare but as you can imagine, they’re often bullied, etc

Interesting? Certainly! If you’re not interested enough it’s coz of my crappy explanation haha. Below are my HCs and some doodles to interest you abt this AU lol. Anyway. Imagine this:

Sawamura Eijun: iris zero
Eijun who’s an iris zero is also bullied since childhood. However, his tough, bright personality just attracts and inspires others that in the end everyone (even former bullies) becomes very protective of him and will fight anyone who bullies Eijun bcs of his position as “iris zero”. His friends back in Nagano are against Eijun’s decision to go to Tokyo and are constantly worried if he’s okay.

Miyuki Kazuya: “butterfly of death”
Miyuki’s iris enables him to see black butterflies on people/plants/animals/basically everything alive when they’re dying or about to die. These butterflies grow in number as the person’s death approaches. It also works when the person is about to commit suicide, dying from severe illness, accidents–basically for whatever reason that cause their death. This ability makes Miyuki’s emotion extremely complicated because he had seen butterflies slowly crowd his mother until her ultimate death. Eijun’s bright personality and warm presence has stirred something inside him and gives him certain feelings (ayy cheesy hoot hoot).

Kuramochi Youichi: “love arrows”
Mochi has the iris that allows him to see arrows above people’s head. This arrow points to their crush and will move wherever their crush are (sort of like a compass). Mochi never bullies Eijun since the beginning. In fact, he’s already protective of Eijun from the second he knows of Eijun’s state bcs he just can’t stand seeing “iris zero(s)” bullied. And btw he’s kinda frustrated at Miyusawa’s slow progress bcs it’s obvious that they liked each other and it’s driving him crazy.

Furuya Satoru: “wings of emotion”
Furuya’s iris can see wings (somewhat simplified version of butterflies’) on people’s back that change colors according to the person’s emotion. For example, when the person is angry it becomes bright red, when the person feels nothing then it becomes white/blank, etc. This, like Miyuki, also makes his own emotions complicated because he can sort of identify lies and other people’s true feelings.

Kominato Haruichi: “flower of happiness”
Haruichi can see literal flower on every person’s chest. They may start from buds and it blooms gradually as the person becomes happy for real.

One more:

What do you think? XD

So if Cisco makes all the supersuits, he must be brilliant at sewing.
Imagine him making clothes for everyone, like “oh, you can’t afford that designer dress? Give me a week” or “wow, so I saw this fabric that made me think of you and I made you three different outfits with it, i hope you don’t mind”

I think we can post these now? This was an entry I drew up for the “wildcard” category of @rockmiyabideusexmachina‘s Valentine’s Day contest!

Nothing fancy, but this was my first ever attempt at trying a lineless, painted look for my art. I already see things that I wish I had done differently but I guess it’s all cool, since it wasn’t being judged, but I’m still a bit disappointed in myself. Regardless of the end result though, I’m happy this gave me the inspiration to try something new and contribute a bit of sappy art to the fanbase!

Might touch it up over the course of the next few days. Hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day!


●ついぴ糞ログ5● by 補欠 on pixiv

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Omg seeing quite a number of ppl interested in this Iris Zero AU make me hyped as well!!! I have to go immediately after I publish this but here’s one more HC:

Kominato Ryosuke: “devil’s tail”
His iris is able to see devil’s tail growing out from someone who just said a lie!! And this might be the scariest person to own this iris, coz YOU.CAN’T.LIE.TO.RYO-SAN.

The irritating lovebirds lecturing Mochi!! Hawr hawr 

Honestly I haven’t give much thoughts about the other charas. Any suggestion?