We released volumes 1 & 2 of our zine, Feminist Fiber Art, at the event on Friday! We first displayed them at Washington St Art Center to accompany the show. 

You can buy your own copy of either of the zines in our big cartel merch shop: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of merch supports the exhibit! 


Here are some pictures from the opening of Feminist Fiber Art at Washington St. Art Center in Somerville, MA this past Friday, August 14th, 2015! This was the first location of the art crawl on Friday and the artist talk with Ýrúrarí that took place here on Saturday! This space housed the work of artists from all over the world:  Ýrúrarí (Iceland), Alaina Varrone (CT), Jess De Wahls (England), Sally Hewett (England), Michelle Kingdom (CA), Molly Burgess (MI), Val Healy (MA), Michelle Gauthier (Canada), Jesse Schissler (MA), and Iris Nectar (MA). Iris Nectar also made the Feminist Fiber Art entry sign out of embroidery floss, Squishy Sandwich Art (MA) made the beautiful hand-illustrated wall text. Lane from Dent (MA) is modeling her costume made for her by Ýrúrarí for the show on Friday. 

Stay tuned for more pictures and videos! Sorry for the delay in getting these up, we were super busy all weekend and just now have a moment to get these posted! We want to see more of your pictures, if you were able to come to the opening send them to us! 

There was such a great turn out this weekend, thank you so much to all of you that came to support all of the artists and musicians! Our next opening party is taking place on September 18 at Industry lab in Cambridge!

We have some big announcements to make about Feminist Fiber Art! We are re-opening submissions and will consider them on a rolling basis through at least the end of 2015. We have received so much positive support from you guys, so we have decided to keep the exhibit going for as long as possible!  

The exhibit will be traveling through alternative art venues in Boston from August through December, and will be moving to Philadelphia in January of 2016! We also have dreams of bringing it to New York, Portland, Toronto, and London some day! We have met so many incredible artists through this project that live in those cities, and we would love for the exhibit to feature the work of as many artists as possible! 

You can find all of the guidelines for submitting on our website: