Team Flash: Did you kill those people and destroyed their lives?

Eowells: I’m not going to stand here and listen to you accusing me of things I clearly did.

Fandom: This [canon female love interest] is underwritten and just a love interest, she deserved better writing and I ship her with [other female character]. 

Me: I disagree but… okay, so, if you think she wasn’t served well by the canon that means you’re going to flesh her out with metas, head canons, fan theories, fix it fics or AUs or-

Fandom: Lol no, here’s some more white m|m fic uwu

Me: …

Feedback with Gumption: Aaron-

Sir Macon Bacon is back for the new season and shares his saltiness that Guggenheim’s in charge of the crossover, followed by his review of the Flash ep 2 “Blocked:

Hello to my favorite ladies with gumption, hope you are all doing well! Happy show season! I don’t envy you on all the shows you have to keep up with at once. Quick rant before my real rant lol (yes I’m super salty right now), the crossover…. just no. I’m already over it just from the bts plus Guggenheim writing. Never again after they had Nazi’s ruin WA’s wedding. The characters that are doing most of the filming is strange.  Seems like another Oliver centric 3 hours with Barry being included this time (only because he gets to be Oliver technically.) Batwoman should be more important I feel. Also Elsewords, really? Why not just make a good story with everyone normal going to Gotham…. they are doing too much as usual. I just feel like important characters (Iris and even Felicity) are getting left out because they spoke up against someone. The CW and their inclusive “it’s for everyone” ads make me laugh. I’ve said enough about it for now lol.

Now to The Flash. It could be so great if it wanted to. But it really just doesn’t want to be better. I enjoyed the premiere a lot and this 2nd episode was really good at times. But meh at other times.

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These interracial couples deserve the world 🌎 💛

Tandy Bowen & Tyrone Johnson

Barry Allen & Iris West

Lara Jean Covey & Peter Kavinsky

Monse Finnie & Cesar Diaz

Glenn Rhee & Maggie Greene

Kevin Ball & Veronica Fisher

Adena El Amin & Kat Edison

*interracial couple exist*

Toxic fandom: I will dedicate years to invalidating this couple.

*two white people exist in the same universe*

Toxic Fandom: I will ship these two regardless of history, chemistry, probability, narrative, or logic. This is canon and the gospel of the Gods.