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"Want to get some brutal black work done?"

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“I would really rather not get some brutal black work done, thanks.”

She likes her tattoos done in the least painful manner possible. Props to those guys, though. The designs do look intensely gorgeous. 

But the brutal part. 

No thanks. She’d rather let an Aramusha stab her repeatedly.

“But if that’s your thing, I’d– uh. Gladly hold your hand? While they work on you?”

The Black Heart & Enchanted Tattoo

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Chapter Four

The train ride passed rather quickly and as we pulled up into another station, I felt a sense of relief. Sirius and Remus both had entertained us with tales of adventure from when they were students and as much fun as it sounded, I couldn’t focus.  And my dear sister had to make fun of me the whole time in subtle ways.  Even giving me the look of “wait until I tell Aunt Vanessa.”  Which I wasn’t looking forward too.  But now here we were, stepping off the train for Hogwarts and seeing several other students follow suit.  

“Where do we go?” Hazel asked as we followed the kids along the platform.  We didn’t have to wonder long as a tall brute of a man stood at the end of the platform.  He held a large lantern in his massive hands, waving out toward the students.

“First years!  First years with me!” he hollered.  Hazel and I exchanged a look before going straight toward him, ignoring the looks from several of the students.

“Excuse me, sir?” I spoke loudly, gaining his attention.

“Oh, yer must be the students McGonagall told me ‘bout.  The twins,” he said before we could usher a word.  We both nodded.

“Well, it’s mighty fine meetin’ yer at this time.  Just give me a minute to collect the other students and we’ll be off before ye know it,” he muttered to us before continuing his hollering.  Hazel and I just passed the time by pointing out different people and naming them possible friend or foe.  It was just a game of course, though childish.  Then again, we were allowed some fun…weren’t we?

“Alright, is that all of ye?” the man spoke after a minute, looking over all the heads.  Hazel and I stood near the back, allowing the small kids a chance to see the tall man.

“Alright, follow me. This way to the boats,” he turned, walking away.  We still remained at the back, occasionally helping a kid keep pace.  I don’t know why we decided to do so, but we thought it best to at least seem semi nice in this school.  Especially since we would be here for a year.

“Why would they send us in boats?” Hazel whispered to me as we went down a path to a dock.  Every one of us clambered inside one before taking off. Hazel and I were sitting in a boat with only one other student.  The little one was a boy, who stared at us with wide eyes.  

“What’s your name?” I asked, watching the boy start.


“Don’t be scared, David. We are nice,” I added, elbowing Hazel in the side.  She grunted before nodding in agreement.  I just had to make sure she wasn’t going to scare the poor boy to death on his first day at school.

Before I could say something else, I was stopped by a sight that had me point so the boy could turn around. He did so before doing the same as us, jaws dropping in astonishment.  The castle was huge and magnificent, lights shining from windows and so forth.  It was a majectic sight and one that I knew I would never experience again in my lifetime. But the sight disappeared as we entered a tunnel, arriving at a hidden boat docking location.  We each clambered out of them, me practically almost falling in, before going up a round about set of stairs.  I stood halfway while sis took the bottom of the stairs, ushering the kids up.  Again, had to be nice.

As the last of the students got to the top of the steps, Hazel joined my side at the back of the group. At the top was an elderly woman, a classic pointed hat on her head.  We didn’t bother to listen to her words, both of our eyes scanning the tops of the children’s heads…until we heard our names being called.

“Hazel and Iris, it would be best for you to listen to any instructions given,” the woman stated.  I avoided her gaze, giving a cough as Hazel met hers.

“Forgive us, Professor, but my sister and I have been well briefed by our Aunt and Uncle.  Follow rules and do great things, receive house points.”

“Break rules and do bad things, lost house points.”

“And the house with the most points at the end of the year win the house cup,” we spoke in unison, which received a blank stare from the woman.  Her fist clenched but she remained stoic other than that, no words spoken.  She turned around then, going through a set of doors.

“Think we over did it?”

“Nah, I don’t think so,” I whispered back to Hazel.  She giggled but quickly changed her facial expression when the woman returned.  

“We are ready for you now,” she spoke.  And it was then that we were ushered (with us convincing the shy ones to move) into a Great Hall.  The surprise that overcame our features had to match those of the younger students, looking about at the stained glass and…floating candles?!  The best, I had to admit, was the ceiling.  It looked like the night sky, nary a cloud to mar its beauty.  I could gaze upon that ceiling forever if I had the chance.

We received several stares from students that were sitting at long tables, some whispering as to who we were.  But they didn’t have long to wonder as the woman who had lead us stopped at the top of three steps, next to a stool with a ragged looking hat.

“Settle down everyone. I have a few announcements to make,” she spoke loudly, earning silence.  “For those of you who don’t know, I am the Headmistress of this school.  But you may call me Professor McGonagall.

In other news, some of you may have noticed several adults joining us this year.  They will be attending the school to finish their education and have gone to their respective houses.  There are, of course, some exceptions which will be sorted here in a moment.   Now, I ask that each of you show respect.  They have gone through some rough times.

Other news is we have several new instructors for the year.  Many of you remember Remus Lupin,” she paused, allowing the man we had met earlier stand up.  There was a collective cheer from the room before the other man with darker hair stood as well.  “And Sirius Black.  They both will be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts this year.  We also have Hermoine Granger and Neville Longbottom. Ms. Granger will be teaching Arithmancy and Mr. Longbottom will be the new Herbology Professor.”

I bit my tongue at the name Longbottom, trying not to laugh with the other students.  The teachers each gave a wave to the students, some receiving cheers louder than the other, before sitting down.  But not before my gaze found his and I received another wink from him.  He really enjoyed tormenting me, didn’t he?

“When I call your name, you will come up to this seat and I will place the sorting hat on your head. Once sorted, you will join your collective houses, understood?”

“Understood,” every last one of us responded.  And so began the calling of names.  I kept myself occupied by looking around, sometimes checking on the group before us. The group got smaller and smaller, which lead to me believing we were the last to be called.  Which I was right, considering that when the last little one bounded past us, all eyes were focused on us.

“Girls, I know you have helped with the students and I want to thank you for that.  But it is also a bad habit to be ignoring or daydreaming when important announcements are being spoken,” McGonagall folded her hands before her, keeping eye contact.  Well, for Hazel.  I had ducked my head, glancing up at the two from earlier.  They looked to be enjoying the scene far to much.

“Now, will you two please listen from now on?”

“Yes, Professor McGonagall,” we both said at the same time.

“Good,” she nodded, glancing up toward us for a brief moment before looking at the scroll again.  She was going to say our full name.  I just know it and sure enough, when she called Hazel first, I watched as my sister flinched.

“Hazel Anne…Snape?”

A collective hush came over the entire room and I found myself looking around.  My sister slowly approached the stool, avoiding looking at anyone as she sat in the stool.  The hat was placed on her head but I didn’t pay attention as I looked toward the teacher’s table, noticing each one staring at her in shock or horror.  I went down the line, noticing every face, including the two amused ones…which they no longer looked amused.  It wasn’t until I got to the end that I felt all color drain from my face.

At the end of the table was a man that I recognized.  I never had met him before, but I knew him without even guessing.  He had shoulder length black hair and near black eyes. His nose was large and his skin pale as pale can be.  But that isn’t what caught me off guard.  It was the fact that my sister shared some similarities with him.  Her dark hair and long face.  She was beautiful with her pale skin.  But the rest came from mom, save the eyes.  That was just part of the family.  But in fact, she was a perfect representation of both.

His reaction was one of shock but then curiousity as he waited for the hat to sort my sister. Which I had to admit was taking quite a while.  But he seemed unaware that I existed, which told me that he was never told that there was two of us.

“Gryffindor!” I heard the yell but never took my eyes off of him.  He did a small smirk, grabbing his goblet for a drink.  Must have expected the sort, especially since mother was a Gryffindor.  So of course she would inherit mom’s house.  I, on the other hand, had a feeling that my house would be completely opposite…

“Iris Eileen Snape.”

The man choked on the liquid from his goblet, covering his mouth with a napkin before looking at me. I met him gaze for gaze, watching as his eyes widened in total disbelief before going to the stool.  His choking, of course, gained the attention of certain people at the tables.  But I didn’t look long for I turned around then, sitting on the stool.  I barely felt the hat touch the top of my head when I heard it shout out…


Of course.  The complete polar opposite of my sister. She would get the brave one and I would get the cunning one.  Never ceased to amaze me at how life would always point out how different we were meant to be.  The hat was removed and placed away as I stood from the seat.  I barely got to the bottom of the steps when I felt a hand grip my wrist before dragging me down the space between the tables.  I noticed that Hazel was following in the same fashion before we got out of the Hall, standing in the corridor outside of it. We were released when we arrived, the man walking away from us a few steps before turning around, his black robe flowing behind him until coming to a rest.

“Are you…” his words died as he studied us, going over our faces.  

“Hey, father,” I spoke with a false confidence, while my sister covered her mouth in shock.  Of course she would be happy to see a man whom we hadn’t seen in over 20 years.  But then again, he was doing dangerous work, wasn’t he?  Maybe I’m just being a little damaged…

“So, you are.  You’re Annabelle’s daughters, though, I was never told of there being 2 of you,” he cleared his throat.  I sighed before rolling my eyes.

“Listen, if you don’t want anything to do with us, I get it.  We got old on you and you never loved mom,” I bit out each word, watching him flinch.  Which to me was odd.

“As much as I would like to…agree to your terms, I find that I cannot,” he said, meeting us eye for eye. “Annabelle and I tried towards a relationship but I did not harbor the same feelings.  I cared for her, yes.  But I did not and could not love her.”

“So?  What does that have to do with us?”

“I made a promise to Annabelle to try for a relationship when you became older.  I will do just that, not only for her sake, but for mine,” he didn’t approach or give anything emotionally away, which made me like him just a tinsy bit more.  “The war is over, Iris.  I don’t need to hide anymore.  I can be there for you now.”

“Yeah, we will see,” I grumbled.  Hazel, on the other hand, hugged him immediately , screaming out Daddy like a toddler.  Leave it to her to accept and forgive.  But I guess that is just my fear of being left behind and broken…like mom.