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"If I wanted a tattoo on my own, I'd get a gods-damned tattoo on my own," he huffed, acquiescing only in that he dropped into the seat beside her. "Who the fuck else would possibly get a matching tattoo with me? C'mon, it'll be fuuuuun."

      She couldn’t help but crack up at that, leaning back in her chair as her thin body shook with color. The sleeve tattoos on her arms seemed to move on their own, flashing and vibrating with the most vibrant of hues, as if she’d taken bright paint and splattered it over her flesh. 

     You’ll literally wake up tomorrow morning and go, fuck, now I’ve got a tattoo with Iris, I’m bound to her until it fades in like forty years. Getting matching tattoos is like– Iris stands but bends down, the only way she can make eye contact with the much taller god. She musters the most intense look she possibly can, despite her eyes continually dancing with mirth. 

     It’s like a pact. If we so much as fight, it’d hurt to have it. You only do matching tattoos with the most important of people. I’m sure you’ve got more important people than the mail-girl you tease every other day and occasionally kiss.She poked him in the cheek.

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"I am very, very drunk right now," Dio announced, draping himself over the back of the goddess' chair, "but I don't think this is just the wine speaking. We should get matching tattoos. Tramp stamps. I've about this a lot. Whaddaya say?"

     Matching tattoos.

     Iris was no stranger to tattoos. She existed wherever there was color, including tattoo shops, and it was only proper for the goddess of the rainbow to have covered her arms in artwork. She knew that getting a tramp stamp with a drunk man was probably a bad plan. But it was a hilarious idea nonetheless, and she would humor the god of wine for a bit before shutting him down.

     Sooo, what were you planning on us getting tattooed? Like, matching tattoos, that’s a pretty big deal. If you aren’t gonna get Judy Garland on your ass in my honor, what’s even the point?

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Two very different questions ;-) a) As you have the ending already in mind, do you have a certain wish for the title of the last book too? Or is it depending on marketing aspects? I know you can't tell the title that soon though. b) Is it accurate to imagine Iris's back tattoo as inspired by Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa"?

I know the title of the last book. And yes, that’s a good reference for Iris’s tattoo!


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Mod: I’ve over thinking few thing and did an update of Iris thanks to doing up Alina’s reference sheet. I removed few tattoos on Iris’ face and return her long hair from her viking era.

Origin Iris

Title: Goddess of Rebirth and War

Birth date: September 22

Sign: Libra

Personality: Iris was raised by Vikings and born with endless lust for battle but she can control her lust. Iris no scared to speak her mind and confront others if they clash with her. Iris can hold a grudge on someone for long time, and will always fight for what she think is right. Even with her endless lust for battle, Iris doesn’t mind relaxing, watering flowers, and just basically slow and smell the roses.


  • Plasma sword - Favorite weapon to use in battle.
  • Sticky bombs
  • Valkyrie Armor Mar II - Unlike mar I the mar II is more flexible and can withstand longer. As well it has Active Camouflage, Voice Amplifier, Grav Boots, Voice Filter, Electromagnetic Pulse, Bioscan, Strength Boost, Speed Boost and Motion Tracker.
  • Under bodysuit armor - A lot more flexible armor for style of fighting Iris likes to use and often stays on her body.
  • Athena - An AI that is inside Iris’ head and helps Iris in hacking and coming up with plans on the fly due to how Iris likes play it by ear. She can also take control of the Valkyrie armor is Iris is knocked out or not inside the armor.
  • Anything she can grab even enemy weapons.


  • Extreme Healing factor - Only thing she can’t heal is disintegrate attacks but if that happens where she is completely disintegrated than she will reappear on shores of Newfoundland butt naked with only her 1st husband’s dog tags and Athena in her head.
  • Heaven summons - Can summoning beings from the ‘heaven’ plains to fight along her side and she will first summon a two headed dragon.
  • Walk between other worlds
  • Super strength
  • Super Reflexes
  • Heaven’s Form: She is engulfed in white flames and turned into a giant phoenix like form. This form is god-like and is used to last resort if she thinks she is facing foe over her head.


Power: S

Iris top strength at this time line of her life is equal to an five Thor's’ strength put together.

Reflexes: S

Iris reflexes are surpass Captain America’s super human reflexes and allows her process things lot faster than normal human.

Intelligence: B

Iris still will rush into fight and play things by ear but with Athena inside her head her rushing in is harder to predict due to Athena giving information on what would be best thing to do in battlefield.

Skill: A

Iris has plenty of skill as warrior and will use everything under her belt to defeat her enemy. Her skill is sharp but she is set in ways of fighting and hates to change how she fights.

Experience: S

At this point she has been in countless battles with humans, demons, dragons, aliens and other beings and allowing her upper hand in not being surprise by an enemies.


Bored/Disappointed - Iris only fights to try quench her blood lust and to have some fun but if her enemy does not pleases this thirst than she will turn and walk away leaving time for someone to attack from behind.

Disintegration - Already explained above

Strong Maternal Behavior - Iris is often very protective of soldiers under her care and acts like mother hen over them, and she take hits for them if means she is hurt in the process. This behavior develop after her mafia years and in all her life time she never taken life of child.