iris tattoo


He barely remembers to snuff his cig before he reaches for the flower shop door. Right, right not like the tattoo parlor, no smoking indoors. Blowing smoke and breathing deep to clear his lungs, Roxas runs his hand through his hair before he opens the door finally. 

Irises, he needs an Iris. Flower tattoos were popular lately and him being the artist he’s quite grateful right next door is a pretty little flower shop. Though he’s sure the clerk gets nervous when he shows up.

Black jeans and leather is his usual outfit, coat rolled up to the elbows showing the ink in his skin. The piercings probably didn’t help, or the fact the only coloured thing he wore was the tattered red scarf around his neck.

“Hey, Sora right? You were here yesterday too. So I need an Iris, preferably two toned, but don’t trouble yourself to find one.”

As he speaks he leans on the counter, smiling at this cute little brunette. He’d make a really nice canvas, probably. Lovely smooth skin, even tone, probably looks this nice under those clothes too.. Roxas won’t let himself think about that too long.