Fanfic - First Kiss, Last Kiss - 1/1

Summary: A look at the first kiss and last kiss between Barry and Iris.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1047

A/N: WARNING: Based on spoilers of photos and video released when filming The Flash finale.

First Kiss

There was a time Barry wondered if he would ever have a first kiss with Iris.

For years he’d thought about it. Alone in his bed as a teenager right into their adulthood. The two of them could be having a simple conversation but in his mind Barry wondered what if he leaned down towards her and brushed his lips against hers. After years had passed he’d given up it would ever happen.

In a cruel twist of fate Barry ended up having more than one first kiss with the love of his life due to him having a nasty habit of erasing them.

He keeps these initial first kisses close to his heart as he is the only one who remembers them. The first time had been breathless rush. Iris confessing her feelings for him amongst the chaos of Weather Wizard’s attack. Her words of ‘I can’t stop thinking about you’ ringing in his ears as they collided into each other. Desperation and excitement crackling around them like lighting.

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Barry Allen does The Most.
(Iris doesn’t mind).

A monster chapter to make up for the lack of updating, and to cheer you all up. Tagging these people because they’ve been asking lol: @luckythinks91 @samiii-p @westallen94 @chestofletters @clairbeariris @ficvsreality @cbsnforeverandalways @ardentlinguist @prettylipssealed @frogleggz

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Hopefully this will cheer you all up from that evil episode

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Credit to: @lodgesizzy


You came to live with us. My dad brought you inside, and you were in shock, you weren’t even crying. And later that night, a sound woke me, and I crawled out of my bed, and I realized that the sound was coming from downstairs. I peered over the bannister and I found you crying alone. And I knew I had to go to you. I sat next to you and you put your head in my lap and I held you while you cried. And I didn’t know it then, but now looking back, I realize that that was the night we fell in love. That was the night that we realized how much we needed each other