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An AU where Natsu finds out about the book, tries to destroy it, and ends up learning about the dragon seed. He tries to hold onto his humanity for Lucy’s sake, but it becomes much harder to once he finds her ‘dead’. With his most precious person gone, Natsu falls into the lure of the seed and fully dragonizes. 

Yay for inconsistent art styles !! I had fun making this and hope you all enjoy. (x)

Side Story #8: Into the Machine

Iris groaned slightly, smiling as she looked over Ruri’s face.

“Hey you…” Iris croaked out, her voice strained and hoarse. Ruri teared up as she hugged Iris tightly.

“You’re back!”Ruri cried out as she held herself close. “You’ve been out for almost two days!” Iris slowly wrapped her arms around Ruri, feeling her wife being much smaller than usual. “We tried to put you in the machine, but Omi kept saying that we needed to heal you first or you would die going inside the machine.” Iris sat up in bed, Ruri still hanging onto her. “And when we got you home, you started to glow and you poofed into this!” Ruri giggled out as Iris looked down at her hands.

“I’m… big…” Iris spoke slowly turning her hands over, seeing her left hand blackened and glossy. She rubbed her fingers together, hearing a slight squeak from them. “So… I’m not digital?”

“Nope! You’re 100 percent real!” Ruri giggled out. Iris stood to her feet, wobbling slightly on her bare feet as she tried to find her balance.

“Whoa, being big again…” Iris spoke as she stumbled toward the bedroom door. Iris held tight and walked out to the main room where there was more room to move. “…this is weird.” She took a look over herself, still wearing the clothes she had on before, but sized up to fit her. “I’m… a midlander again, but I’m… me.” Iris sat down looking over to the fireplace as Ruri walked up behind her. She touched over her stomach, feeling the same squeak as she did on her fingers. “How… what happened?”

“Well you know my favorite paintbrush?” Ruri started as s devious grin grew across her face. “Well, I digitized it! I thought maybe I could use it to paint digital stuff on you to fix you, and it worked!” Iris smiled, shifting slightly as her feet hooked over toward Ruri.

“It feels like a rubber patch, but I can still feel with it like my skin,” Iris responded as she noticed Ruri trying to use the brush to paint Iris’ toenails, but missing and getting paint all over her feet and legs. “Aah! That feels weird!”

“Well you keep moving!” Ruri laughed out, pointing the bulbous end towards Iris’ nose. “Maybe give you some clown make…-” Ruri giggled out, interrupt by a knock on the front door. “Huh… I wasn’t expecting anyone.”

Iris opened the door, spying a pair of green eyes and hair under a blue beret hidden behind some soft of box.

“Umm… h-hello?” Iris asked, holding the door open for the person to step inside.

“Is this the home of… umm… Iris V-Valeth? Formerly known as Aeslyn Corwen?” the voice spoke, soft but deeper than their eyes would seem to hint.

“Y-yes, wh-who’s asking, and what’s this package?” Iris replied as the box was pushed toward her. She took hold of it, setting it down upon the nearby table as she looked over the new person in her home. “Th-thank you… Your outfit is very… Sharlayan in design. U-umm… may I have your name?” Iris asked as the person turned to leave.

“It’s…” they started, giving a small nod of their head and tip of their hat. “Mystis… Mystis Nykoto. I was a student of your father. Have a nice day miss.” Mystis opened the door and walked out, their brown cloak swaying softly behind them as they walked off.

“M-my father!?” Iris called out as she stepped outside to follow. “You knew my father?” Mystis stopped, turning their head back to Iris with a smile.

“He was a great instructor… Interesting feet, you should put something over them,” Mystis laughed out as they walked away. Iris panicked a moment before darting back inside.

Iris opened the box, finding it packed with cotton fluff and straw surrounding a sheathed blade. Iris looked in awe as she pulled the blade free, watching the runes on it glow red.

“Father…” Iris spoke softly as a note from the box fell to the floor. Iris quickly scooped up the later and read over it.

To my dearest child Aeslyn. If you are reading this, it is likely that I have passed away much before my time. There was much that I wish I could tell you, but know that I will always watch over you. It was always your nature to put yourself before others, so please don’t change, but also don’t let it get you into trouble.


Iris walked through the streets of Ul'dah, the door to the old thieves hideout long closed and boarded up. With a small laugh, Iris tapped her fist against the boards as she walked off. As she walked along, she spied a dark stain smeared on the bricks leading to a blonde pig-tailed lalafell. Iris rushed over and scooped them into her hands, as she rushed off to the nearest hospital.

“My turn to save you, Noya…” Iris puffed out as she ran.


You were always someone that would make you smile. Even when you had to dress in uniform and look like everyone, you had an aura to you that make you stand out. Your shy nature kept you from having many close friends, but know that many people deeply cared for you and looked out for you. Please try to open up a bit more, l know it may be difficult for you to do so, but having some friends around will do you some good.


Iris walked up a grassy knoll, spying someone sitting beneath at the top of the mound.

“You found yourself a good one,” Trix spoke as Iris came into her sight. “I always thought of relationships as people that would just commit time to each other. I never thought I’d meet two people so completely devoted to one another.” Trix smiled as she looked up to Iris, her white robes fluttering softly in the breeze. Iris smiled as she sat next to Trix, taking a small biscuit that was handed to her. “I… always felt like a slave in there, that all the machines were like the Core, but I guess they can be just as varied as people are.”

“Who knows, honestly,” Iris replied, taking a bite from the biscuit. “Maybe they all are nice, but it got defensive when I took one of the subsystems away.”

“No, even when I was first pulled into the machine, it had this… this malice to it. Going inside Omicron felt… It was warm, like a big hug!” Trix laughed out as she made a hugging motion in the air. The two laughed for a bit, sharing stories of their childhood and boasting of their adventures.

“I found Nonoya the other day…” Iris spoke, a frown crossing her face. “She was hurt pretty badly, arm mangled to hell, but she’ll recover in time.”

“That’s good to hear, I’m certain Mimifa is going to throw a fit when she finds out,” Trix chuckled out. Iris clenched her hand, it squeaking softly. Trix softened her laughter as she looked over to Iris’ hand and fingers.

“What… is that?” Trix asked, puzzled by Iris’ new hand.

“Ruri made it, somehow, since I lost my mechanical one,” Iris joked, lightly elbowing Trix in the side.

“Yeah… s-sorry… about everything…” The two laughed a bit more till the sun began to set.

“Where will you go?” Iris asked as Trix walked away.

“Who knows, just going to walk until I give up and decide I want to stay,” Trix replied. “I’ve been given a second chance, I don’t want to waste it staying in one spot.”


Never forget that the greatest deed you can do is help others. Hate and anger is cyclical and only makes more of it. Be good and kind to others and show them how people should be to one another. And never forget, you will always be my child and will always love you, no matter if you are my son or daughter. Take care of yourself, be safe, and stay out of trouble. Love you always.

-Aeslyn Corwen II

Iris wiped away a few tears as she set the letter down.

“I love you too father…” she spoke softly.

P.S. If you see that goof student of mine, Mystis, have them give you the key to the library on the campus.

“Wh-what!? They just left!” Iris exclaimed with a laugh, as she heard bumping and crashing come from downstairs.

“Honey! Who’s there? Did they bring cookies? Anyway come down here! I need you, umm… ‘help’ with something!” Ruri asked out in near rapid fire. Iris chuckled as she stood up, taking the sword and scabbard with her. Iris walked into the main room seeing Ruri stumbled about with a camera trying to take her own picture. “H-how does this thing work?” Iris smiled as she took hold of the camera, and sat down next to Ruri.

“Like this…” Iris said with a smile as she held out the camera.

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Iris Zero AU???

Okay, before I go back to my study, I’ll just write this down.

Have you ever read the manga “Iris Zero”? Yes? No? Well, it’s basically a world where people started to born with special “eyes” or “iris” that allows them a special ability to see stuff others don’t. Each iris can see different stuff, for example, one iris can see a tail whenever someone’s lying, another iris can see arrows above people’s head that points to their crush, another can see wings that change colors every time the person feels different emotion, etc.

The irises are so varied and almost every child born in the newer generation have this and the ones that don’t are called “Iris Zero” and they’re the anomaly. “Iris Zero” are very rare but as you can imagine, they’re often bullied, etc

Interesting? Certainly! If you’re not interested enough it’s coz of my crappy explanation haha. Below are my HCs and some doodles to interest you abt this AU lol. Anyway. Imagine this:

Sawamura Eijun: iris zero
Eijun who’s an iris zero is also bullied since childhood. However, his tough, bright personality just attracts and inspires others that in the end everyone (even former bullies) becomes very protective of him and will fight anyone who bullies Eijun bcs of his position as “iris zero”. His friends back in Nagano are against Eijun’s decision to go to Tokyo and are constantly worried if he’s okay.

Miyuki Kazuya: “butterfly of death”
Miyuki’s iris enables him to see black butterflies on people/plants/animals/basically everything alive when they’re dying or about to die. These butterflies grow in number as the person’s death approaches. It also works when the person is about to commit suicide, dying from severe illness, accidents–basically for whatever reason that cause their death. This ability makes Miyuki’s emotion extremely complicated because he had seen butterflies slowly crowd his mother until her ultimate death. Eijun’s bright personality and warm presence has stirred something inside him and gives him certain feelings (ayy cheesy hoot hoot).

Kuramochi Youichi: “love arrows”
Mochi has the iris that allows him to see arrows above people’s head. This arrow points to their crush and will move wherever their crush are (sort of like a compass). Mochi never bullies Eijun since the beginning. In fact, he’s already protective of Eijun from the second he knows of Eijun’s state bcs he just can’t stand seeing “iris zero(s)” bullied. And btw he’s kinda frustrated at Miyusawa’s slow progress bcs it’s obvious that they liked each other and it’s driving him crazy.

Furuya Satoru: “wings of emotion”
Furuya’s iris can see wings (somewhat simplified version of butterflies’) on people’s back that change colors according to the person’s emotion. For example, when the person is angry it becomes bright red, when the person feels nothing then it becomes white/blank, etc. This, like Miyuki, also makes his own emotions complicated because he can sort of identify lies and other people’s true feelings.

Kominato Haruichi: “flower of happiness”
Haruichi can see literal flower on every person’s chest. They may start from buds and it blooms gradually as the person becomes happy for real.

One more:

What do you think? XD

(Finally got hold of my computer! I’ll be able to write my stories again! Yay! Anyway, this has been staying on my drafts since last, last(?) week)

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Interlude - backtothestart02 - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
3x21 - Barry prioritizes alone time with Iris.
By Organization for Transformative Works

3x21. Smut. You’re welcome.

This takes place right after HR interrupted Barry & Iris at the tail end of the episode and right before the team meeting. Barry & Iris reeeeally needed some alone time, man.

Big thanks to @valeriemperez for being an awesome beta once again. <3

Fic Preview:


“Yes, I am here! And I have brought—” The cheerful Wells heard no footsteps behind him. He turned around and found no one following him into Cisco’s workshop. He frowned. “I swear they were right—” He faced the other individuals in the room. “They were right behind me, Francisco. I swear it.”

Cisco watched HR’s face for a moment longer before deciding he was telling the truth. Before he could start to formulate an idea as to why Barry and Iris had suddenly vacated the premises, his phone buzzed in his pocket.

He fished it out and laughed sardonically at the text message – from Barry – that he’d received.

“HR, you didn’t happen to interrupt Barry and Iris doing something, did you?” He looked back up at him and raised an eyebrow.

HR had the grace to blush. “Well, I mean…they’re Barry and Iris, so you know sometimes they…since they’re a couple…and Barry just got back…”

It clicked for Joe before the rest of them. “Oh, God.”

*Also available on FFnet.

Omg seeing quite a number of ppl interested in this Iris Zero AU make me hyped as well!!! I have to go immediately after I publish this but here’s one more HC:

Kominato Ryosuke: “devil’s tail”
His iris is able to see devil’s tail growing out from someone who just said a lie!! And this might be the scariest person to own this iris, coz YOU.CAN’T.LIE.TO.RYO-SAN.

The irritating lovebirds lecturing Mochi!! Hawr hawr 

Honestly I haven’t give much thoughts about the other charas. Any suggestion?

anonymous asked:

Wear a tail to the mall and you'll make friends. Trust me i just went through that because I was in denial of going so I tried to embarrassed my parents with my tail. So much squeaking happened (I only got stares from little kids)

why are you telling me this


They don’t have anything else for Caitlin’s a$$ to do, so now they want her to be “Friends” with Iris in order to keep her a$$ around. I for one don’t feel like seeing her ride Iris’ coat tails for a whole damn season. Let her carry her behind to LOT. She’ll still have a job and they don’t have to worry about makin up sh@# for her to do.

OK here we go. This is for that anon that asked a few days ago for details explaining the white boyz differences. Luka versus Loki!


  • Pink nose with black edging
  • Very triangular ears (straight sides)
  • Fluffy cheeks/head/neck/shoulders, dense undercoat
  • Almond-shaped eyes (“sharper” looking eyes)
  • Tail curves more like a sickle shape when up (more to breed standard than curly tails)
  • My heart-dog <3


  • Black nose with slight pink edging
  • Ears not as triangular/straight on the edges, they have a bit of a curve
  • Fur is shorter and less dense, not much undercoat or head/cheek/neck fur
  • Rounder eyes that often droop, and if wide open you can sometimes see white around the iris
  • Holds his tail in a tighter curl when it’s up
  • Going through his lanky stage, lol
  • My mom’s heart-dog :)

Those are the main differences! So now you can tell who is who in the photos, right? ;)