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that nose brush and lil tongue

  • [Iris is tapping rhythmically at her phone screen, Cisco is clicking away at his keyboard equally as much, and Barry notices]
  • Barry: Stop it.
  • Iris: Stop what?
  • Barry: You're talking about me in Morse Code. Well, you know what? Joke's on you 'cause I know Morse Code. Ha!
  • Iris: [chuckles] Yeah, babe. That's what we're doing. In our very limited free time and with our very limited budgets, we went out and took a class on a very outmoded and very unnecessary form of communication...
  • Cisco: [looks at camera]
  • Iris: ...just so we could talk about you. In front of you.
  • *cut to Iris and Cisco in interview room*
  • Iris: Yup. That's exactly what we did.
  • Cisco: [nods and smiles]

baker street 99 (4/?)

in which sherlock holmes is the reckless and rule ignorant brilliant detective, solving case with his admiring and admirable best friend fellow detective john watson. detective molly hooper occasionally partners with him. which is a conflict of interest, given that they both have recently entered a relationship and is currently navigating the complexity of balancing professional and personal relationships.

because the final problem is upon us and i fear we’re going to implode, so have a little bit of fun

(also, please watch brooklyn 99)

I was thinking about ffxv handwriting styles like

Noctis who has the ability to write really neatly and nicely, all cursive and powerful strokes like a king is supposed to, but after years of being corrected this usually just means his writing (on anything not politically important) is a big loopy mess. He can sign his name with a flourish like nobody’s business, but on school work he won’t lift his pen off the page. All his letters and sometimes even words are connected. His ink is smeared. It’s something akin to cursive but it’s not. It’s just laziness.

Ignis, whose letters are always perfectly cursive and legible, not because he naturally writes that way but because he practiced and worked really hard for people to think he’s neat and put together. He wants to make a good impression, wants to represent Lucis well, and sloppy handwriting can do a lot of things to your image. He worked really hard for years and it’s almost second nature now. Only in personal notes when he’s tired does he take a page out of Noctis’ book and write a little more lazily.

Gladio can write in cursive like everyone else working for royalty but his normal handwriting is plain, very strong letters. Not quite blocky and definitely not messy. He just knows what he wants to write. His pen always presses hard into the page and the ink is always thick. Straight lines almost always. Very clear letters.

Iris can switch it up. She usually falls back on cute, loopy handwriting, both because it’s pleasing to look at and a little because it’s easier for her to do bubble letters like that. But she can switch it up to writing just like Gladio in a second, all sharp edges and straight lines. Her bubble handwriting has a uniformity to it too, like she writes with a ruler underneath her letters even though there isn’t one there. The Amicitia’s have organization down.

Prompto’s handwriting is partially chicken scratch and somewhat wobbly, like he doesn’t hold the pen quite right. He probably doesn’t. Usually most people can read what he wrote if they look at it for a moment but on bad days even he squints and sometimes can’t tell. His handwriting is always a little slanted. He can write neater if he really tries but that takes extra time and it’s never anything to write (ha) home about. He’s very grateful for computers and typing.

Luna’s handwriting is just like it was seen in-game. She puts a lot of thought into exactly what she wants to say and takes her time. There wasn’t a lot of freedom during those years under lock and key, so she sometimes spent afternoons practicing letter after letter until they all looked exactly how she wanted them to. She practiced with different aesthetics for a while, but at the end she writes how she is expect to. She usually writes small, but she can write larger when she wants too.

Aranea has the worst handwriting of all and it’s a huge secret. She’s not embarrassed about it, but she doesn’t want to advertise that her handwriting is kinda bad either. She signs her name as a scribble usually because it’s easier and she doesn’t want her name on any permanent documents anyway. (Mercenary work is best on the dl, anyway.) When she switches over to search and rescue, she puts a little more effort into it when she has to, but it doesn’t come up as much. She reads just fine, but don’t ask her to ever make a list for you. She says she keeps all the info she needs in her head anyway.


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