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And then, there’s another kind of love: the cruelest kind. The one that almost kills its victims. Its called unrequited love. Of that I am an expert. Most love stories are about people who fall in love with each other. But what about the rest of us? What about our stories, those of us who fall in love alone? We are the victims of the one sided affair. We are the cursed of the loved ones. We are the unloved ones, the walking wounded.

Iris - The Holiday

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gentlegiant234  asked:

Who are some of your favorite characters for each personality type?

ENFJ: Lord Varys (Game of Thrones), Loki (Thor / The Avengers), Judy Hopps (Zootopia), King Arthur (First Knight), Morgana (Merlin)

INFJ: Andy Sachs (Devil Wears Prada), Gandalf (Lord of the Rings), John Locke (LOST), Laura Roslin (BSG), Francis (Reign), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars), Olivia Dunham (Fringe), Will Graham (Red Dragon)

ENFP: Chloe Sullivan (Smallville), Veronica Mars, Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls), Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables), Claire Colburn (Elizabethtown), Drew Wu (Grimm), George Bailey (It’s a Wonderful Life), Hiro (Heroes), Jonathan Strange (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell), Lionel Logue (The King’s Speech), Finn (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

INFP: Daniel Jackson (Stargate SG1), Katrina Van Tassel (Sleepy Hollow, Burton’s version), Lucy Pevensie (Narnia), Sybil Crawley (Downton Abbey)

ENTJ: Magneto (X-Men), Edward Rochester (Jane Eyre), Gale Hawthorne (The Hunger Games), Jack Bristow (ALIAS), Katherine Pierce (Vampire Diaries), Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey), Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada), Nina Sharp (Fringe), River Song (Doctor Who)

INTJ: Lex Luthor (Smallville), Petyr Baelish (Game of Thrones), Bedelia du Maurier (Hannibal), Diego (Mask of Zorro), Elizabeth Weir (Stargate Atlantis), Frollo (Hunchback of Notre Dame), George Darcy (Pride & Prejudice), Michael Corleone (The Godfather)

ENTP: 11th Doctor (Doctor Who), Nikola Tesla (Sanctuary), Arthur Goring (An Ideal Husband), Claudia Donovan (Warehouse 13), Nick Wilde (Zootopia), Richard Castle (Castle), Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones), Walter Bishop (Fringe)

INTP: Dr. Bell (Murder Rooms), Ian Malcom (Jurassic Park), Samantha Carter (Stargate SG1), 12th Doctor (Doctor Who), Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow, Burton’s version), John Segundus (Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell), Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)

ESFJ: Helen Magnus (Sanctuary), Caroline Forbes (Vampire Diaries), Katharine of Aragon (The Tudors), Danielle De Barbarac (Ever After), Demelza Poldark (Poldark), Dorcas Lane (Lark Rise to Candleford), Monroe (Grimm), Peter (A.D.), Margaery Tyrell (Game of Thrones)

ISFJ: Elijah Mikaelson (The Originals), Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls), Amy Dorrit (Little Dorrit), Belle (Beauty & the Beast), Christine Daee (Phantom of the Opera), Ichabod Crane (TV Sleepy Hollow), Iris Simpkins (The Holiday), Sister Julienne (Call the Midwife), Kathleen Kelly (You’ve Got Mail), Lucy (While You Were Sleeping), Mary Tudor (The Tudors), Mick St. John (Moonlight), Sharon Raydor (Major Crimes), Kylo Ren (SWTFA)

ESFP: Amy Pond (Doctor Who), Anna (Frozen), Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean), Jack Dawson (Titanic), Trixie Franklin (Call the Midwife)

ISFP: Rey (SWTFA), Andrew (Touched by an Angel), Claire (Heroes), Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars), Quasimodo (Hunchback of Notre Dame)

ESTJ: Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), James Norrington (Pirates of the Caribbean), Mycroft Holmes (BBC Sherlock), Catherine de Medici (Reign), Donna Noble (Doctor Who), Sister Evangelina (Call the Midwife), Lagertha (Vikings), Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

ISTJ: Spock (Star Trek), Christopher Foyle (Foyle’s War), John Thornton (North & South), Stannis Baratheon (Game of Thrones), Colonel Brandon / Eleanor Dashwood (Sense & Sensibility), Alexei Karenin (Anna Karenina), Elsa (Frozen), Michaela Quinn (Doctor Quinn), Severus Snape (Harry Potter), Virginia Lewis (10th Kingdom)

ESTP: Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries), Jim Kirk (original Star Trek), Lois Lane (Smallville), Owen Grady (Jurassic World), Puss in Boots (Shrek), Scarlett O’Hara (Gone With the Wind), Samantha Stewart (Foyle’s War), Tom Sawyer

ISTP: Jack O’Neill (Stargate SG1), Mulan, John Sheppard (Stargate Atlantis), Natasha / Black Widow (The Avengers), Zach Nichols (Criminal Intent)

* Some are listed in the archives as another type (Introvert/Extrovert) and I haven’t gotten around to retyping them yet.