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Being Wanda Maximoff’s sister and dating Iris would include...

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  • You and Wanda going to hide out in Central City after everything that happened with the Accords and the Civil War
  • Spending a lot of time at CC Jitters
  • Iris always seeing you on her daily coffee run
  • Her being intrigued by the mysterious girl in the corner of the coffee shop
  • Wanda trying to convince you to ask her out
  • “She’s cute. And has been checking you out for the past couple weeks.”
  • “We’re former Avengers and war criminals, Wanda. It’s not like I can just ask her out.”
  • “Why not?”
  • Always running into each other
  • At CC Jitters
  • At the grocery shop
  • Even just passing each other on the street
  • Being afraid that she’d think you were stalking her
  • Iris not thinking that
  • Her finally gathering up the courage to talk to you
  • “Hi. I, um, I can’t help but notice that we’ve been running into each other a lot lately.”
  • “I’m not a stalker, I promise.”
  • “No, I didn’t think you were. I just… You’re really beautiful. And, since we’ve been seeing so much of each other already, I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime?”
  • Agreeing to go out
  • But not wanting to start anything too serious, because you’re afraid of her finding out who you truly are
  • And hurting her with that information
  • Wanda helping you pick out your first date outfit
  • “No. That’s not slutty enough.”
  • “Wanda.”
  • Having a great first date with Iris
  • Which scared the shit out of you
  • Ranting to Wanda about how you’re afraid of hurting her 
  • And how you’re afraid she’ll hate you when she finds out about your past
  • Wanda calming you down
  • And convincing you to go on another date with her
  • Officially becoming girlfriends not too long after that
  • Telling Iris about your secret identity as an Avenger and introducing her to Wanda a few months into the relationship
  • Thinking that she would freak out
  • But she’s actually very calm
  • Surprised, but calm
  • Her telling you she loves you for the first time that night
  • Her also telling you about her friendship with the Flash
  • “My old foster brother is the Flash. My real brother is Kid Flash. And my girlfriend is [your superhero name]. My life is absolutely crazy, but I love it.”
  • “Wait, Barry’s the Flash?!”
  • Iris and Wanda not getting along too well at first
  • Since Wanda is very closed off
  • Them eventually growing closer
  • Until they’re eventually like sisters themselves
  • Both you and Wanda helping out Team Flash when needed
  • “Wow! So there are like, actual Avengers on our team? Awesome!”
  • “Wally, we’re not Avengers anymore.”
  • “Still. I’m friends with the Avengers!”
  • “We’re not… okay, sure, you’re friends with the Avengers.”
  • Wanda being very supportive of your’s and Iris’s relationship
  • Her being the maid of honor at your eventual wedding
  • You all becoming family
Being T'Challa's Girlfriend Would Include...

Summary: What dating the black kitty cat would encompass.

Characters: T'Challa x Reader- T’Chaka

Word Count:

Warnings: Um…a dying wish? It’s 2016 what doesn’t trigger people?

Author’s Note: Well, I asked who wanted to read T'Challa and 6/5 jumped at him oh my God, and I’m so glad you guys liked the idea! So here’s some T'Challa fluff for all of you T'Challa lovers out there, myself included. I’ll put in a gif later. I’m on my phone and I’m at school so the gifs are being ugh.

  • You were a Wakandan scientist with a ton of questions.
  • When he first met you, he didn’t like you. He thought you were bothersome and careless.
  • He began to warm up to you when he saw that you treated him like a person, not a prince.
  • There was a ball held in the castle, and when he saw you he fell head over heels onto his face into a black hole for you.
  • T’Chaka’s last dying wish to T’Challa was that he found not necessarily someone who was fit to rule a kingdom, but someone who could tend and care for his heart, and a few days later he was running into your arms.
  • You were a big part in him moving on from his late father.
  • The kingdom loves you and adores you and T’Challa as a couple.
  • As the staff claims, they’d never seen T’Challa smile anywhere near as much as when you came along.
  • One time someone made eye contact while speaking, and on the outside he was all, “Look at my Queen, so humble, letting lower-classmen look her in the eye.”
  • But on the inside, he’s having a seizure because they’re causing you eye strain AND DO YOU WANT YOUR QUEEN TO GO BLIND
  • “T'Challa, even if I did go blind, Wakandan scientists could cure it without breaking a sweat.”
  • “But I would not want you to suffer, my Queen.”
  • At the end of the day, he’s a sweetheart and only wants what’s best for you,
  • You are “my Queen”, “your highness”, or “my love”.
  • He is, fittingly, “my King”, “your highness”, or on rarer and more playful occasions, “T”.
  • Him always being super stressed because king.
  • Showers/baths together to help him relax.
  • You’re really good at massages because you always give him one when he’s stressed, and you know all the right spots.
  • Cuddles and snuggles and huggles.
  • He sleeps with his face buried in your neck and an arm draped over your hip.
  • Passionate, loving sex.
  • Not a lot of kinky sex though, because every time the two of you make love he wants to spend the whole time truly making love, showing how much he cares an appreaciates you with every gentle caress.
  • Him getting turned on when you handle things like political affairs smoothly.
  • His wink everytime he makes an innuendo MY GOD.
  • Him and the castle and royalty in general is so extra to you.
  • “All of this food is just for us!?”
  • “A meal fit for royalty, my queen.”
  • He made it a rule that you’re not allowed to touch anything since you’re so curious, but you do it anyway.
  • You accidentally end up breaking something one day.
  • He finds you having an actual panic attack because everything in the castle always looked extremely expensive, and you didn’t want to have to face any consequences.
  • You catch his gaze and immediately begin putting apologies.
  • You’re on the verge of tears when he just hugs you and chuckles.
  • It turns out the thing you broke wasn’t actually broken, and it was designed to be collapsible.
  • “We Y/N-proofed everything before you came, my love.”
  • When Steve and Bucky came you allowed them in with open arms
  • He spoils you rotten .
  • One time you were we in the Savanah and you said you wished you could take all of the animals home.
  • So T'Challa literally
  • “It’s all yours, my Queen.”
  • You say he’s an idiot but you hug the crap out of him because he’s your eccentric idiot and you love him to pieces.
  • He smiles and kisses you sweetly because he knows no matter what you say he’ll always love you.

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