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Podcast Recs

I was already making this for @dauphinedolphin (whom I’ve successfully dragged into podcast hell alongside me) so I figured I would just post it here for anyone else who might be interested! 

Note: these are just the podcasts that I’m interested in. Not everyone will enjoy them and there are many many MANY more out there that I haven’t listened to yet that are absolutely amazing. I’ve only been listening to podcasts since about October, so I haven’t listened to many yet. Also I have a significant preference towards audio dramas because I find them easier to focus on. 

All these shows can be listened to for free on iTunes. 

* = personal fave 

The Bridge******** - I literally cannot recommend The Bridge enough. It is INCREDIBLE. They excel at everything from sound editing to incredible writing to incredible voice actors and I just love it. so. fucking. much. It’s so good. And you should go listen to it right now. It’s about the crew of Watchtower 10 out on the Transcontinental Bridge, which spans the length of the Atlantic Ocean. It features spooky stories, eldritch monsters, a possessed doll and my favourite character of all time, so it’s basically the best. I’ll probably be making a separate recommendation post for it soon because there’s too much to say. 

Welcome to Night Vale - I know, I know, Night Vale Presents podcasts are on every single list and everyone’s sick of hearing about them, but seriously folks. They’re popular because they’re good. If you haven’t heard of Welcome to Night Vale before, it’s a radio show set in the fictional town of Night Vale where all sorts of weird stuff happens. 

The Orbiting Human Circus (Of the Air)* - The only other Night Vale Presents podcast that I’m gonna put on here. It follows Julian, a janitor at the Eiffel Tower who dreams of becoming a famous radio host. 

Wolf 359*** - This show. This fucking show. It’s so good y’all. If you like shows that start off kind of funny and not-so-serious before doing a complete 180 and becoming the most HEART-WRENCHING ANGST EVER then you will love it. Also kudos to them for having the best team of antagonists ever. It’s all about Doug Eiffel, the Communications Officer onboard the Hephaestus Station who finds mysterious radio signals out in deep space. But not everything is what it seems, nor is anyone who they seem… 

Wooden Overcoats - It’s all about rival funeral home directors on the small British island of Piffling. It has a lot of dark humour so if that’s your jam you should totally check it out. 

The Bright Sessions** - This is another show that’s just… so amazing. It’s about this group of humans called atypicals, who are basically superheroes (only they don’t fight crime and they have to hide their abilities from the general public). The show follows a time traveller, an empath, and a mind reader, with more atypicals popping up as the show progresses. It’s another one of those shows that gets darker as it goes, but the plot’s very character driven so you also get a TON of great character development. 

EOS 10* - Apparently the best way to describe this is “Scrubs in space”? But yeah, it’s basically a hospital drama set on the space station EOS 10. The main lead’s a recovering addict and that part of his backstory’s never ignored or glossed over, which is amazing. Also it’s my #1 feel good show sooooo…. 

The Deep Vault* - It’s the end of the world and a group of four people seek asylum in an underground vault created to help humanity survive the apocalypse. But is it really as safe as they thought? 

Archive 81 - Made by the same people who did The Deep Vault. Daniel Powell has a new job working as an archivist at Archive 81. The tapes he listens to seem to be telling a story that he’s not sure he wants to hear but knows he has to. Season two’s a little weird but season one really holds up. 

The Once and Future Nerd** - Three kids from Pennsylvania end up in a fantasy world and soon get caught up in the conspiracies and dangers that are threatening to pull it apart. This one’s got a lot of really great social commentary, particularly of fantasy tropes. 

The Strange Case of Starship Iris* - Violet Liu is the sole survivor of a shuttle explosion, but her ship is going down fast. She’s going to need whatever help she can get to make it out of this alive. Featuring the best alien you will ever meet, government conspiracies, and cases of mistaken identity that might just get you killed. 

The Far Meridian - This one’s pretty new but it’s already shaping up to be absolutely amazing. It’s all about a woman named Peri who wakes up to find that her lighthouse has mysteriously moved locations. Peri’s also agoraphobic but it’s never treated like something weird or used as a joke, which is sooo refreshing to hear. 

Bonus non-fiction podcasts: 

The Podcast History Of Our World - Exactly what it says on the tin. Each episode examines a different part of history, with the end goal of studying every single part of history. Currently somewhere in the Roman Republic.

My Brother, My Brother, And Me - Yeah so I’m slowly being dragged into McElroy brother hell… This is another one that makes basically every single list (or at least one McElroy podcast does) but for good reason. It’s really really good and really really funny. The McElroys run an advice show but their advice is not meant to be taken seriously. In fact, you really shouldn’t take their advice. 

If Iris and Ravus Were Party Members... (Banter)

She’s quite a popular choice, so let’s throw the cutie Iris into the mix! :D

Iris: “Wow, it’s really great to be able to travel with you guys! It’s like our own adventure.”
Gladiolus: “Just be careful, okay? Lot of monsters out there, ya know.”
Iris: “I’ll be fine, Gladdy. I have all of you guys here!”
Noctis: “Yeah. Totally.”
Prompto: “For sure!”
Ignis: “You are safe in our hands.”
Ravus: “I cannot make any promises.”

Ravus: “Amicitia.”
Iris & Gladiolus: “Yeah?”
Ravus: “…I suddenly had the horrible realization that there are two of you now.”

Iris: “So you’re Lady Luna’s brother, right? That means you’re from Tenebrae!”
Ravus: “It seems the Amicitia intelligence runs in the family…”
Iris: “What are the flowers like there? I heard the Sylleblossoms are beautiful in Tenebrae.”
Ravus: “They are beautiful, that fact remains true. Seas of blue and violet that spread all across the land.”
Iris: “Do you ever miss Tenebrae…?”
Ravus: “Yes… Just as you most likely yearn to return to Insomnia.”

Iris: “So only Prompto gets to call you Rae, right?”
Ravus: “It was not my desire to be named as such…”
Iris: “Can I give you a nickname too?”
Gladiolus: “Yeah, Ravus. Can she?
Ravus: “…Yes. You may give me a ‘nickname.’”
Iris: “Ravvy it is then!”
Ravus: “What? No-“
Noctis: “Ravvy, huh?”
Ignis: “It has a charming ring to it.”
Ravus: “What have I done to deserve this…?”

Ravus: “Amicitia.”
Iris & Gladiolus: “What’s up?”
Ravus: “…Alright. I need a method to distinguish one Amicitia from another.”
Gladiolus: “You could just call us by our first names.”
Ravus: “And allow you to think that I am being pleasant with you? Absolutely not.” 

Ravus: “Brute.”
Gladiolus: “What?”
Iris: “Wow, he really did respond to it. You’re not supposed to answer to such mean names, Gladdy!”
Ravus: “I was showing honesty when I claimed that he would. He has become soft and weak. I leave his rehabilitation to amend this issue to you now.”
Iris: “Roger that, Commander!”
Gladiolus: *sighs*

Ravus: “Amictia.”
Iris & Gladiolus: “What is it?”
Ravus: *heavy sigh* “The little Amicitia.”
Iris: “Yeah, Ravvy?”
Ravus: “Please cease referring to me as that…”

Iris: “CRSSH. Little Amicitia, making contact with Sunshine Boy. Over. CRSSH.”
Prompto: “CRSSH. Sunshine Boy to Little Amicitia. Doing alive, doing well. Nice, nice. Over. CRSSH.”
Iris: “CRSSH. Roger that, Sunshine Boy. CRSSH. Commander R, what’s your status? Over. CRSSH.”
*the two stare expectantly at Ravus*
Ravus: … *heavy sigh* “Commander R, wishing for a quick death. Over… CRSSH.”

Ravus: “You are quite agile in battle, Little Amicitia. It is extremely impressive.”
Iris: “Thanks! Gladdy’s the one that helped me train. Because one day, I’ll be the best bodyguard in the Amicitia clan.”
Ravus: “I would certainly trust my life in your hands that I would your idiotic brother.”
Gladiolus: “You gotta stop bagging on me in front of my sister, Ravus.”
Prompto: “Actually, he does have a point. I sometimes wonder if I can trust you, big guy.”
Gladiolus: “Shut up, Prompto…”

Ravus: “Little Amicitia, was that a moogle I saw you throwing in our last fight?”
Iris: “You like it? It’s the perfect distraction to help out Noct and the others, right?”
Ravus: “It… Has its own charm, I suppose.”
Iris: “Want me to make you one too~?”
Ravus: “…I would enjoy such a gift, actually. Thank you.”
Iris: “Of course!”

anonymous asked:

I've been thinking: if Alex (finally) was introduced to the STAR Labs people, since Kara most likely talks Alex up a lot, Barry and Cisco and Caitlin and everyone are all nervous to meet her because she's this super badass secret agent, right? What could they possibly have to talk about? And then Alex mentions that she was recruited as a bioengineer, and Caitlin gets excited because she has someone to talk bio stuff with! Could you maybe fic this? I just want the science nerds to hang out! :)

Kara talks about her sister.

A lot.

Her big sister who protects her, who can take down nine foot aliens alone and with her bare hands and with a gaping wound in her side, who is incredible at pool and who drove all the way back to Midvale from college on her motorcycle to punch out a high school senior who was tormenting Kara about her glasses.

Kara talks about her sister every opportunity she gets.

She even surmises that her big sister would stand a chance against Oliver Queen.

It’s that, almost more than anything, that sends a shiver down Barry’s spine, that makes Cisco’s eyes fly wide, that makes Caitlin arch an eyebrow and bite her lip slightly, that makes Iris grin, because of course Supergirl’s big sister is a superhero, too.

So when she brings her sister and her sister’s girlfriend – because “she’s gay now – I mean, I guess she’s always been gay, a lesbian, but she’s just coming out now, and she has a girlfriend now, and you should meet her, too – Maggie, her name is, Maggie Sawyer – she’s a cop, like your dad, Iris, they’ll probably have a lot to talk about, can he come to dinner with us?” – to Earth-1 to meet the S.T.A.R. Labs crew, they’re all a little bit… nervous.

Nervous, because their brand of superheroing is Star Wars jokes and Back to the Future gags. Nervous, because Iris can handle a gun as well as anyone, but none of them are… soldiers.

And Alex Danvers?

Alex Danvers sounds like one hell of an intense soldier.

Cisco slaps Barry five when his portal works on the first try and Kara steps through, Alex and Maggie in tow. Maggie grins at their excitement, and Alex arches an eyebrow.

“Barry Allen. The man who thought it was a good idea to bring my sister to another universe to fight off an entire alien invasion for you without backup from her sister whose job it is to protect our earth from alien invasions.”

Caitlin and Iris smirk and Cisco rapidly turns his snort into a cough.

“Alex Danvers,” Barry nearly squeaks. “The woman who could probably separate me from important organs if I even try to do anything but apologize and assure her that it won’t happen again.”

“Whipped already, Barry,” Cisco whispers, and Maggie nods at him. 

“You should see what she does to the boys back home,” she murmurs to him as she takes Alex’s arm and leans up to kiss her cheek. “Take it easy, Danvers, we’re here to make friends, hm?”

Alex melts and Barry relaxes slightly, grinning at the way this solid, steady woman melts at her girlfriend’s touch.

“So,” Kara bounces on the balls of her feet, “now that Alex has that out of her system, everyone, this is my sister, Alex, and her girlfriend, Maggie. Guys, this is Cisco Ramon – “

“Pleasure, ladies.”

“Barry Allen – “

“But you already knew that.”

“Iris West, a reporter, like me, and a darn good one!”

“Aww, Kara, thank you!”

“And Caitlin Snow, genius doctor extraordinaire! Alex is a doctor, too, Caitlin – “

“Oh, really? Kara talks so much about you, Alex, but she never mentioned – “

“Yeah, bioengineering – “

“God, are you Kara’s doctor? Don’t mean to talk about you like a science experiment, Kara, but your body’s response to Earth’s sun – “

“No, please, have at it, you two.”


“You say that like you’re not a nerd, Maggie.”

“Ohhh,” Iris winks, stepping forward as Caitlin takes Alex by the arm and guides her to her lab, both of them babbling at top speed about regenerative capabilities and harnessing phenomena in physics to influence biological realities. “What brand of nerd are you? The Cisco type nerd, or the Barry type nerd?”

“The difference being?” Maggie wants to know, and Kara and Iris laugh simultaneously.

“Forensics nerd,” Iris points to Barry.

“Winn-type nerd,” Kara points to Cisco.

Maggie’s eyes fly wide. “I might be both,” she leans in, and Barry and Cisco high-five.

Kara and Iris roll their eyes and lean into each other, content and peaceful and so, so proud, as their families start to laugh, start to geek out together, start to merge.

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Will is such a giant Star Trek nerd it ain't funny. He loves TOS and he likes Bones the best since he was always Will's favorite character and when he figured out he was a healer it made him feel like it was a sign and even before that, Bones got him wondering about being a doctor

bones is Also a cantankerous southern doctor with a heart of gold and will has always related the most to him. he has a super special starfleet med shirt he wears (tos era) and these tng medical blues uniform onesie pajama (i also have this) and he loves them. nico stares at will’s leonard mccoy “trust me im a doctor” shirt forever in confusion before asking about it.

“this is bones, hes from an old tv show. hes a doctor, not a bricklayer (or an escalator or-)”

nico doesnt get it, but as will goes on and on with this silly list he has memorized from reading the old published transcript paperbacks (he’s year-round and cant watch it at camp… luckily they do have paperbacks like that that have the episodes written out from like the 70s - i have some in my collection). it may or may not be these adorable infodumps that make nico start to crush on will more than just skeletal butterflies. he never knew anyone that liked something the way hed liked mythomagic…..

theyre total nerd bfs and its perfect - will

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"are you flirting with me?" for westallen ❤

*chanting* Bowling night, bowling night, bowling night!  Pre-Westallen, but, you know.  They’re basically married.

“Nine or less and I take the crown, Allen.”

Barry grins, looking over at Iris, sprawled regally across a handful of chairs in their section.  “Strike or bust?”

Iris tips an invisible hat.  Barry picks up his bowling ball from the rack.  “I am really looking forward to that free milkshake,” Iris says with a cheeky smile.

“I mean, it’s not technically free,” Barry reminds, setting up.

Iris leans forward, elbows on knees and head in hands, and his heart skips a beat at the sheer warmth of her smile.  “Then I shall very much enjoy my Barry-sponsored milkshake.”

Ears reddening, Barry does his best to hide his blush with a smile.  “I really hate to disappoint you.”

“You won’t,” Iris assures.  “You’re good.  I’m better.”

Barry salutes her with his bowling ball.  “May the bowling odds be ever in your favor.”

Five minutes later, splitting a banana split, Iris remarks with an amused smile, “Hey, you getting ice cream wasn’t part of the bargain.”

“You don’t share,” Barry points out, too content to have her smiling across the table at him to actually care that he lost.

Iris lifts both eyebrows challengingly and slides her chocolate milkshake across the table.  There’s only one straw.  Barry lifts both eyebrows.  Are you flirting with me?

Of course, as soon as he takes a sip she slides his banana split across the table, a laugh bubbling out of his chest as he sets the milkshake down and says, “Hey–”

“You do share,” she reminds him, grinning as she pops a spoonful in her mouth.

He may or may not completely throw the next game. 

And hey, laundry for six months isn’t that bad.


                                         THE THIRST SQUAD™

click full view for better quality bc tumblr is crap :’^)

Draw the Squad meme!! This meme practically summed up each and everyone perfectly tbfh

Lightning | Prompto | Iris | Lunafreya | Noctis | Mog the cute Moogle! }

please don’t use, edit, or repost!

Partners in Justice-Platonic!Barry Allen/Flash Imagine

 Requested: No

Warnings: Minor violence, sad back story

A/N: Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve been working and doing scholarship essays but hopefully I’ll be more active. Also, I might do a sequel to this one since it’s so long.

Originally posted by dolkav

    In the case of Barry Allen and Y/N Y/L/N, opposites do not always attract. For one thing, it didn’t help that the first time they met was when Joe and Eddie arrested Y/N for homicide. Barry was standing at the front desk with Iris, nerding out about the particle accelerator at STAR Labs, when everything in the station seemed to stop. Joe looked calm but Eddie seemed particularly pleased with himself as they walked Y/N into the CCPD. The young woman in handcuffs seemed rather stoic and at first, Barry couldn’t really believe that she was responsible for the homicide. Sure, she had the same intimidating demeanor as a pit bull and she seemed to glare at all the gaping cops in the station, but there was something not right about her.

   “Who’s that?” Iris asked.

   “That’s Y/N Y/L/N, we think she’s responsible for Walter Goodman’s death.”

   Walter Goodman was the richest man in Central City and also one of the most crooked men in  Central City. He committed high brow crimes such as tax evasion, tax fraud, and money laundering but always got acquitted from the charges. Unfortunately, the old rich man met his fate about a month ago when someone beat him to death with their bare hands. That someone seemed to be Y/N.

   “Wow, she did all of that to him? How?” 

   “She has an extensive background in boxing so she knew just where to hit him and how hard to kill him. It wasn’t a pretty scene.”

   “So, what else makes you think it was her?” 

    Barry scratched the back of his neck. “Well, I found some fibers around Walter’s neck and when I ran some tests on them, I found out they were from a pair of gloves. Ended up tracking the gloves to Y/N because she bought them about two weeks before the murder and Joe found them in her apartment when they searched it. Plus, witnesses saw her leave the building five minutes after she killed him.”

   Iris shook her head. “So how long is she going away for?”

   “A long time.”

   Just at that point, Joe, Eddie, and Y/N were about to pass them and Y/N had been staring Barry down for about a minute. She pressed her feet down onto the floor to make them stop as she glared at them.

   “Don’t you know that it isn’t nice to talk about others?” she hissed.

   “Let’s go, Y/L/N.” Eddie began to drag her but she snatched away from him.

   “You probably think you’re so much better than me because I’m in cuffs and you’re not.” Y/N laughed humorlessly. “There’s a thin line between where you am and I am, kid.”

   “No, there’s an ocean between us,” Barry shot back.

   Y/N arched an eyebrow. “Look who’s got a backbone?

  “Let’s go, Y/N.” Joe pulled her away and Y/N tossed Barry one last glance before fully allowing the detectives to take her to booking.

   “She is…something,” Barry said.

   “Yeah, but she isn’t going to get to listen to you nerd out about the particle accelerator at STAR Labs tonight.”

   “She might be able to see the light from her cell.”

   Iris laughed and playfully hit Barry. “Whatever happened to seeing the good in everyone?”

   “Yeah, well, some people make it hard.” 

   Unfortunately for Barry, that feeling that something was not right with Y/N stayed with him for the rest of the day. There was something in her eyes that said she did what she did for a good reason. However, he wasn’t able to focus on that as he was working on another case in his lab while Y/N was standing in a jail cell in the basement.

    She leaned against the bars, glaring at Eddie and Joe who were sipping coffee as a sort of a congratulations to themselves. It was fine, though, since she was going to be exactly where she wanted to be. Iron Heights was fortress far superior to Arkham and that’s what Y/N was counting on.

     “You’re awful quiet over there, Y/L/N, or should I call you Knuckles?” Eddie taunted.

    Y/N tried not to bristle at her old nickname as she slowly pushed off from the bars and moved to sit on the bench.

    “What? No cute comeback?”

    “Lay off, Eddie, she’s about to go away for a long time and the last thing either of us needs is you taunting her,” Joe said. 

   Eddie held his hands up in defeat. “Fine, but there’s one thing I don’t get: if Y/N’s as great of a hitwoman as her record says she is, then why did she let herself get caught?”

   “She didn’t let herself get caught, no criminal really does,” Joe said.

   Y/N didn’t say anything as she laid down and faced the wall. Fortunately, her lawyer was going to be some public defender that didn’t know the difference between custody and customs. Sure, she was used to the lawyers with the largest service fees in the world, but they always got her out of trouble. If everything went to plan, she would be headed to Iron Heights in a week.

   Of course, nothing went to plan that night because when the particle accelerator exploded, Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, and Ronnie were not the only ones affected. However, several weeks would pass before Barry and Y/N crossed paths again since Barry wasn’t the only one perfecting and strengthening their newfound abilities.

    Barry sped into a warehouse where several large, black-clad goons were charging a smaller young woman whose back was turned to him. Several other goons were lying on the ground around them, bloody and dead. They all charged the woman but before Barry could help, she punched three of them and they all went flying into the opposite wall and out of the building. She kicked one into the floor and smacked another into another side wall. Then, she grabbed the last one by the neck and held him above her.

     “Tell me where he is!” she hissed.

     “I don’t know anything,” he blubbered.

     “Let him go!” Barry yelled. 

     The woman slowly turned and Barry’s eyes widened: it was Y/N Y/L/N and she was holding a man about a head taller and hundreds of pounds heavier than she was above her. She seemed to have more muscle definition and her y/h/c was glossier than it had been before.

    “The Flash, why did I have a feeling you’d show up?”

    “Just let him go, I’ll take care of him.”
    “This is my business, Flash, and I work alone so go and save some cat from a tree.”

    “I can’t let you do that,” Barry said.

    “What’s going on?” Cisco asked through Barry’s comm unit. “Who is she?”

   “That’s a convicted murderer who I helped put away who has super strength,” Barry muttered.

    “Well, it doesn’t look like the guys she’s…dealt with are the best so maybe just get him out of her grip?” Caitlin suggested.

   “Okay.” Barry sprinted over to Y/N and managed to knock the man out of her grip and place him on the other side of the room. Then he straightened up and saw Y/N looking furious.

   “Get out, Flash!” Y/N screamed. “He’s mine!”

   “If you don’t stop, I’ll have to turn you in.”

    Y/N shook her head. “You’ll have to beat me first.”

    Barry shrugged and began charging at her. In the back of his mind, he was anxious but he usually won against the bad guy. However, he was stunned when it felt like he hit a wall and went flying backwards into an actual wall. Once he slid down, he only had a chance to glance up when Y/N took one graceful leap before landing in front of him. He narrowly missed a punch and made a few of his own quick jabs that only made her stumble backwards. However, she still dodged most of his and made her punching movements swift but powerful. Then, she hit him when he was too slow and knocked his lights out. Barry landed about three yards away from her with a thud and though he was unconscious his head was spinning.

    When he woke up, he was in STAR Labs. Cisco, Caitlin, and Wells were at his bedside. Immediately, he felt groggy. 

    “Wh-what happened?” Barry asked.

   “You got beat up by a girl,” Cisco laughed before silencing himself when Caitlin glared at him.

    “He is technically right. Y/N did hit you hard enough to give you a moderate concussion. Fortunately, you were only out of it for ten hours thanks to your advanced healing,” Caitlin said. “Do you know why she attacked all those men?”

    “She wanted to know where someone was but I have no idea who but whoever they are, they’re going to wish they never messed with her,” Barry said as he slowly stood.

   “I might’ve narrowed that down.I tapped into the security camera feed—-which I didn’t know was useful in an abandoned warehouse—-and got this.” Cisco brought up security footage of the warehouse on the big screen in the medic area.

   Y/N walked over to the man breathing, put her foot on his neck, and bent over him. “I’m going to ask you one last time, Evers, where is he?”

   “H-he’s going to th-the Ivy tomorrow night. Pl-please don’t tell him I told you!” the man cried.

  “It won’t matter.” She pressed down on his neck and there was a sickening cracking noise.

   “Ruthless,” Caitlin said.

   “What do you expect from a woman known as Knuckles?” Cisco asked.

    “We did some digging and found out that this Evers is one of the heads of security for a man known as The Joker in Gotham. This guy is like Trickster but much more extreme.” Harrison pulled up a picture of the clownish man with tangled green hair, a white face, and a red scar for a mouth on the large screen. “He is responsible for countless deaths in Gotham as well as about eighty percent of the crime.”

    “But how does Y/N know him?” Barry asked. 

    “She worked for him. She started off as a good kid and a prodigy in boxing. She was the Junior Champion Boxer in Gotham when she was ten years-old but a month later, her mom was killed in a hit-and-run. After that, the good girl persona vanished. At eleven, she was sent to juvie for knocking a girl unconscious but she only spent a year in juvie when someone yanked her out,” Cisco said.

    “The Joker?” Barry asked.

    “No, Don Falcone, a mob boss in Gotham. He got her into good schools and she seemed to clean up her act until at seventeen, she started racking up charges for aggravated assault, assault and battery, and attempted murder—-all charges were dropped, of course.”

    “But, how does the Joker relate to this?” 

    “Falcone dropped Y/N when she was twenty because he thought she was too high risk and the Joker came along with promises of money. But, after two years of being affiliated with him, she left Gotham and came here.”

     “But then she got arrested and when the particle accelerator exploded, she got out of CCPD,” Barry said. 

   “Like a normal criminal with super powers would?” Cisco asked.

   “Yeah, but Y/N isn’t most criminals. A lot of these metas destroy everything and everyone in their wake, but she’s focused on this Joker guy.”

   “What are you trying to say, Barry?” Caitlin asked.

   Barry shrugged. “That maybe, she isn’t as bad as I thought she was.”

   “She knocked you out cold, Barry.”

   “Yeah, but she didn’t kill me. Maybe, I could help her and get her to come here for testing.”

   “That’s a dangerous plan, Barry,” Wells said. “The particle accelerator diminished the myostatin in her body so that she is practically a super human, plus it has only enhanced the agility she gained from boxing all those years. She is certainly a formidable foe.”

   “I know but, what if I could talk her into being on our side or, I could at least help her stop the Joker before he wreaks havoc on Central City?”

    Harrison, Caitlin, and Cisco all shared the same pensive look before reluctantly agreeing with Barry’s plan.

    “Fine, but you’re gonna have a tough time getting into Ivy—-it’s the hottest club in Central City and the list to get in is super exclusive,” Cisco said.

    “I think I know someone who can help me.”

    That night, Iris and Barry entered part of the criminal underworld as soon as they stepped into Ivy. There was a light blue haze all over the spacious club as well as mirrors, lots and lots of mirrors. Most of the women wore crop tops, tight jeans, or body con dresses to show off their figures while the guys just wore button downs and jeans. 

    “I can’t believe we’re at the opening of Ivy!” Iris squealed over Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”. 

    “I can’t believe your job got us in,” Barry added.

   “It’s good to be a journalist. You know how jealous Eddie is? He’s at the police station fuming because he couldn’t come.”

    Barry ignored the stabbing pain in his chest at the mention of Iris’ fiance. As much as he tried to get over her, he simply couldn’t considering that Iris was his first and probably last love. However, if she was happy, he would have to be happy, but she wasn’t making it any easier with that classy but sexy knee-length white curve-hugging dress she wore.

    “Yeah, I bet.”

    “How’d you hear about this place anyway?” 

    “Oh, you know, friends,” Barry said.

    “I thought you didn’t have any other friends besides me.”

    “First of all, ouch, and second of all, maybe you don’t know me that well.”

     ”Okay, enough flirting, Barry, do you see Y/N or the Joker?” Cisco asked through the comm.

     Barry glanced around the cavernous club filled with people dancing and drinking. Off to the far right side of the dance floor was the VIP area where he saw none other than Y/N, wearing a burgundy leather mini skirt and a dusty blue halter crop top, being allowed in by the bouncer. 

    “She just walked into the VIP room,” Barry muttered.

    “Okay, you can probably speed past them, but there’s the issue of Iris,” Wells said.

    “I’ll figure something out.”

    Barry managed to distract Iris by pointing out the club owner and suggesting she interview him. After calling him a genius, Iris made her way over to him and Barry sped into the VIP area. Unfortunately, it was mostly small time thugs and their girls sitting in the main area and Y/N was nowhere to be found. However, a set of stairs on the right wall of the area seemed to be the answer. Barry quickly found the room Y/N was looking for since there seemed to be a lot of fighting coming from it. When he peeked in, he saw Y/N kneeling over the Joker as she pinned him down to the couch.

   “Do it, kill me!” Joker yelled. “Kill me so all this so called insanity goes away!”

   Y/N squeezed her hands harder around his neck. “Shut up! You never stop talking! Get out of my head!” She gritted her teeth. “I got away from you but you just wouldn’t leave me alone. You said you would leave Central City once I did in Goodman but you’re still here!” 

  It was madness that Barry was witnessing and he could do nothing but watch Y/N begin squeezing the life out of this man. Then, he realized that he couldn’t let him die since the Flash never let anyone die. So, he pulled Y/N away from Joker and stood between them. Y/N looked confused at first but when she saw Barry she snarled.

   “GET OUT!” she yelled.

   “Y/N, I know you want to kill him for everything he’s done but you need to turn him in,” Barry said.

    “He escapes from every prison he’s ever put in! But he can’t escape death,” Y/N hissed.

    “Listen to the wise man, Knuckles,” Joker coughed. 

    Y/N growled but Barry kept his hands up. “Wait, Y/N, if you kill him, then you’re no better than he is. You’re a good person who’s done some bad things.”

   “You don’t know me.”

   “I know that if you were as bad as you think you are you would’ve killed me in that warehouse.”

    Something in Y/N’s features began to soften but she didn’t respond until Joker lurched up and held a knife to Barry’s neck while hugging him from behind.

   “This isn’t the first person who’s tried to save you from my clutches, is it, Knuckles? News flash, Kid, she and I are the same person except she still has those pesky guilt feelings and ridiculous morals. Which is why she’s going to back off while you and I walk out that door, isn’t that right, Knuckles?” 

   Something broke inside Y/N that made her step away from the two of them. She thought it was hope as she knelt down on her knees, eyes on the dark floor. For some reason, she wasn’t angry at the skinny white guy who’d just burst between her and the Joker but she was more upset with herself. She should’ve just killed him when she had her hands around his neck.

  “Y/N,” Barry muttered.

   “No use talking to her now, kid,” Joker said as they began walking towards the door.

   When they were right next to Y/N, she swung her right arm against Joker’s leg, breaking it. He cried out and released Barry while Y/N lunged for Joker. Just as her fingers touched his face, Joker wedged the knife into Y/N’s jugular. Y/N gasped and stared at Joker’s sick smile.

   “Knuckles, why so serious?”

   Y/N gasped at him again though she had an arsenal of words that she wanted to spit at him. Swiftly, Barry scooped her up in his arms and got her to the main area of  STAR Labs. Cisco, Caitlin, and Harrison looked stunned.

   “Guys, we have a problem,” Barry said.

   “Take her to the medical area,” Caitlin instructed.

    Barry did and laid Y/N on one of the spare beds. She was still bleeding pretty badly and her eyes were wide. Caitlin met them as soon as possible and had Barry apply pressure to her neck while Caitlin removed the knife. Y/N groaned in anger as Caitlin did so but quieted when Caitlin stitched her up.

   “She should be okay in a few hours, but I’ll run some tests,” Caitlin said.

   “Okay,” Barry said.

   Caitlin began running some tests as Harrison and Cisco came in. Cisco looked at Y/N anxiously while Harrison seemed as calm as usual.

    “She okay?” Cisco asked.

    “She will be. That Joker guy stabbed her but she saved me,” Barry said.

    “Did you ask her?” Harrison asked.

    “Ask me what?” Y/N rasped. 

    Barry jumped slightly when he saw that Y/N was fully alert and staring at him. “Uh, we wanted to know if you would let me help you.”

   “In case you haven’t noticed, I work alone, Flash.” She rolled her eyes when she saw the nervousness in the others’ eyes. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. I have more important business to attend to.”

   “Working alone didn’t seem to help you back there. All I’m saying is if you have mine and my team’s help, you probably won’t go to jail.”

    Y/N arched an eyebrow. She eyed him carefully before looking at Caitlin, Cisco, and Harrison. Her eyes wavered longer on the man in the wheelchair before she looked at Barry. “What do you want in exchange?”


    “You’re all goody two shoes who can’t lie. What do you want?”

    “We want you to stay and let Caitlin run some tests on you to help you understand your abilities. Maybe even help us take out the other metahumans in this city?”

    “And if I don’t?”

    “I turn you in.”

    “You do realize that I could basically tap my finger against your head and kill you?”

   “If you’re fast enough to reach it.” 

   Y/N glared at him before relaxing into her place. On one hand, she would be getting rid of the person who had been mentally and emotionally abusive over the years. On the other hand, she was going to be stuck with a group of people she didn’t know fighting other people with abilities, but they were evil. Besides, even if she did go on her own, after she got rid of Joker, she didn’t really have anywhere else to go. There were too many people in Gotham who wanted her dead and Central City was a lot less hostile.

    “What’s your name?” she finally asked.

    “Barry, Barry Allen,” Barry said.

    “Well, Barry, let’s get one thing straight, I’m not your sidekick nor your lackey, we’re allies if anything.”


   “Don’t try it.”
   “So, this means you’ll work with us?” Cisco asked.

   “If it means I get rid of the Joker then yes, I will work with you.”
   Then, Barry and Y/N shook hands and that was the beginning of their heroic partnership.

Irie Shoichi Appreciation Post

First of all- Look at this boy.

This is a boy, barely in puberty, dealing with this shit because of his shitty luck.
(I mean, who wouldn’t?)

His family doesn’t give him any kind of emotional support, because his story is just too absurd and ridiculous.
(Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t connect to him, he was just too smart/intelligent/shy/whatever trait.)

Second, this shite:

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