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french garden vocabulary 🌻🌷

🌿 Types of gardens

  • le jardin garden
  • le patio patio garden
  • le jardin sur le toit roof garden
  • la rocaille rock garden
  • le jardin floral a flower garden
  • le jardin d'agrément an ornamental garden
  • le jardin botanique a botanical garden
  • le jardin de fruit a fruit garden
  • un verger - orchard
  • le jardin potager a vegetable garden
  • le jardin paysan cottage garden
  • le jardin d’eau water garden

🍁 Some garden objects

  • un etang à poissons fish pond
  • le parterre flowerbed
  • le pavé paving
  • l’allée path
  • la pelouse lawn
  • la haie hedge
  • le potager vegetable garden
  • la serre greenhouse
  • le tas de compost compost heap
  • la fontaine fountain
  • le sol soil
  • la terre topsoil
  • le sable sand
  • la chaux chalk
  • l’argile clay
  • les outils de jardin garden tools
  • le balai à gazon lawn rake
  • la bêche spade
  • la fourche fork
  • le râteau rake
  • la tondeuse lawnmower
  • la brouette wheelbarrow
  • le terreau compost
  • le gravier gravel
  • les gants de jardinage gardening gloves
  • le pot à fleurs flower pot
  • l’arrosage watering
  • l’arrosoir watering can
  • le tuyau d’arrosage hose
  • la pelouse lawn

💐 Verbs

  • tondre to mow (the lawn)
  • ratisser to rake
  • tailler to trim
  • semer to sow
  • bêcher to trim
  • arroser to water
  • désherber to weed
  • pailler to mulch
  • cultiver to cultivate
  • récolter to harvest
  • cueillir to pick

🌱 Types of plants

  • les plantes à fleurs flowering plants
  • les plantes plants
  • les mauvaises herbes weeds
  • le bambou bamboo
  • la fougère fern
  • l’herbe herb
  • l’arbre tree
  • la plante aquatique water plant
  • le palmier palm
  • à feuilles persistantes evergreen
  • à feuilles caduques deciduous
  • la plante grasse succulent
  • le cactus cactus
  • la plante en pot potted plant
  • la plante d’ombre shade plant
  • la plante grimpante climber
  • l’herbe grass
  • la plante rampante creeper
  • l’arbuste à fleurs flowering shrub
  • les graines seeds
  • saplings les jeunes plants d'arbres
  • plant cuttings - les boutures de plantes

🌹 Types of flowers

  • rose la rose
  • marigold le souci
  • tulip la tulipe
  • crocus le crocus
  • lily le lys
  • iris l'iris
  • sweet pea le pois de senteur
  • geranium le géranium
  • gladiolus le glaïeul
  • chrysanthemum le chrysanthème
  • sunflower le tournesol
  • zinnia le zinnia
  • aster l'aster
  • dahlia le dahlia
  • daisy la pâquerette
  • carnation l'oeillet
  • primrose le primevère
  • peony la pivoine
  • bluebell la campanule
  • begonia le bégonia
  • daffodil la jonquille
  • jasmine le jasmin
  • lavender la lavande
  • azalea l'azalée
  • orchid l'orchidée
  • water lily le nénuphar

🌲 Types of trees

  • orange tree l'oranger
  • lemon tree le citronnier
  • plum tree le prunier
  • pear tree le poirier
  • olive tree l'olivier
  • cherry tree le cerisier
  • apple tree le pommier
  • apricot tree l'abricotier
  • fig tree le figuier

headcanon: mcsnurtle the turtle becomes a therapy pet for barry. whenever he comes back from a mission, he just lies down on the floor with his cowl down and lets the turtle crawl all over him for HOURS. iris tries to get him off the floor in vain and resorts to sitting down with him to play with mcsnurtle

  • Cisco: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One. Kendra, code name -- Been There, Done That. Cindy is -- Currently Doing That. Linda is -- It Happened Once in a Dream; Barry, code name -- If I Had To Pick a Dude. Joe is -- Eagle Two.
  • Joe: Oh thank God.
  • *later*
  • Cisco: *about Iris* "I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it" is in position.
Fanfic - Saving a Superhero - 1/1

Summary: Iris was just an intern working a hectic night at the hospital whose break was interrupted by a bleeding unconscious superhero 

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2360

A/N: Based on these promo pics in which Iris is a badass doctor

All Iris wanted was to have a nice, relaxing coffee break.

She was in the middle of one of the worst shifts of her life. A grueling fifteen hours where she’d been running off her feet dealing with every type of job. She bounced between being in the emergency room, to doing post op check ups, then working through piles of discharge paperwork. Anyone who said being an second year intern was hell didn’t know the half of it. Iris couldn’t remember the last time she’d slept more than four hours straight. Or had outside human contact beyond doctors and patients. Her life was a constant routine of dealing with an array of bodily fluids, stitching up damaged skin, setting broken bones.

She had few small pleasures remaining in her life. One of them was taking a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip muffin up to the roof of the hospital whenever she managed to sneak in a break.

Iris pushed through the metal door that led out to the roof. A sigh of relief actually escaping her lips. The cold breeze felt amazing against her heated skin. The lights of city burning bright against the night sky. She closed her eyes to listen to the hum of noise of the city. Iris immersed herself in the peace and quiet, completely different from hectic buzz of activity in the halls of the hospital.

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anonymous asked:

I love+trust you, Barry Allen. The Flash. I love all of you, and I always will. What I love about that statement is that it's true to Iris West in the comics. Iris always loves Barry fiercely, before she finds out he's The Flash. Old school, she worked with The Flash, but didn't have any romantic notions about him. Iris finds out from him talking in his sleep, and helps him for, I think a year, before he actually confesses. Unlike Lois Lane or Carol Ferris who loved the hero first. Classic IW.

I love this, and it’s so accurate. Iris loved Barry precisely because he was such a square. She thought the Flash was cool, but she never wanted to be with him… Outside of dangling him as motivation for Barry to become more ambitious, rofl. That was even part of Barry’s justification for not telling her, because she liked that he had a desk job and wasn’t in danger. She was the only one allowed to put herself in danger in their household lmao.

Rewatching the scene where Iris recovers in Untouchable you see her dependence on Joe (Dad) still. Barry calls her name, but when she opens her eyes, and looks to Joe. Conversely, Barry’s focus is Iris, less Joe. Joe acknowledges that he’s glad Barry’s focused on Iris and Barry jokes that Joe is a close second. That proposal is fast approaching!

I absolutely love how the family dynamics are evolving and progressing. Kind of random, but I was thinking about this somewhat during the episode itself:

Joe lashing out at Barry because Iris didn’t tell him something connects back to season 1, with Barry lying to Iris on Joe’s behalf. It all comes down to “you know what my baby girl means to me.“ Even though Iris would have preferred the truth, Barry chose Joe’s needs for Iris over her needs for herself. Joe was mad at him in this episode because he thought those same rules still applied. And maybe Barry thought that too, since he was all “This is what Joe would want” in 3.10.

So at the end Joe is like, “OK, you chose to do what Iris wants over what I want for Iris and I respect that.” Lol. That was a clever bit of dialogue that says a lot about both of them and their relationship to each other and to Iris, basically.

Leaving The House [a Barry Allen AU]

a/n: i know, i know, i still have a request, but i thought of something!! This is an AU where Barry doesn’t get speed when struck. Feel free to request some AU’s!

Ever since Barry was struck by lightning, his life has been…Different. After he woke up from his coma, he developed some problems; the twitching, panic attacks, etc. Today is the first time in about a month that he’s gone out. Yes, he’s been in his house since he woke up; Joe and Iris would be lying if they say they aren’t worried.

With a shaky hand, he pulls on the steel handle, making glass door open and takes a small step inside Jitters. Gulping, he walks to the cash register, reaching in his back pocket. The barista asks the same usual question. “What can I get for you?”

Barry licks his cracked, dry lips, breathes in and out before starting to form words. “No f-frap, ha-lf caf, e-espresso shot, c-capitano, pl-ease?“ he stutters, sighing deeply. His fingers wrap around his brown leather wallet, pulling it out of his pocket. The wallet bounces up and down as he flips it open, fingers shaking, fishing for the five dollar bill. “F…For B-arry.” he says seeing the marker.

While he waits, his hands twitch at his side of his gray jeans. They’re always twitching. It’s so frustrating. He grabs his coffee, quickly thanking the man and turning around. The cup shakes from side to side and Barry’s surprised he hasn’t dropped it yet. That tends to happen a lot. With multiple things.

Suddenly a hand grips his thin wrist, steadying the cup of coffee. Your eyes meet his nature mixed green ones and you flash him a smile. “Careful there, handsome.“ you flirt, “Wouldn’t want to make a mess.” you giggle at his shocked expression, “Do you wanna sit with me…“ you trail off, eyeing the cup, “Barry? I’m Y/N by the way.”

Unable to speak, he nods, caramel colored hair flopping. He lets you take his coffee, following you to the table. “Th-th-thank you.“ he whispers, hands wrapping at the bottom of the disposable cup. “S-sorry about m-my st-stu-stutter. I was s-truck by li-lightning.” he mutters. Better to get that out now than later.

You watch him lift the cup, spilling some on the table, with wide eyes. Moving your fingers up your mug, you lean forward, “Oh, cool! I mean, that’s awful, sorry.“ you say solemnly. A moment of silence passes. "Do you have any scars?” you blurt out, “Shit. You don’t have to answer that!“

Barry laughs quietly, nodding. One of his hands lets go of the cup, coming up to his scarlet sweater. His nimble fingers hook around the collar, pulling it down to reveal the pale skin. There’s a pinkish puffy spiderweb sprawled over his chest, ending a little above his collarbone. “It’s li-like th-at all on m-my tor-torso.” a sigh leaves his lips.

Resting your hand on top of his, you shoot him a weak grin. His eyes light up but his other hand quivers. “At least it looks badass.“ you shrug; he giggles. Oh my lord, he giggled. Adorable.

Barry blushes, looking down at his coffee. Maybe leaving the house wasn’t such a bad plan after all.

Iris Zero AU???

Okay, before I go back to my study, I’ll just write this down.

Have you ever read the manga “Iris Zero”? Yes? No? Well, it’s basically a world where people started to born with special “eyes” or “iris” that allows them a special ability to see stuff others don’t. Each iris can see different stuff, for example, one iris can see a tail whenever someone’s lying, another iris can see arrows above people’s head that points to their crush, another can see wings that change colors every time the person feels different emotion, etc.

The irises are so varied and almost every child born in the newer generation have this and the ones that don’t are called “Iris Zero” and they’re the anomaly. “Iris Zero” are very rare but as you can imagine, they’re often bullied, etc

Interesting? Certainly! If you’re not interested enough it’s coz of my crappy explanation haha. Below are my HCs and some doodles to interest you abt this AU lol. Anyway. Imagine this:

Sawamura Eijun: iris zero
Eijun who’s an iris zero is also bullied since childhood. However, his tough, bright personality just attracts and inspires others that in the end everyone (even former bullies) becomes very protective of him and will fight anyone who bullies Eijun bcs of his position as “iris zero”. His friends back in Nagano are against Eijun’s decision to go to Tokyo and are constantly worried if he’s okay.

Miyuki Kazuya: “butterfly of death”
Miyuki’s iris enables him to see black butterflies on people/plants/animals/basically everything alive when they’re dying or about to die. These butterflies grow in number as the person’s death approaches. It also works when the person is about to commit suicide, dying from severe illness, accidents–basically for whatever reason that cause their death. This ability makes Miyuki’s emotion extremely complicated because he had seen butterflies slowly crowd his mother until her ultimate death. Eijun’s bright personality and warm presence has stirred something inside him and gives him certain feelings (ayy cheesy hoot hoot).

Kuramochi Youichi: “love arrows”
Mochi has the iris that allows him to see arrows above people’s head. This arrow points to their crush and will move wherever their crush are (sort of like a compass). Mochi never bullies Eijun since the beginning. In fact, he’s already protective of Eijun from the second he knows of Eijun’s state bcs he just can’t stand seeing “iris zero(s)” bullied. And btw he’s kinda frustrated at Miyusawa’s slow progress bcs it’s obvious that they liked each other and it’s driving him crazy.

Furuya Satoru: “wings of emotion”
Furuya’s iris can see wings (somewhat simplified version of butterflies’) on people’s back that change colors according to the person’s emotion. For example, when the person is angry it becomes bright red, when the person feels nothing then it becomes white/blank, etc. This, like Miyuki, also makes his own emotions complicated because he can sort of identify lies and other people’s true feelings.

Kominato Haruichi: “flower of happiness”
Haruichi can see literal flower on every person’s chest. They may start from buds and it blooms gradually as the person becomes happy for real.

One more:

What do you think? XD

All I know Is

In the last two seasons of The Flash, episode 21 has always been a very Westallen filled episode. They have also been episodes that have always reinforced the love that Barry Allen and Iris West shared and provided us with scenes that proves they are meant to be and Iris is his lightning rod. 1x21 was when we are first introduced to Grodd and Iris confronts Barry for lying about being The Flash, this is still one of my favorite episodes. I loved everything Iris did in that ep and we got that amazing scene of her voice breaking Barry out of Grodd’s mind control. 2x21 we got Barry being stuck in the speedforce and Iris and Cisco working together to get him out. This is also one of my favorite eps, this ep made me laugh, cry, and smile like an idiot. It gave us Irisco, and it gave us the iconic scene of Iris bringing Barry out of the speedforce, and later at Nora’s grave. Now with all that being said, this year with episode 21 being a lighter tone (for some reason), and it also being the episode where we find out why Savitar is the way he is, I am still expecting for it to be Westallen filled and I still want their to be a scene where we reinforce Barry and Iris’s love for each other. All in all episode 21 is usually always big for Westallen and I think this year it will be as well. 

Ok y’all i’m 100% sure HR died as Iris in disguise
  • They re-used the tech to look like someone else in this episode.
    •  It was a man pretending to be a woman also
  • HR need it make it up for spilling the beans 
  • He pretty much said his farewell to Cisco
  • We did not see him on the roof like in the vision
  • He could’ve swapped when Barry was trying to shoot Savitar with the canon. Iris was just lying on the ground and didn’t move