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TumblrFrostbite: If Savitar gave Team Flash a chance to help him as well as brought back Caitlin and Cisco to them, how would things turn out for him?

I mean, that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? 

Assuming you mean by this “Savitar wasn’t erased by the Paradox” and not just “Savitar turned ‘good’ and then died at the end of the episode anyway”?

I’ve talked about this elsewhere, and I’ll copy down some of what I said there:

Where does [Savitar] fit?

Because he has what I’m guessing is ~3 years worth of memories that Barry doesn’t have before he even became a remnant. That’s 3 years of enemies that he can take down because he’s already done this, not to mention however many timelines and alternate earths he’s been once he became the remnant Barry-S, broken off from Barry but not yet Savitar. And then his time as Savitar once he became what he is, with his intelligent suit that’s impervious to most attacks anyway.

So… he can’t stay with the team, obviously. There’s no challenge for them to face anyone anymore if he does, not to mention he’s like… 10x faster than Barry? 20x? 50x? And he clearly still has a lot of feelings about the team and especially about Iris, regardless of what he’s willing to do to them to ensure his own survival. A lot of shame there. A lot of anger and resentment, too. A lot of hate, maybe.

And then there’s the issue of his memories

There’s no place for him in this timeline. He remembers living some of it, and he can’t just get new memories every day from Barry, that’s an insane way to live. He can’t remember marrying Iris as he watches her marry Barry.

There’s no plan. They have nothing for him. Nothing but acceptance of the monster he’s become, and from Iris it’s enough, but from Barry… from the rest of them? They’ve rejected him once, he’s been burned before. He believes knows they’ll do it again.

So there’s a lot to address.

I think the best/easiest way to keep him alive would’ve been Cisco’s powers. If Cisco did something to Savitar to make him vibrate at a different frequency, it could’ve been as if he was from a different Earth instead of the future, and at a different frequency, maybe the paradox wouldn’t be able to find him to catch up with him. It’s like a cloaking device, he’s hiding in plain sight and the paradox can’t find him. Also, that could’ve disrupted the psychic flow between Barry and Savitar, so that Savitar would stop gaining Barry’s memories from here on out.

So that’s one problem solved.

It doesn’t solve the others, of him knowing how to defeat their enemies (though the timeline is changing now so that might change as well) or him being super fast, almost god-like. Not to mention him loving Iris and not really having a place in her life or in the Team’s life.

One option is to send him to a different Earth, but I prefer to think of how he fits with Team Flash, to force that connection.

Personally, I sort of like the idea of taking away his powers. Maybe as a consequence of the different vibrational frequency his atoms spin at now, or else as something else that happened/happens to him, maybe en route to accepting his place in the team he briefly derails and tries to go forward with becoming a god and it backfires and takes his powers instead, a sort of poetic justice.

That solves the issue of him being able to defeat all of their enemies. And even if he’s giving advice to Team Flash about some of them, this timeline is so different from the one in which he was created, the one without Iris, that his advice isn’t always that helpful, and just telling Barry “run faster” doesn’t always work lol. Not to mention that he spent so long in the speedforce that some of those memories might be imperfect now, really. We don’t always remember everything we’ve done with perfect detail and clarity anyway? He’d probably only really be helpful with the major issues.

So at last, what we have is the issue of social fit. And that’s the fun one to navigate, in fic. What we’re left with in this scenario now is a scarred, darker, traumatized but de-powered version of Barry (for simplicity, I’m still gonna call him Barry-S). He’s older, has killed, is willing to, even killed someone on their team (HR). He was willing to kill Iris and can barely look at her, but he also loves her and hates that Barry is living the life he never got to, will never get to. He resents Barry a lot for having it all while he has “nothing”. 

And he’s afraid of rejection. Any version of Barry, even Barry-S, needs connection and acceptance and love from his family. That’s what caused Barry-S to run off in the first place, rejection from Team Flash, and what started his whole jaunt through space and time and dimensions into slowly becoming Savitar. He’d be afraid of it happening again, losing them, them preferring Barry. It would be hard.

And there’s no perfect solution. He’s there and he sticks out like a sore thumb but he’s part of the team whether he wants to be or not. I mean, not really ‘part of the team’ but he’s around. He probably gets an apartment because crashing at Joe’s is too awkward and painful. Cisco eyes him warily every time he’s at the lab and the first time Barry-S makes him laugh startles both of them. Tracy won’t work with Team Flash because they’ve accepted him.

Harry doesn’t mind him. Small blessings. Jesse doesn’t seem to either. She asks him a lot of questions, naturally curious, and it’s nice. Wally relaxes around him too, after Jesse’s around for a bit. 

Obviously, Caitlin’s not really around, but she and Barry-S get along in their new “not quite villains but we don’t really fit” status. It’s awkward, but it’s nice to have a friend. 

Barry-S gets a job as a bartender, I hope. And I’d love to talk about his connection to the Rogues haha, but I’ll leave that as a potential avenue for fic writers (all of this is a potential avenue for fic writers). 

But basically, Barry-S, Savitar, in a perfect world? Would turn out to be an ally of the team, and find his way back to a sense of family, hopefully.

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D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t (again: be nice)

Uuuuh idk, I’d say Iris/Phoenix but I’m not actually against that very much??? I kind of ship it, but I just don’t see it ever happening. It’s that ship you kind of wish could work but never would.

Alternatively I would say uh Larry/Phoenix I guess??? I could never ship it, but it’s not like. Bad or anything. (I see Larry as possibly pan but I just…. love the “token straight character” thing. It’s funny. I love Larry so much but the token straight character is great, that’s the kind of shit I wish would happen more often in other shows rather than the vice versa. )

A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)

Nice nice, okay so, here’s my OTPs:

NaruMitsu (WrightWorth)

MayoMei (FranMaya)

RouMitsu (LangWorth)

and for my OT3:


I have a lot of other ships too, but there’s not as much passion that goes into them as these, if I’m being honest.

N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice)

My main fandom is Ace Attorney, and the three things I wish I saw more would probably be…

1) Larry being treated like an actual person rather than the comedy relief 

2) Anything actually pertaining to Miles’ past trauma in more depth because they seriously just. Swept it under the rug. There isn’t even any interaction with him and Athena, which would be super interesting??? Nor Apollo or Trucy, just, ughhh.

3) The seven year gap. I have…. so many questions. Like, there was no smooth transaction between the trilogy and the Apollo Justice game where there SHOULD have been, there SHOULD have been a game in between, maybe even two, that led up to what happened, but there wasn’t!!! Which made so many questions open up, and made the Apollo Justice game seem incredibly undesirable. And the fandom kind of… doesn’t have enough stuff to really fill in the blanks. I’m sure their imagination could do better, but most of the stuff I’ve seen is generally the same, has already been mentioned in the games, and doesn’t have enough in it. Plus most of it makes Phoenix seem like he made no efforts to really support Trucy emotionally as she did for him, which is shit. Man I could go in a much more coherent and longer rant about this, but I don’t feel up to it.

K -Say something nice about someone in any of your fandoms

Okay, so Jam??? Beautiful darling who is a wondrous artists for my favourite AA fandom, I love speaking with her and I love how we have nearly everything in common, she’s the light of my life and I just,,, really want to meet her someday. Please, everyone, give her love and affection because she deserves it. 

I was kind of tempted to do this for some of my old fandoms but I felt like I could no longer accurately do that considering like… I’m only ever active in LoZ and Ace Attorney now. ahhhh


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