iris karuna

crying in Canadian Tire by Iris Karuna

                Backs cracks are the best cracks. This happens. Iris breathes deeply when she wants to obtain the perfect posture. Sure Toronto watches her face. Toronto has nothing better to do with its time. Places can be extraordinarily boring in Canada. That’s part of the Canadian slogan: Clean calm and carry on. Long ago Canada put that slogan everywhere to make sure its citizens remained boring. To date that remains the most successful advertising campaign in history. 

                Canadian Tire makes Iris cry. Canadian Tire is beautiful. Iris is in love with the uncaring store. It equips Canadians for the jobs and joys of everyday life. On their site they put it as ‘every day’ which is incorrect. Is the space necessary? What can be put in the space between every and day to make it truly remarkable? Iris remembers those who didn’t care about her but at least knew they weren’t caring. Exes know this important fact. When exes un-friend people on Facebook they have this kept in their mind as an important part of growing up. Growing up can mean forgetting others. Time does this to people brings them apart. 

                Iris asks the tough questions from ex-lovers. Do they miss her? Perhaps they do it is impossible to tell without referring to the exes own chapbook. Hence there is no point of reference. She wants to know if they miss her ass. Do they? It is worth asking. Asses are important assets. With asses one can sit down on a chair or a floor. Without an ass life would be hard. As a wise man once said ‘I’d hate to live an ass-less life’. Books are left at Iris’s place, reminders of previous relationships. Everybody has these mementos of previous lovers, various socks, pairs of pants, books, pens, etc. 

                Alone is the best time to experience Tumblr. Every picture on Tumblr reminds one of loneliness. Nobody ever scrolls through Tumblr with friends. Scrolling through Tumblr is the epitome of being alone. Who cares about Tumblr? It is generally pointless. Lots of images shared over and over again. The emotional heft of Tumblr is of the EMO kid grown up into an EMO-twenty something with better taste in music and a job. Iris holds her ribs down. Generally skin serves that function. This is worrisome. Hopefully Iris’s skin can start doing its job again. 

                The chapbook ends with a shout-out to Christmas. Because Christmastime is almost near. For many it is the saddest time of year. This holiday season remember that life can be lonely. Hug somebody.