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hey! What's your favorite kaisoo fics? I never read any of them could you rec me something?

Yes of course I’d love to! 

My favourite genres are: Fluff / Fantasy / happy ending / college AU. 

Hokaidos (one of the most well-known / and amazing kaisoofic author:
-  Hearts and Bones : swimmer Jongin, photographer Kyungsoo calm atmosphere and lovely characterization 
- Light a fire (where the wild things are): Vampire AU 
- The Saltwater room: fluff, gentle love
Others from masterlist

Curryramyeon (although not active now, her fics are classic to me):
- It’s still a feeling: New york AU, lovely characterization, College student jongin and film maker kyungsoo 
- Kiss a Boy behind a Rosebush : professor soo and gardener jongin

Some kaisoo classics:

Other amazing fics from Kaisooaufest (No one dies this time):

- Quicksand (hate to love, writers AU)
- First Class flights (Captin Kim, CEO kyungsoo enough said)
- Bubble Bubble (wizard and his assistant AU cute)
- Caught in a comet’s tail (outerspace, commander do)

All Kaisooficrec 10k followers project (kaisooficrec is the most elaborated kaisoo fics rec tumblr, they got most well-known fic writers to contribute.)

Other unlinked:

- anterograde tomorrow (This is the death of all kaisoo shipper. You WILL NOT get over this ever)
- Arbitrage (The second death of all kaisoo shipper, you just die again)

All other recs can be found at kaisooficrec browse their masterlists to find your favourite AU! 

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Have you ever thought about a Promptio fic with something along the lines where Prompto has a major manhandling kink and tries to hide this from Gladio who is always displaying his impressive strength during their daemon hunts. If anything, Gladio eventually notices, gets cocky, and shows off. Poor Prompto has to hide his now hardened dick.

Thanks for this lovely prompt, Anon. I actually have thought about this all day and want to get this little drabble off my chest while I’m tell relatively sober.

Also, to answer your question, when am I NOT actively thinking about how much Prompto likes to be picked up and tossed onto the bed by his meaty boyfriend?? xD

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Thirsty Prompto under the cut v v v 

Prompto x Gladio 

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I have so much to give ,i have so much to tell ,im just a small spot in a map of a geographical land ,i shed tears for beloved ones which the shroud of death took away ,,,

Nevertheless ,i  have so much to give ,so much to  share but my muscle in my chest is still sealed with enigmatic pieces hidden in a shelll…

I am the green mud ,i may touch the whole forest with a tear and still hear the echoes of someone not yet recognized …

Im a glowing darkness even in a starry sky ,im a pebbleof a deep ocean  sent away for being misunderstood …

I have so much in my chest ,a bursting poem in a pink walll of ancient hidtory …

I am an iris hidden in a treasure urging to be opened with a soft touch of a mighty creature …

Im a thought of a mind trembling in fear ,closed to the world  in rage waiting to use my spirit power  in a shadow of a valley …

Im an Iris purple flower, ready to  bloom in the hand of a warrior …so much i could do ,so much i would like to say in a tenderness of my skin against the one who is near …

Im the one in the corner of a galaxy waiting to fall in a bed of silk sheets with the scent of a lover …

Oh how i could use my strenght to appeal ,to claim all my rights in a throne that i dont longer want or need…

I just wish to tell ,to reveal all my pain where no Olympus ,no Valley of the kings ,no Heaven could achieve …

So .im only this spirit wandering ,trying to lay my body in pastures of peace  ,a spirit  whose life is a  metaphore in a symphony not yet invented…

This is me, the night in conflict ,the need to be heard ,the beacon without light .,the wave against the rocks…

Just a spirit woman from a celtic land searching for the eternal question..

Am i only a spirit moving in  mysterious ways, tracing my path to a bless or to a curse?

The Masterpiece will remain and my spirit my memory will be carrried away as ashes into the oblivion wind…

The Artist captured  my inner being and who knows, if i  still have  my salvation!

“ A misteriosa deusa espirito”

Painting by @thedarkabstract and words by @kyrah52

I am deeply encouraged
by the earth and her scents,
warm rain, bright heather,
cool mint and faint jasmine.

I would grant the stillness
a vein of comfort.
To wash over, to breathe,
to sate within another’s lungs.

Negotiate a path of ivy,
iris blooms reach starward, sparkling.
Unbeknownst as crystal droplets,
free to tease soft twilight glow.

A haze relaxes tawny furrows,
glossy reeds refract transcendence.
Poised are we yet timid here.
Often clinging to the known.

What in your life is calling you,
when all the noise is silenced,
the meetings adjourned,
the lists laid aside,
and the wild iris blooms by itself
in the dark forest,
what still pulls on your soul?
—  Rumi

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Hello! Could I have a fluff scenario where Eiji and his best friend, who have secretly liked each other for ages, finally go out on their first date together, only to have it plagued by misfortunes, but they still have fun and the whole thing culminates to a first kiss in a rainstorm? Thanks!

I feel like I’ve kinda gone rusty here ;-; I hope you like it though!

The downpour swayed to its tune, dripping slow, fast, heavy and soft. A mixture of pattering sounds clouded the ears of the couple taking shelter underneath a tree. The locale carried an earthy odour concocted by the raindrops blending with the ground. The place was alive yet wistful.

Eiji smiled apologetically at his crush, _______, who was wiping her head with her handkerchief. She smiled back thinly, clearly not happy for the rain interrupted their date. As if there just weren’t enough interruptions today.

“I’m sorry, _______-san.” Was all Eiji managed to say. ______ turned to him, a little surprised by his sudden apology.

“I didn’t think Van-kun and Nagi-kun would drag the rest out to spy on our…” He trailed off, looking for the word. You were pressed to answer with ‘date’ but he beat you to that, his cheeks tinting in a shade of pink. “….date.” He finished, averting his gaze.

You chuckled, the musical sound gaining his attention, his gentle violet eyes now focused on you alone. “It’s alright. I still had fun.Though Van really shouldn’t have clicked so many pictures while whistling and teasing us.” You mumbled with a blush.

“And Nagi shouldn’t have tried to dress up as a ghost so you’d hug me.” Eiji replied, remembering how you clung to him. The thought sent a thrum of excitement down his spine.

The little midget succeeded in looking like an utter zombie. He creepily appeared from the bushes and you screamed, bolting straight into Eiji’s arms. He held you firmly and you heard Van woot in the distance, instantly leaving his embrace at the sound.

“Eiichi shouldn’t have threatened me in a corner. Well, not threatened more like warned.” You muttered angrily. You hoped that today would be just for the two of you. Eiji gently reached for your hand, wrapping his fingers onto yours. You blushed, tightening your grip.

“And that puppy which refused to leave me until her owner appeared…” Eiji reminded, chuckling at the memory. He recalled your expression. You were torn in between fighting the little pup because it hogged all of Eiji’s attention and between petting the adorable animal.

The thunder sounded aloud and you leaned closer. Eiji sighed into your hair, loving the misty scent it carried. He loved every bit of you. From your hair to your voice. To your smile and your frown. Every single thing.

He always liked you. Admired you. He knew was he was shy when it came to such feelings but before he knew it, he was utterly captured in love with you. He couldn’t bear telling you, he was afraid that he’d lose your friendship but it was Van who told him, “It didn’t hurt to try. Besides, at least you got it out of your heart!”

He didn’t know how this would end but he agreed with Van. It didn’t hurt to try and get across his feelings to you. What clawed at his heart was that you were his best friend and that it was possible that you never saw him the way he saw you.

He tentatively embraced you, you shuddered when your ear came in contact with the sounds of his wild, beating heart. Your heart thumped in a similar rhythm, the sounds of the rain paling in loudness when compared to the song of your heartbeats.

You pulled away, your face red as a tomato, the palpitations like a drum in your ears. You refused to meet his violet eyes, the colour of a royal iris, blooming in magnificent kindness. A sensation of warmth bloomed similarly in your chest as you stepped out, the showers from the skies cooling your hot face and body.

“_______-san?” Eiji looked surprised. Part of why the two of you looked for shelter was so that you could avoid getting wet and here you were, willingly getting soaked. His feet were drawn to you as he entered the fray, the water drenching his clothes but he didn’t mind as long as that brought him closer to you.

He closed his eyes, loving the cool sensations the rain offered like as if it were more than ready to simmer down the erratic thumping of his heart that sent forth heat to all parts of his body.

He froze when a cold palm met his cheek, raising his temperature and the heat built up in the air around you two. He slowly opened his eyelids, to find your (e/c) gaze and parted lips coupled with the uneven rise and fall of your chest.

His body thrummed and his voice gave out, as the words tumbled out of his mouth, clear and firm like the drops that caressed and drenched your bodies.

“I love you, _______.” It was a whisper amongst the cacophony of the pattering and yet you heard them. Was it because you were seeking out for those words? Your breathing went erratic, your heart pounded inside your chest, your palm suddenly felt heavier on his cheeks.

Without a word, you carefully placed your lips onto his cool and wet ones. Heat sprang from your insides, the mixed palpitations of both of your hearts sounding into the air. His palm found its way to your cheek, his other arm strongly pulling you closer to him.

He left your lips, only to catch them in a deeper kiss, so sweet that you melted into a puddle. Such a tentative kiss. You became the axis of his love which encompassed and spun around you; this one kiss was enough to tug immensely onto your heartstrings. You lost yourself to this one action, there was something that ran deep in his gentleness which drew you closer.

You pulled away, to steady your beating heart and to breathe. Your eyes met his rising and falling chest, your hand was on his warm cheek. The downpour was softening but your hearts refused to. He kissed your lips again, soft and gentle. Your hands wrung into his wet locks of brown hair, willingly giving yourself up for his kiss. His arms held you steady, although you knew this moment was enough to make the two of you lose your footing and tumble down.

“I love you.” You whispered, your warm breath, tickling when you left his lips and wrapped your arms around him, your head on his chest. “I love you, Eiji.” Your voice, rang out, defined. The raindrops landed onto your lips and he brushed them away, his smile radiant. “I love you too, my _______.” Eiji’s forehead was pressed to yours, his chest warming in love.