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If Iris and Ravus Were Party Members... (Banter)

She’s quite a popular choice, so let’s throw the cutie Iris into the mix! :D

Iris: “Wow, it’s really great to be able to travel with you guys! It’s like our own adventure.”
Gladiolus: “Just be careful, okay? Lot of monsters out there, ya know.”
Iris: “I’ll be fine, Gladdy. I have all of you guys here!”
Noctis: “Yeah. Totally.”
Prompto: “For sure!”
Ignis: “You are safe in our hands.”
Ravus: “I cannot make any promises.”

Ravus: “Amicitia.”
Iris & Gladiolus: “Yeah?”
Ravus: “…I suddenly had the horrible realization that there are two of you now.”

Iris: “So you’re Lady Luna’s brother, right? That means you’re from Tenebrae!”
Ravus: “It seems the Amicitia intelligence runs in the family…”
Iris: “What are the flowers like there? I heard the Sylleblossoms are beautiful in Tenebrae.”
Ravus: “They are beautiful, that fact remains true. Seas of blue and violet that spread all across the land.”
Iris: “Do you ever miss Tenebrae…?”
Ravus: “Yes… Just as you most likely yearn to return to Insomnia.”

Iris: “So only Prompto gets to call you Rae, right?”
Ravus: “It was not my desire to be named as such…”
Iris: “Can I give you a nickname too?”
Gladiolus: “Yeah, Ravus. Can she?
Ravus: “…Yes. You may give me a ‘nickname.’”
Iris: “Ravvy it is then!”
Ravus: “What? No-“
Noctis: “Ravvy, huh?”
Ignis: “It has a charming ring to it.”
Ravus: “What have I done to deserve this…?”

Ravus: “Amicitia.”
Iris & Gladiolus: “What’s up?”
Ravus: “…Alright. I need a method to distinguish one Amicitia from another.”
Gladiolus: “You could just call us by our first names.”
Ravus: “And allow you to think that I am being pleasant with you? Absolutely not.” 

Ravus: “Brute.”
Gladiolus: “What?”
Iris: “Wow, he really did respond to it. You’re not supposed to answer to such mean names, Gladdy!”
Ravus: “I was showing honesty when I claimed that he would. He has become soft and weak. I leave his rehabilitation to amend this issue to you now.”
Iris: “Roger that, Commander!”
Gladiolus: *sighs*

Ravus: “Amictia.”
Iris & Gladiolus: “What is it?”
Ravus: *heavy sigh* “The little Amicitia.”
Iris: “Yeah, Ravvy?”
Ravus: “Please cease referring to me as that…”

Iris: “CRSSH. Little Amicitia, making contact with Sunshine Boy. Over. CRSSH.”
Prompto: “CRSSH. Sunshine Boy to Little Amicitia. Doing alive, doing well. Nice, nice. Over. CRSSH.”
Iris: “CRSSH. Roger that, Sunshine Boy. CRSSH. Commander R, what’s your status? Over. CRSSH.”
*the two stare expectantly at Ravus*
Ravus: … *heavy sigh* “Commander R, wishing for a quick death. Over… CRSSH.”

Ravus: “You are quite agile in battle, Little Amicitia. It is extremely impressive.”
Iris: “Thanks! Gladdy’s the one that helped me train. Because one day, I’ll be the best bodyguard in the Amicitia clan.”
Ravus: “I would certainly trust my life in your hands that I would your idiotic brother.”
Gladiolus: “You gotta stop bagging on me in front of my sister, Ravus.”
Prompto: “Actually, he does have a point. I sometimes wonder if I can trust you, big guy.”
Gladiolus: “Shut up, Prompto…”

Ravus: “Little Amicitia, was that a moogle I saw you throwing in our last fight?”
Iris: “You like it? It’s the perfect distraction to help out Noct and the others, right?”
Ravus: “It… Has its own charm, I suppose.”
Iris: “Want me to make you one too~?”
Ravus: “…I would enjoy such a gift, actually. Thank you.”
Iris: “Of course!”

Red Queen Characters Dogs
  • <p> <b>Mare:</b> a mongrel dog (because the character is more important for her than the race)<p/><b>Cal:</b> a Labrador (kind and loving dogs)<p/><b>Evangeline:</b> a Greyhound (with gray fur like metal)<p/><b>Farley:</b> a German Shepherd (because they are loyal and real warriors)<p/><b>Maven:</b> a Doberman (they are creepy, but have something elegant and impressive)<p/><b>Iris:</b> a Wolf (because she is an Indian descendant)<p/><b>Kilorn:</b> a Poodle (because they love water)<p/></p>

Name: My true disaster

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Theme: Percival Graves gets jealous. SMUT.

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Iris West Week - Day two - Iris + Barry (doesn’t have to be romantic, but he’s her most important onscreen dynamic)

5 times Barry complimented Iris’ writing and/or was impressed by Iris with regard to journalism. (Nr. 5 isn’t really about journalism, but since her writing skill is mentioned, I added it).

I know day 4 is Iris + Journalism, but I decided to post it for the Iris + Barry day.

1. Barry: If this Mason guy doesn’t see what a talented journalist you are, then he’s probably a lousy writer.

2. Iris: I don’t believe you answered my colleague’s question, Dr. Wells. So I’ll ask it again. Do you have any intention of rebuilding the particle accelerator, either now or in the future?

Barry: ~looks impressed~

3. Barry: She’s not a little girl anymore. You should have seen her in action the other day, putting her neck on the line for a story. She can handle anything that comes her way.

4. Linda: I’m alive. Thanks to Iris. Turns out she’s as badass with a gun as she is with a pen.

Barry: Yeah, she is.

5. Barry: I think you should be really proud. Yeah? Yeah. It’s the beginning of… an amazing journalistic legacy.


Guess what my favorite part of the Junior Cup arc was u gaiz.

Just as how I loved how when Misty returned, the dynamic between her and Ash came to light almost immediately the same can be applied here when, after putting it off for several episodes, Ash and Dawn finally get the chance to have their long awaited reunion battle.

Despite the time apart and them being on separate journeys, the two are still regarded as equals and it shows during the battle where both do such a good job countering the other that no one gets a real ‘advantage’ before the match is stopped. Dawn is quick witted enough to cancel out Pikachu’s Iorn Tail with a flame-thrower, as is Ash when he blows away Somkescreen with Thunderbolt near instantly.

Cilan (relation expert that he is) and Cynthia (some has always been rather keen on this)picks up on it fairly quickly with how well in synch the two are, even Iris herself is rather impressed by the display. Im glad that despite the artistic liberties Ash went through in BW they still remembered how important his relationship with Dawn was back in DP and they made the conscious design to highlight on it at the end of the Junior Cup Arc (before that Dawn spent more of her time interacting with the other characters which is fine since that’s what comebacks are for after all)

And on the matter of childish trend to pit Iris and Caitlin against each other, episode of today: “Danielle wants Caitlin to date Sara” automatically gets a reply under the gifset “Too bad Caity wants Sara to date Iris” hmm? I’d be impressed if y’all were over 15, honest to God.

Time to block everyone, wait.


every westallen scene ever (35/?)

Barry: “How are you doing with all of that?”
Iris: “Now that she’s gone…okay.”

And this is the extent of their convo about her mom. Of course, she’s okay. Because Iris is the strong black woman who is not allowed to talk about how she really feels and is only allowed to support other people and not be supported herself. I guess I should give them credit that at least Barry asked her about it and told her she can always talk to him, but having him ask her after she came to see him about his sight and asking her when other people are around just shows me that TPTB gave very little consideration for Iris and her feelings about the whole Mom/bro situation, since that didn’t really give them an opportunity to have a real conversation