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i've been sad lately. any chance you could give me some happy headcannons that would make me smile? it's okay if you don't want to. thanks either way.

  1. Barry chirps like a cheetah if you surprise-tickle him.
  2. Cisco knows every word to Wannabe by the Spice Girls and gets caught by Caitlin and Barry mid-jam session one late night.
  3. Caitlin is really bad at board games.  Cisco and Barry take turns partnering up with her just so she stands a chance at winning.
  4. Iris West is a champion snowball thrower.  Barry and she get in a bet that if she can hit him with one every day for a week, he’ll do her laundry for six monthes, but if she fails, she’s watching all of Star Wars with him (and Cisco, because hullo, best man).  Iris wins: the most impressive shot is through a window as Barry sprawls like a cat on Joe’s couch and snoozes in front of a roaring fire.
  5. Wally has a knack for attracting wildlife.  It’s absolutely uncanny.  An American kestrel actually alights on his shoulder.  He straightens and proclaims in a very dignified voice that he is the chosen one.
  6. Jesse has an incredible Vine account.  She’s Team Do It For The Vine, including speedster stunts that no one is able to explain.  It’s also well-known that she has a total in with Kid Flash, who appears in many of her Vines, as well as The Flash, who’s usually very clueless and very “wait, wha–” before they run out of time.
  7. Julian makes origami swans when he’s stressed.  You can always tell because the entire lab will be covered in them.
  8. Cindy can fireman-carry Cisco.  He is pretty convinced he has the coolest girlfriend in the entire multiverse.  Cindy just wants the promised cheesecake if she does it.

Name: My true disaster

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Theme: Percival Graves gets jealous. SMUT.

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Iris West Week - Day two - Iris + Barry (doesn’t have to be romantic, but he’s her most important onscreen dynamic)

5 times Barry complimented Iris’ writing and/or was impressed by Iris with regard to journalism. (Nr. 5 isn’t really about journalism, but since her writing skill is mentioned, I added it).

I know day 4 is Iris + Journalism, but I decided to post it for the Iris + Barry day.

1. Barry: If this Mason guy doesn’t see what a talented journalist you are, then he’s probably a lousy writer.

2. Iris: I don’t believe you answered my colleague’s question, Dr. Wells. So I’ll ask it again. Do you have any intention of rebuilding the particle accelerator, either now or in the future?

Barry: ~looks impressed~

3. Barry: She’s not a little girl anymore. You should have seen her in action the other day, putting her neck on the line for a story. She can handle anything that comes her way.

4. Linda: I’m alive. Thanks to Iris. Turns out she’s as badass with a gun as she is with a pen.

Barry: Yeah, she is.

5. Barry: I think you should be really proud. Yeah? Yeah. It’s the beginning of… an amazing journalistic legacy.


Guess what my favorite part of the Junior Cup arc was u gaiz.

Just as how I loved how when Misty returned, the dynamic between her and Ash came to light almost immediately the same can be applied here when, after putting it off for several episodes, Ash and Dawn finally get the chance to have their long awaited reunion battle.

Despite the time apart and them being on separate journeys, the two are still regarded as equals and it shows during the battle where both do such a good job countering the other that no one gets a real ‘advantage’ before the match is stopped. Dawn is quick witted enough to cancel out Pikachu’s Iorn Tail with a flame-thrower, as is Ash when he blows away Somkescreen with Thunderbolt near instantly.

Cilan (relation expert that he is) and Cynthia (some has always been rather keen on this)picks up on it fairly quickly with how well in synch the two are, even Iris herself is rather impressed by the display. Im glad that despite the artistic liberties Ash went through in BW they still remembered how important his relationship with Dawn was back in DP and they made the conscious design to highlight on it at the end of the Junior Cup Arc (before that Dawn spent more of her time interacting with the other characters which is fine since that’s what comebacks are for after all)


every westallen scene ever (35/?)

Barry: “How are you doing with all of that?”
Iris: “Now that she’s gone…okay.”

And this is the extent of their convo about her mom. Of course, she’s okay. Because Iris is the strong black woman who is not allowed to talk about how she really feels and is only allowed to support other people and not be supported herself. I guess I should give them credit that at least Barry asked her about it and told her she can always talk to him, but having him ask her after she came to see him about his sight and asking her when other people are around just shows me that TPTB gave very little consideration for Iris and her feelings about the whole Mom/bro situation, since that didn’t really give them an opportunity to have a real conversation

Iris West - A girl I can finally relate to

I recently did a post about how awesome it is that the West(+Allen) family is, especially since it laughs in the face of what TV has been calling a “traditional black family” for years. Now I just wanted to say a few words about the amazing Iris. 

Growing up the way I did, I found it harder to relate to most of the black characters that I would see in many shows on TV outside of our skin colour. I actually found myself often identifying more with the white female characters. Why? Because I had more in common with their characters’ portrayals than the black ones. I didn’t grow up in the ghetto or even in a predominantly black neighborhood. I don’t speak ebonics, nor do I sit in a hair salon every week getting a perm. I do listen to hip-hop and R&B, but I also listen to rock, alternative, house, dance, opera, classical, Kpop and many other genres. I don’t refer to my black male friends using the n-word or my female friends as bitches. I’m not outspoken or loud, and I’ve never rolled my neck or snapped my fingers in someone’s face. I don’t only date black men.

Now I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with women who fit into some or all of the above in any way. I’m simply saying that’s not me. And I’m black. So when I would turn on the TV and see nothing but black women who fit most or all of the traits I mentioned above and only that, I found it harder to relate to them as characters and often, not ideal to look up to.

Now take Iris West’s character in The Flash. Iris grew up in suburbia. She doesn’t speak in ebonics. She isn’t loud or outspoken, though she speaks up when she needs to. She’s gorgeous and unlike on so many other shows (I’m looking at you, TVD) men actually notice her and find her attractive. She’s not some asexual, motherly type who’s only there to dole out advice and send the kids on their way while she contentedly watches from the sidelines.

She’s not falling all over herself to get the lead male’s attention while propping every other female on the show but herself as the best option for him. She’s university educated and clearly smart and intuitive. In short, she’s a real character. So many times I’ve seen shows cut writing and character development corners when it came to minority women - especially in shows targeted at younger demographics. But thank the Power of Greyskull that The Flash writers haven’t done this. 

I don’t get the impression that Iris is just going to be the “little woman” waiting at home while Barry goes out to save the world; or only serve as away to push the development of Barry’s character. I truly think that the writers intend on making Iris a fully rounded character with her own battles to wage and goals to achieve. That’s HUGE for a minority character (especially on the CW).

That is yet another reason why I’m super digging this show, and hope with all my power that they don’t change the awesome recipe they’ve been using thus far. Bring on Tuesday!

I love how Barry is like “Follow my lead?” and Wally just gives him this look like ‘listen white shadow who’s already making heart eyes at my sister like y’all have been in love for centuries across time and space’, “The Flash doesn’t follow anyone.” And Iris just says “Listen to him Wally, he’s The Flash.” Like she’s been dealing with his nonsense for years and Barry is impressed at Iris running things and Wally is like ‘um sis I was trying to be cool’. I’m convinced this is their entire dynamic even after Flashpoint.

i want the writers to utilize the time-travel aspect early on in the series and then introduce bart.


none of the characters are aware he’s you know, bart allen, and he just inserts himself firmly into his family’s life and maybe even the S.T.A.R labs team.

Like he becomes barry’s bff and iris’s confidant and joe’s something.

and he’d constantly try his best to push his grandparents together.

“Iris sure looks pretty today, doncha think so barry?”

“Did you hear?  gra…barry took down four guys. FOUR. ain’t that  impressive gran-..iris, i meant IRIS! yes, yes impressive indeed.”

*wipes his brow*