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I was recently thinking how Iris, Joe, and Wally being Black means that this Arrowverse/Flarrowverse’s speedsters will be most Black/biracial.

 If you don’t already know Don and Dawn are the twin children of Barry and Iris. Bart (Impulse) is Don’s son. I chose the actor Cameron Boyce because he has one grandparent who is Black just like I imagine this world’s Bart to have and he also reminds me of Grant. Jenni Ognats (XS) is Dawn’s daughter and as you all can see was originally created as a biracial Black character.

Irey and Jai are the children of Wally West and Linda Park in the comic books. Since Linda is Barry’s ex in this universe I took it upon myself to imagine Wally meeting and falling in love with a speedster named Danica Williams who is The Flash in the Beyond Universe that was brought to us by Batman Beyond.

Finally we have Max Mercury, the time-traveling speedster from the 1830s who operate as a mentor to many of the future West-Allen kids. His origin is based in some racist, mystical Native tropes so I racebent him to fix it.

The Flash Family now has the potential to show off a variety of Black skin tones and I pray to god that they do it right.

Also Barry is now that cool ass White Grandpa in a Black Family and that makes me happy AF.

Don and Dawn Allen (The Tornado Twins) played by Charlie Barnett & Monica Raymund

Bart Allen (Impulse) played by Cameron Boyce

Jenni Ognats (XS) played by Alisha Boe

Iris “Irey” West II played by Sydney Park

Jai West played by Miles Brown

Danica Williams (The Flash Beyond Universe) played by Stefanee Martin

Max Mercury played by Martin Sensmeier


Pairing: Barry x Iris; Barry x Reader

Warnings: death

Words: 2293

Iris snaked her arms around Barry and stepped closer to her. Their foreheads touched, a smile playing on both of their lips. He didn’t want to let go of this moment, but he knew he had to get going and he was positive she knew that, too, yet she wasn’t letting go. Then again… neither was he.

“Alright, you two,” Cisco declared. “This meta isn’t going to stop itself.”

Iris pouted for a brief moment before tipping her head to connect her lips to Barry’s, the kiss deep and warm, and it sent chills up Barry’s spine. She pulled away from him and he was very tempted to pull her back in, but Cisco’s voice came up once again and he was turning his back on her.

“You have to run at Mach 2, Barry, in order to take down this monster,” Cisco stated. “Otherwise… well, I’ll see you at your funeral.” The engineer patted the speedster’s shoulder and Barry rolled his eyes.

“I can do this,” Barry assured, pulling his mask on. “I got this.”

“Run, Barry,” Iris said, “run.”

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Imagine Barry saving you when you get kidnapped <3

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A/N: Okay so I was really tired when I wrote this! I don’t know if it’s good or anything but here you have it anyway. 
Remember if you want me to write anything for you just request! The request box is very much open. 

You were walking home from work, music in your ears while texting Barry. You grinned at the text he had just sent you. He could always make you smile. You had known each other for a half year since you got your job at Jitters. He came there every day, at the same time, ordered the same coffee and gave you a smile before leaving in a hurry. You had always thought he was a very punctual guy but after going on dates with him you knew better. That guy was always late. 

Caught in thoughts about Barry you didn’t see him coming from behind. You felt something hit the back of your head and you let out a scream in pain. After that everything turned black.

Your eyes opened slowly seeing nothing but darkness. As your eyes adjusted to the darkness you saw one lamp on a desk across the room was turned on. A tall figure leaned against the table. 

“Finally awake huh darling?” He had what looked like a gun in his hands. You tried to talk but duct tape covered your mouth. “Shh… don’t talk” he said and started walking towards you with slow steps. His face was covered with a mask. His voice was deep. He touched your cheek. Gliding his hand down your neck. Tears formed in your eyes and fell down one after one. You tried to ask him why he was doing this but didn’t know if he understood. 

“Ah… Well you see darling, you have a friend that I am very interested in. I know he’ll be coming soon to rescue you.” You looked up at him confused. Who the hell could that be?

He started to walk away again and you let out a shaky breath. Tears still streamed down your cheeks and your heart was beating rapidly in your chest. Whoever this friend of yours was they had to hurry otherwise you didn’t know what would happen. 

You sat there in silence while trying to relax. It had been five minutes since the conversation with your kidnapper. If he wanted to hurt me, he would have done it… Right? You had nothing else to do, so you thought about who it could be. He was interested in someone you knew, someone who would save you… But no one popped up. That could be anyone or no one? 

The next thing you knew the door was open but you didn’t see anyone come in. “He’s here,” you looked around trying to catch a glint of this friend of yours. 

“Come out, come out wherever you are.” He teased and raised his gun. All you saw were a flash. Something being so fast you couldn’t catch it with your eye. The flash… 

But you didn’t know the flash? Did you? 

The flash took the gun from the guy and he had a panicked look on his face. That’ll serve you right idiot. The flash grabbed the rope from the desk and ran around the chair he had pushed your kidnapper in. He then took the duct tape and then taped his mouth shut. You sat in silence, stunned by the situation. Your eyes widened as he ran towards you. 

The duct tape was ripped from your mouth and you expected pain but it never came. Before you could realize what was happening the flash was carrying you and running with a crazy speed. All you could see was blurred surroundings and the color red. Right in the middle of his chest was a lightning in yellow and red. 

Soon after you were sat down. You stumbled feeling a little lightheaded as a strong hand took your arm steading you. You looked up at the red masked face. “Who are you?” Your tears were dried on your cheeks from the wind in your face. You didn’t know the flash or at least you didn’t think you did. The flash looked down. 

“I don’t know if I should tell you.” He said in a voice changed by a computer. 

“Oh come on you can’t leave me hanging now can you?” You laughed in slight disbelief. The flash looked as if in dilemma with himself. Something about him reminded you of someone. His eyes, his mouth and his body. How could you not remember who? He looked at you with a glint in his eyes which you knew very well. 

You took a step back which made you both realize he was still holding onto you. Your eyes had widened in shock. It couldn’t possibly be Barry? It looked like him. His mouth. His eyes. Everything about him seemed familiar. 

“Barry?” You reached out to take the flash’s mask of but he beat you to it. Inside the mask was the one and only Barry Allen. Your mouth fell to the floor but was soon replaced with a big grin. 

“I can’t believe this…” He looked nervous. How would you react?

“Is this why you’re always late to our dates?” You said accusingly. He relaxed, realising you weren’t mad or anything else. After progressing your words he laughed. 

“I just revealed my biggest secret, my secret identity and that’s the first thing that comes to mind?” He had worried so much about how you would react to the news and what it would mean for your life to be involved with this crazy superhero life… But he realized it would be alright. You and him. Together. It would work perfectly fine. 

You shrugged. “I mean what else should I worry about? Besides your well being which we’ll talk about but I mean… I kind of like the idea of you being out there, fighting crime, saving the city…” He looked at his shoes, feeling a little embarrassed. You stepped closer and looked him in the eyes. 

“Now can you please race us home because my head hurts a little and it’s fucking cold.” You couldn’t help but smile as he laughed out loud. He swept you up in his arms and in a couple of seconds you were standing in your apartment. 

“Let me check your head before bed.” He said and soon you went to bed with your boyfriend - The Flash