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Tales of the Lucii

Hi there. So, I did a little survey the other day about what stories from “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” people liked, and this here is the result: The Tales of the Lucii!

So I’ll do my best to post a fairy tale a week, depending on my schedule, motivation, etc. ^^ In any case, I hope you guys enjoy them!

This is just the prologue. As I update, I’ll link up the stories here like a master post of sorts :)

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“…then Uncle Dustin started screaming his head off when the rabbit chased him! I’m not kidding! It was the loudest thing I’d ever heard!”

Everyone at the cottage in Caem howled in laughter at Talcott’s story, Dustin included. Noctis and the others were staying over for the night before heading off on a few more hunts, the group saving money for their stay in Altissia.

“Oh man, I really wish you guys were there to see his face,” Iris giggled, wiping away a few tears that had leaked out. She then turned to the man in question, sending him a sheepish look. “Sorry, Dustin.”

“Its alright, Little Miss,” the man chuckled affectionately. “But I think we should all retire for the night, don’t you? We all have a busy day tomorrow.”

“I’m not tired yet, Uncle,” Talcott pouted. “I wanna talk to everyone some more…”

“Tell you what, champ,” Gladiolus cut in, ruffling the young boy’s hair. “You and Iris go on upstairs and get ready, okay? We’ll read you a couple of stories when you’re done.”

“Really?” Talcott’s eyes shone at the mention of a story. “You’ll read my favorites to me?”

“Yeah! You’ve got the best storytellers in Lucis right here!” Prompto chimed in. As he was about to say more, the youngest of the group had already made a mad dash for the upstairs bathroom, Iris in tow.

“There he goes,” Ignis smiled fondly before turning to Monica. “What is his current guilty pleasure when it comes to books?”

“Ah, something called ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’,” the woman replied, handing the bespectacled man a worn red book. “He has been reading through the book non-stop ever since Cid brought it over for him. Even marked his favorites with green pen.”

“Hey, I remember these,” Noctis smiled as Ignis flipped through the pages, remembering the rare nights his father would come in to tell them both a story.

“Indeed,” the older man chuckled before stopping at a certain story. “Noct, this was one of your favorites, I believe.”

Scanning the words, the prince felt the corners of his mouth twitch into a smile as the memories came rushing back.

“Yeah, I really loved…” Noctis was about to continue when the slamming of the door caught his attention.

“We’re ready!” Talcott chirped from the landing, dressed up in cactuar pajamas. Iris stood slightly behind him, dressed in a pair of moogle pajamas.

“Be right up,” Noctis called back, a small smile on his face.

“So, Talcott,” Gladiolus spoke after the young boy had been tucked into bed. “We heard from Monica that you liked ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’?”

“Yes!” He gave the Shield a big smile as he said so. “Its one of my favorites!”

“Well, how about we tell them to you?” Prompto asked. “But in our style, of course!”

“That would be awesome!” The young Hester cheered.

“Very well then,” Ignis smiled as he handed Talcott the book. “Which one would you like us to read first?”

Talcott had a thoughtful look on his face as he flipped through the pages, stopping at a particular story that caught his eye.

“I want this one!”

The Frog King

Trusty John


Hansel and Gretel

The Three Snake Leaves


Little Red Riding Hood

The Singing Bone

The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs


The Juniper Tree

King Thrushbeard

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves


The Blue Light


anonymous asked:

(Q!Anon) Okay, got an idea for Isambard Nihtholt's Weapon: KOPFJÄGER (German: Headhunter). The weapon design itself is a fusion of a wood axe and a "Mare's Leg Shotgun" (the flip-cock gun from Terminator 2). The name itself alludes to the persona of the Horseman in a darkly comic fashion- the weapon is literally "hunting" heads, not to be retrieved, but to be shot or cut off, depending what form the weapon is in.

What little German I know paid off - I could translate that myself! I like the idea of a shotgun, it’s a wide spread and something I can see him running and gunning with. Shit, if it’s RWBY, maybe the rate of fire is faster than normal.

Man, like with Iris and a Jabberwocky Grimm and Akane and some sort of dragon Grimm, the ideal Grimm fight for Isambard would’ve been a Nuckelavee. 

(But personally I like to believe that Grimm are examples of divergent evolution over a single lifetime and the Nuckelavee was one of a kind.)

Maybe if there’s ever a horseman of the apocalypse character…

The Behemoth Pup

So here is my take on “The Frog King” ^^ This one involves a Gladio x Sania pairing, with special appearances by Dave, Ezma and Kimya.

I know “Toad” is a thing in the game, but this seemed to suit Gladio better tbh ^^’

I estimate the size of a behemoth pup to be as big as a full-grown lion.

In video games, panaceas are considered as a“cure-all”.

Hope you enjoy!

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“The Frog King, huh,” Gladiolus said, a smirk playing on his lips. “Alright, leave this one to me.”

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