iris espresso

Ridiculous headcanon

Nobody at Star Labs can actually make decent coffee. Cisco makes scorched tar water. You get to the bottom of the pot and that stuff crunches. Caitlin kinda waves a coffee bean at a pot of hot water. Barry doesn’t have the patience. There’s no coffee machine in the world fast enough for him.

Iris, now you would think Iris could make decent coffee. But Iris needs a full espresso machine and steamer, sixty-seven kinds of syrup, four options of milk, sixteen varieties of sprinkles, whipped cream, and a recipe card to make anything. A basic Mr. Coffee completely defeats her.

Joe? Joe’s been drinking cop coffee for thirty years. His coffee taste buds have all withered away in despair.

The only one who could make drinkable coffee was actually Harrison Wells. Too bad they defeated him because they’re all severely undercaffeinated now.

Look, there’s a reason this workplace is single-handedly keeping Jitters in business.