iris cyclops


First pics of Iris! Armless magic cyclops. Gemini’s mid-game boss? Ally? Frenemy?? For the sake of the game’s story I’m probably going to leave their description at that.

I designed Iris very shortly after starting work on Gemini, and I think Ana’s announcement in Overwatch may have greatly influenced it

My Big Bad Greek Family!! Peri and Pearl will be in the mail tomorrow!!All I need is Manny and my collection of greek based characters will be complete,,I think!!

(From Left to Right)

Wydowna Spider (Daughter of Arachne)
Posea Reef (Daughter of Poseidon)
Casta Fierce (Daughter of Circe)
Iris Clops (Daughter of a Cyclops)
Viperine Gorgon (Daughter of Stheno)
Deuce Gorgon ( Son of Medusa)
River Styxx (Daughter of Grim Reaper, Niece of Charon)
Avea Trotter (Daughter of a Harpy and Centaur)

I Love the Greek based chracters, hoping that one day they will make Olympus High, a schoold for demigods!!

Here we have a li’l crossover where Iris and a rather high-class Mogall (not to be confused with an Arch Mogall) are engaged in a staring contest! This fantastic piece of work was done for me by one of my best friends: animecreator. She takes commissions as long as they’re safe for work.