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Request: Hi! Could I have a Barry Allen x reader where it starts out as them being friends in hs? Reader likes Barry but keeps it to herself bc Barry always ditches her for Iris and pines over her. She acts like it’s ok until it’s her bday and he doesn’t show up for their plans bc he forgot and was with Iris. She gets tired of it and moves away after yelling at Barry and confessing her feelings (he doesn’t have a chance to respond) Years pass and she comes back and they run into each other! Happy ending?

Pairings: Barry Allen x Iris West (crush); Barry Allen x Reader (best friends/crush; soon to be dating); Iris West x Reader (best friends)

A/N: hi there nonnie! thanks for the request! I had written so much that I had decided to split them into 2 parts! :)

Being friends with Barry Allen was hard when you liked him, he was intelligent, funny, cute, and so much more. He could even sing! A talent only you knew. He was everything you wanted in a guy and more. But he had his eyes set on someone else, Iris West, your guys’ best friend.

She was beautiful, kind hearted, and the only friend you could ever ask for. You were jealous of his affection towards her, but kept it in, waiting to burst out. You were “okay”, but on the inside you felt broken. You three would always have a party. Movies, ice cream, cake, but that all just changed.

It was always, Sorry! Iris had asked to hangout. Iris this, Iris that. Blah. Blah. Blah. Iris, Iris, Iris. You loved your her, but you had enough of her for once. You were sick and tired of all of the mistreatment you were getting.

You were alone on your birthday, twice. He’d always say, “It’ll never happen again, I promise.” But it did. You started to sit at lunch alone again. No friends, no company. You were getting stares, and laughs from fellow students.

Your other friends would sit with their own groups, no room to sit, other than a small table with no one. The “geeks and nerds” had their clique, the “bombshells”, the “jocks”, the “goths”, everyone. Barry and Iris would sit at their own table, with friends (mostly Iris’ and their boyfriends). He hadn’t really fit in with them, but Iris was there, and that’s all that matters. You had gone to the restroom, “stomach ache”.

You dumped your tray and went to the restroom. Waiting until lunch passed. Classes had passed and you had to walk home, no car, Mom and Dad busy at work, and you hated the bus. You walked home and just laid there, contemplating life. How miserable you were, everything.

It was your birthday, your “special day”. You, Barry, and Iris would have an amazing party for you. Cake, ice cream, movies, the whole package. But neither of them showed up… No calls, no happy birthday texts, nothing… You just cried silently in your room for hours on end. You had truly felt betrayed. 

Your parents had a business trip, so they also missed it. You were truly broken. The next morning, you didn’t want to go. You just wanted to cry all day. So you skipped, it would be good for your emotional health and wellbeing.

Barry was worried, you had never missed school, not even for the flu. He had forgotten about your birthday because he had already made plans to hangout with Iris. He had run to your house after school had finished. It was raining, and felt so gloomy. He had made a grave mistake… 

He knocked on the door, no answer. He knocked again, until finally the door slowly creaked open. You looked miserable, eyes bloodshot red, your once glowing skin and turn red, still wet from crying. You looked like you had been crying for hours. What had he done?

“[Y/N],” he said, softly with a worried tone and look. “Are you okay?”

“What do you think?” you said unemotionally.

“I’m sorry, [Y/N]. I’m so sorry.” he said, tears slowly dripping down his face.

“My two best friends, my two only friends, didn’t show up to my birthday. No texts, phone calls, nothing. How do you think I feel?” you ask, tears streaming down your face.

“I’m so sorry, I forgot. I made plans with Iris and didn’t think about it.” he explained.

“Iris, Iris, Iris. Barry, it’s always Iris first. What happened to the three of us?” you ask, tears slowly falling from your face.

“I… I don’t know,” he replies.

“Barry, it’s so hard for me to be around you. I love you Barry. For god’s sake, I love you. But you don’t feel the same for me… and it’s so hard… to… to look at you look pining over Iris. Like she’s all you need.” you say voice cracking from time to time.

“Barry, I think you should go.” your tears had stopped and you were in need of some ice cream.

You closed the door and went upstairs, waiting for the day to just end. When your parents came home, they had great news. You were moving to Starling City.

A/N: Part 2 will be out soon! :)

Not that there was any doubt that Iris is still alive and Westallen is endgame, but it’s nice to know we aren’t alone in thinking so.

I can only imagine all these people feeling the sudden need to invade the tags to try to tear her down are doing so because they also realize she’s still alive and Westallen is endgame.

*shrug* “Am I the only one who thinks Iris is horrible and blah blah blah?” Probably not; there are people who don’t like Iris and/or Westallen (though I think most people do like her/it) and would agree with your opinion, even if it’s not based on any form of reality the show has depicted. You know who DOESN’T agree with you, though? The people who are in charge of writing, making, and promoting the show.

All the trolling in the world you want to do because you’re mad you aren’t getting your way isn’t going to change that.

Did Buzzfeed really publish an article written by the TARDIS Data Core editor(s) at least half of which consists of references to the EU

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The only thinks that scares me about WA - is that if they if they put them together in S2b/S3 .. wouldn't that be too early. Do you actually think the writers would keep them together for the duration of the series after putting them together that early?

I think there are plenty of obstacles or drama they could create after Iris and Barry get together, so I don’t think there’s any reason they can’t seal it with a kiss in the season 2 finale. I would expect maybe one breakup in season 3 because someone gets it into Barry’s head that Iris is in danger blah blah blah (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, JOE). But other than that, I think they could have time travel shenanigans, or Iris is kidnapped or Barry is presumed dead, etc.

Not to mention that we’ve still got plenty of relationship angst that could come from Cisco, Wally or Caitlin. If the writers put Barry and Iris off yet another season, it’s because they’re lazy and uncreative. But as for me, 2.23 seems like the perfect time for them to make it official.