iris and the spiders

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Why date a spider? they're kinda icky.

Iris: EXCUSE you…FIRST OFF judging someone JUST because of their SPECIES? How dare you…I do not judge and I view everyone for WHO they are not WHAT they are….It doesn’t matter if they are a spider, alien, heck or even a demon. Secondly I love this man more then ANYTHING in this world…I have slept with him, hugged him, cuddled with him and I can confirm he is NO WHERE NEAR icky at all. He is a FLUFFY, cute, modest, honest, strong, confident and amazing spider. So WATCH your mouth when you say things like that…I won’t hesitate to show you a thing or two…*huffs* 


Requests are for the following characters: 

Barry Allen (Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin) 

Cisco Ramon

Wally West

Iris West

Oliver Queen

Felicity Smoak

Johnathan Byers

Sebastian Smythe

Damon Salvatore 

Peter Parker (Tom Holland)


Last part of Monster High character’s dolls list is here (I skipped some characters with only two dolls). In order of dolls quantity:

-Viperine (3 dolls)

-Jane (3 dolls)

-Sloman (3 dolls)

-Ari (3 dolls)

-Holt (2 dolls)

-Heath (2 dolls)

-Wydowna (2 dolls)

-Clawdia (2 dolls)

-Billy (2 dolls)

-Iris (2 dolls)

-Amanita (2 dolls)

-Elle (2 dolls)

-Mouscedes (2 dolls)

-Luna (2 dolls)

-Gooliope (2 dolls)

-Moanica (2 dolls)

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It was the tail, wasn't it~? possibly the booty attached? or dem leggies?

“Okay if that’s all it takes for you to like someone, you people need to get a reality check. What are you going to do when their fur or skin isn’t as tight on them as it used to be? Gonna drop them for someone else because they don’t have that “curve” that drew you to em in the first place? To answer your question, no. That’s not what drew me to her. I refuse to insult her like that. I love all of her. I was drawn to her soul. Y'know, that thing that’s actually more important than your body? That thing that’ll continue to exist even when your body passes away. The essence that exists within you that enables you to love. I’m sorry, but I can’t be that shallow.“

… Tá sé thar a frustrating a fhios gur féidir le daoine a cheapann go fóill i cibé slí primitive. Ní ba mhaith liom leomh masla ar bith baineann smaoineamh ar shlí, gan trácht ar mo bhean chéile. Ba mhaith liom go mbeadh aon fear fíor a bheith níos mó meas.

AUTOMATED TRANSLATION: …It’s incredibly frustrating to know that people still think in such a primitive manner.
I wouldn’t dare insult any female by thinking in such a way, let alone my wife.
I would think that any real man would have more respect.

Iris: Ahahahaha there there my Grumbly Honey Bunches of Oats~♥ I find it cute that you would get upset from something like this but it’ll be ok sweetie ♥♥ Things like this come and go and people ask questions and there’s no harm right? *Giggles* so cute~♥♥ My angry wittle Juju~♥♥

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Request for a one shot? Iris and Spider-Man. Maybe she's determined to get an interview? Or whatever you feel like doing!

Author’s Note: 

okay so this is my first time doing a one shot on Tumblr so please cut me some slack lol. But I’m excited!!


Story of The Century

“Yes, Bare. I’m in Queens.” Iris says as she leaves her hotel room. It was a sudden trip she had to take for the CCPN due to the fact that she wasn’t originally assigned to this story. They wanted her to do a piece on the radioactive spider that escaped from Oscorp a couple months go.

“Are you okay? If you need anything I’ll be there in less than 5 seconds.”

“Barry, Central City needs you. I will be fine here. “Iris says rolling her eyes. She used to love the fact that he was over protective but now it’s becoming something else. “I’m walking into Oscorp now.” 

“Alright, call me after your interviews. I love you.”

“I love you too, and yeah I’ll call. Bye babe.” She smiles walking to the front desk of the building. Iris hangs up the phone and gets the attention of the secretary, she pulls out her badge and flashes it to the woman. 

“Hello Mrs, I’m here with Central City Picture News for a story on the radioactive Spider situation.” She says with dept in her voice. Barry likes to call it her “Barry Allen you’re late for our date” voice.

The secretary gives her a small smile while looking at her badge. “You’re supposed to meet with Doctor Grey and Mr. Hawthorne right?” Iris gives the woman a small nod. “Okay, they’ll be done with their presentation in about 5 minutes so you can have a seat in the waiting area for the meantime.” 

“Thank you.” Iris gives the woman another nod and goes to the waiting area. Before she sat down, she surveyed the area for any possible suspicious activity, Oliver and Barry taught her that. She wasn’t just there to find out about radioactive spiders, she was also there to do some personal digging of her own about Spider-Man. Which, by the grace of God, Barry knew nothing about. She never would have been able to go alone if he knew about possible Meta activity in Queens. She didn’t see anything suspicious really, however she felt like she knew the boy that was sitting in a nearby chair. He seemed tall just by sitting down, and he had brown hair. Another weird thing was that he had a backpack with him. 

What the hell is in there, she though.

Iris got a better look at the young boy’s face as she took a seat behind him. He’s the boy who was there during the unveiling of the mutated spiders. He was there with his class from Midtown High. The media coverage was heavy that day and they took numerous pictures that just so happened to have the students in them. She decided to take her chances to see if she could get any information from a primary source. 

“Um, excuse me.” She said to the brown haired boy. “I’m Iris West with Central City Picture News. I understand that you were here when that radioactive spider got loose a couple months back?” She asks him. 

“Ye-yeah I was here with my school…why?” He speaks softly and timidly, as if she was onto him. The way he spoke was similar to how Barry would act when he was hiding his Flash alter ego from her. This only made Iris want to dig deeper. 

“I was wondering of you could answer a couple questions….” She trails off.

“Peter. Peter Parker.” He nods. 

“I was wondering if you could answer a couple questions about the spider and possibly Spider-Man? Some of my colleagues and I believe they’re connected in some way.” She smiles, making the boy squirm in his seat a little. 

“Uh, you know what. I just forgot that my aunt needed me home right now. You know how aunts are.” He chuckles, trying to play himself off. The boy leaps from his seat and walks out of the building. Iris knows she’s made some progress, he’s actually gone from the building at the mere mention of Spider-Man. That means he’s either working with him…or he is him. However the latter doesn’t seem realistic for her. 

Iris follows the boy down the streets of New York, trying to see where he is going. As Peter turns down an alley, she stays hot on his trail. It was just the two of them in the alley and she wasn’t nervous at all. He may be taller than her but her father and Barry have been helping her update her combat training recently. 

“Peter.” She calls out to him. He doesn’t stop, he keeps going. 

“Peter.” She tries again but this time she reaches out to him. Somehow she yanks the backpack open and some contents spill out that make her grin in excitement. 

A red and black compression suit along with web blasters fall to the ground, Peter looking at his alter ego exposed to a total stranger. 

“It’s not what it looks like, Iris.” He rambles while shoving everything into his backpack again. Not making eye contact with her. 

“It looks a lot to me like your the web slinging Spider-Man of Queens, Peter.” She glances down at his nervous stature. 

“Please don’t tell anyone.”

Iris chuckles which makes the poor teenager confused. “I can keep a secret. Have you heard of The Flash?” She asks, brows raised. 

“The fast person right?” Peter’s eyes go wide. “You’re The Flash?!” His lips curl into a huge smile. 

“Not exactly but close enough.” 



My Big Bad Greek Family!! Peri and Pearl will be in the mail tomorrow!!All I need is Manny and my collection of greek based characters will be complete,,I think!!

(From Left to Right)

Wydowna Spider (Daughter of Arachne)
Posea Reef (Daughter of Poseidon)
Casta Fierce (Daughter of Circe)
Iris Clops (Daughter of a Cyclops)
Viperine Gorgon (Daughter of Stheno)
Deuce Gorgon ( Son of Medusa)
River Styxx (Daughter of Grim Reaper, Niece of Charon)
Avea Trotter (Daughter of a Harpy and Centaur)

I Love the Greek based chracters, hoping that one day they will make Olympus High, a schoold for demigods!!

Let's be honest

Look…all I’m saying is that if Zoom had taken Iris instead of Caitlin, Barry would have happily strapped himself in the particle accelerator like yesterday because there is no risk he wouldn’t taken to save her and there wouldn’t even be a discussion of what is the right thing to do. WA is real people. It cannot be more clear

tear at the seem

glitch in the system
the spider mum
your throat yawns
into conversation

a whispered filament
against the fabric of 
dead light and pickled voices
of tact and commodity

ghost hands that shatter
the oppressive tedium
of the ticking clock

these dreams

the lengths of jasmine i am still
pulling from my throat:

a bouquet of pillow whisper
a bundle of summer
a dry heave of light 

said in sundown
in drunken winds
in throat

said in rancid lavender
in neighborhoods
in alarm clocks

closed mouth upon a jungle of silences