iris & ink

When I drink, I think of you even more.
How unfair…
You are supposed to drink to forget.
—  3 glasses and you by Iris
Today I feel like running away,
from everyone and everything.
But I know that, even if I succeed,
I don’t have the power
to stand on my own two feet.
So I will stay,
breathing through the day,
hoping that when the night falls,
so will my loneliness.
—  Run away by Iris

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There comes a time, actually many times, you stop believing in yourself, and you realize that you can’t turn to other people for help because you stopped believing in people a long time ago. At this exact moment you will have to choose between crawling from the hole you put yourself in with the knowledge that a piece of you will be buried there forever, or you will make a gamble by trusting that one person, who this exact moment you thought of, to pull you out with the risk that he or she will own the one piece of yourself, the one weakness of your heart that took you down in the first place. I don’t know if any of this makes sense and I am not here to give you the answer.
—  Only I know how many pieces of myself I will lose if MY person walks away by Iris
and ten years on, 
as my daughter asks,
whether I remember
my first love.
I shake my head.
But the light in her eyes
casts shadows
of crescent moons, 
pure sky blue in their shade.
And God they look like yours 
did on rainy days.
—  M.C.E Moonlight iris reflections