Iris West Week // Day Seven: Iris + storyline or au
↳ Iris + things I would like to see happen on the show Part 2

The Flash Rebirth Comics + Young Justice Animated Series (Failsafe)

It’s been amazing. It’s really nice this season to finally see Iris being a part of the narrative rather than just being a bystander in the narrative. It changes what I do as an actor on the show. It gives me a lot more to play with. It’s been really cool to watch her navigate all the levels of eventually dying, acting out being reckless, then having to be a pillar of strength for Barry and Joe [Jesse L. Martin] and Wally [Keiynan Lonsdale], and then we’ll see in later episodes of this season her coming to terms with the fact that she might actually die and preparing for that possible scenario

iris west week 📰 day seven
iris + au ⚡ a barista by day, iris west teams up with superheroes cynthia reynolds and linda park to fight crime by night. she loves what she does, but she hates keeping it a secret from her best friend stacy conwell.

Title: Every Single Little Piece of Me
Author: cbsnforeverandalways/iwalkalone258 [ao3]
Character(s): Barry Allen, Iris West
Category: Romance
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1477
Chapter(s): 1 of 1
Summary: She sighs into the kiss, her arms twisting around his neck to bring him closer; always to bring him closer. There’s electricity zapping through his veins and when he kisses her like this she can feel it in hers too.

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Please consider: trans will freaking out and giving a younger camper a long lecture after they come into the infirmary with bruised/cracked ribs from binding with ace bandages and after that incident you can get free binders at the infirmary if you need it

Will Solace had seen a lot of things in his days as head medic of Camp Half Blood, head surgeon on the battlefield, and head counselor of the Apollo cabin. A lot of those things had scared him, had scarred him, and had left him gasping for breath afterwards, waking from night terrors that shook him awake to stare at the moon as if asking for guidance. Most of these things included the sinew-y stubs of missing limbs, bloodied wounds left by claws and teeth, or insides that were, decidedly, no longer insides; things like that. There were other things, too, that shook him - these for an entirely different reason.

There were other things, too, that hit far too close to home.

To set the scene: it was a relatively quiet day. There hadn’t been any new campers for a few weeks now, so there were less newbies getting injured trying to “climb the totem pole” and impress people. No one had come back from any quests recently and likely wouldn’t for a week yet at least. There’d only been a handful minor injuries so far for the day. Younger campers coming in with scratched knees or aching tummies had been the most of Will’s worries for the majority of the morning and he was rather glad for it.

At least, until Mateo Herrera came into the infirmary.

Now, Mateo; he was a good kid. Mateo, in fact, was a very good kid and very rarely ended up in the infirmary. Mostly, Will knew him from the few times Austin could manage to drag his older brother to his music classes. Mateo played the trombone and was very good at it for a beginner. Will respected that. By Kayla’s descriptions, he was also quite good at archery - it was almost uncanny, in fact, how close the two sharp-shooters were in ability, despite Mateo being much newer to the craft.

Distantly, Will wondered when Apollo would hurry up and claim the boy. He was unclaimed and had been for the six months he’d been at camp. Surely it wouldn’t be much longer, right?

This was what Will thought often in regards to the younger boy, but was definitely far from his thoughts when Mateo whispered his reason for being there.

“Will,” said Mateo, his whisper fear-filled and a bit too loud. “My chest has been hurting and I think I know why.”

Normally, Will would chalk it up to growing pains, give dear Matty-boy an aspirin or something, and send him on his way out, but the way Mateo was holding himself seemed more serious. He was obviously very sore and seemed to have difficulty breathing comfortably.

“Why’s that, Mr. Herrera?” Will said as nicely as he could (though Nico told him often that his bedside manner when he was in “Doctor Mode” was oftentimes absolutely dreadful and usually hilariously so).

Mateo’s dark brown eyes looked down at his red and black sneakers, his weight shifting from his left side to his right. He looked up at Will in embarrassment, taking a hand up to smooth the dark curls growing out of his head. “Well,” he said. “I have kind of a… body issue. And the way I take care of it makes it ache.”

Will nodded seriously, hoping distantly that his eyes conveyed kindness. “What is this issue, Mateo?”

He coughed, which quickly died and turned into a wince, accompanied by a slight wince. Mateo admitted with difficulty, “I have breasts. And I… bandage them to make them less noticeable b-but-”

“Wait,” Will’s eyes grew wide and he knew he was showing a bit of teeth, but he couldn’t help himself. The look on his face was undoubtedly the same expression he’d made many an occasion - occasions such as, for example, the first time Austin said “bitch” and the first time Kayla admitted that she kind of wanted to join the Hunters of Artemis (but that was a story for a different time). It was a look of disappointment - the shocked, protectively angry kind of disappointment. “Bandage, you said?”

Face full of shame, Mateo nodded. “Yeah, ace bandages. They aren’t that good but they can make you pretty flat-”

Will put down the clipboard he’d been holding as carefully as he could. Without meaning to, he’d begun to grip it so hard that his knuckles had turned white and since he didn’t want to break it, it seemed wiser this way. “Mr. Herrera, will you follow me to the back? I’d like you to take those bandages off for a quick x-ray. This may be urgent.”

Mateo nodded, visibly sweating. “Okay,” his voice shook. “Yeah, no problem.”

In a few minutes time, Mateo had taken the x-rays, and seemed very glad to be out of the ace bandages, though Will could see those lines setting into the younger boy’s face that seemed to spell one thing, a thing Will knew very well; dysphoria. Will knew it wouldn’t be easy for poor Mateo, but he had to put his foot down.

“No more binding.” Will demanded. Mateo opened his mouth to protest but the blond shook his golden-haired head. “No. No buts and no whats. I’m the doctor and I say no binding, at least for a while. Ace bandages are not okay, Matty.”

Mateo looked down at his feet again, examined the light reflecting off of the three remaining aglets. His eyes shined too, only with tears.

Will sighed, his heart maybe breaking a little. “Mateo… I understand, okay? But there are better ways. Safer ways. Your ribs aren’t like normal bones. Those bandages can squeeze them all wrong, break them even. You seem to be mostly alright, luckily, it was smart of you to come to me, but… I’ll check the x-ray just to be sure.”

Mateo nodded. He rubbed at his eye with the heel of his hand and sniffled. “Thanks. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” Will said. “Be safer. I’m gonna have to ask you not to bind for at least a week. But, don’t worry. I won’t bind either. You won’t be alone in this.”

Mateo made a face, confused. “Wait, I don’t understand. What do you mean you won’t either?”

“I’m trans, too, Matty-man.” Will shrugged. “I don’t really hide it. But, after all this, I can help you get a real binder too. You’re a bigger size than me,” Will was a bean pole of a boy and Mateo was much shorter and a bit chubby. He’d definitely need a bigger size - Will was already theorizing his measurements, which, once he realized he was, was a bit creepy. “So I can’t lend you one of mine, but we can get them here easily enough.”


Will shrugged again. “Mr. D is the genderfluid patron god of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. I’m always surprised more people don’t know that.”

Mateo smiled for the first time since he’d walked into the infirmary. “Wait, really?”

Will nodded. “Yup. I would be, except I’m not genderfluid and also about a gazillion years too late.” Mateo laughed, so Will continued. “Some sweet benefits, though, right?” Giggling quietly, Mateo nodded in agreement, and Will let himself relax a bit.

It had been a long time since Will was in Mateo’s shoes, and had definitely been lucky to have Cecil’s mother, who was and always would be PFLAG to the grave and had immediately done everything she could to help this baby she had taken in, to help this boy she’d barely known be true to himself and to the people around him. As soon as Will had begun to have noticeable… unwanted developments, he’d gotten his first binder - a simple black tank that had meant the world to him. It was too small now, but he still had it. Sentimental value and all that.

If Mateo had been able to fit it, however, Will would’ve handed it over. No one had told him that ace bandages were bad, it was obvious. No one had helped him cut his hair, which was a mess of curls cut at short but varying lengths once you saw it up close. No one had helped Mateo be Mateo. And Will would do anything to give this kid the same kind of influence that his mama - and he would always call her that, Mama - had given him.

“Wait,” Mateo murmured. “You mean that? You won’t bind either?”

Will shook his head. “Nope. Think of it like… a blood pact. Except, instead of blood, it’s boobs. A boob pact.”

Mateo bit his lip to keep from laughing. “A boob pact?”

Solemn as he knew how to be, Will nodded. “A boob pact. A sacred bond between trans brothers. If you have to free ball it, then I will too.”

It was a moment that passed, in near silence, a kind of special care in the air between them, before Mateo tentatively smiled. “Thank you, Will.”

And Will smiled. “Of course, bud. Now…. Let’s take a look at those x-rays, huh? And then we can talk colors for your binder.”

“I like red.”

“Red is definitely your color. Absolutely yes.”

Maybe this encounter with Mr. Herrera wouldn’t wake Will in the dead of night, shaking. Making it wouldn’t bug him too terribly in daylight hours, even - the problem was solved, after all. But, when he would lay down for the night, pajamas warm and clean, blanket soft, pillows fluffed and cool, Will would be unable to close his eyes. He’d be stuck thinking of every home like Mateo’s, every home like the one Will had grown up in - if you could call those things homes. Every place and every transgender child with a sad face and a lie on their nametag. These are the things that stain his evening thoughts, that remind him of days long past. Things are better now, he tells himself. I’m safe now. I can help kids in ways more important than even I realize. Sometimes, it helps him sleep. The look on Mateo’s face when he sees his first binder… it helps. The look on Mama’s face when he tosses a golden drachma into a spray of rainbow mist just before bed, the yell of happy surprise when she notices the call… it helps.

But there is still work to be done.


sorry this got super weird and dark aksjda ive been having Thoughts and i wanted to add them here. to lgbt, mogai, or otherwise queer people struggling with accepting their identity - it may not always seem like it, but its does get better. maybe not all at once or all the time, but please, take it one day at a time. remember the people that come after us too. we have to survive. for people like us, we have to survive. keep the legacy alive, keep fighting for a better future, so people like us, so kids like mateo here don’t have to fight quite so hard. and for the love of god don’t bind with ace bandages and don’t double bind!!!!!!! be safe out there, you dorks! - mod will

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I just had a thought I have to share. You know how Sally makes blue food probably by dumping in tons of food coloring? What if it doesn't always work right and sometimes the food turns out kinda green? I know blue food was meant to show Percy that anything is possible, but what if she makes a message out of the mistakes too? Maybe it's not as blue as it was meant to be, but it's bluer than it was before and that's a success? Things don't always work as planned but that doesn't mean you failed?

I think the theme of thinking on your feet and making the best out of bad situations and not letting them define you or your abilities is a big theme running through the series, so yeah, I love this!!

Fresh Start - Part 7

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Iris West.

Words: 1646

Warnings: none

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian@gothesimplethingsinlife @writingsofagirlintomanyfandoms  @kindfloweroflove @dejewskoo @moonlightbae14 @jade-cheshire

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Notes: thanks for the waiting!  Here you go another part and I’m currently writing the 8th so it should be up this week as well!

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PART 1  /  PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /  PART 5  /  PART 6

You stayed at Star City the rest of the week, until Thea was finally sent home. Then it was time for you to go back to Central City before you got into trouble for missing too many classes. Goodbyes were hard once again, you knew you were going to miss them but you also knew they were going to be close to you.

Barry’s calls weren’t so insistent anymore. He still tried to reach you by calling or sending a text, but it looked like he was finally getting your message. It wasn’t like you didn’t want to see him ever again, but you felt so humiliated and hurt that, at least for now, you didn’t want to see him or hear from him. On the other side of the story, Barry was still desperate to talk to you but now he knew you weren’t going to be pick up the phone.

“Dude, you can’t just show up at college” Cisco told him.

“Why not?” Barry asked.

“Stalker” Cisco replied.

“It worked the first time!” Barry exclaimed.

“Obviously she’s hurt, Barry” Caitlin said. “If you just show up wherever she is…it’s not going to change it. She probably needs some time” she shrugged.

“She had the whole week” Barry sighed.

“Maybe she needs more” the doctor shrugged.

“She’s right” Irish said walking in. “Remember the time before I knew you were The Flash? All those time you disappeared?” Barry nodded. “It doesn’t feel good, Bar, not even a bit. I remember I felt abandoned and even lonely. Imagine how she must have felt taking into account she’s new in town and you’re probably the first person she has met” she explained.

That was the first time Barry really thought about how you might feel. The whole time he had been too selfish and too obsessed with earning your forgiveness that he had completely forgotten about your own feelings. He had been such a jerk.

It was already dark when you finally walked into your apartment. You were completely exhausted from the journey and the last few days and all you wanted to do was sleeping. But you were also hungry. The eternal battle: sleep or eat? Which one was better? Which one was more important? You had the solution: milk and cereals in bed.

When you were finally settled in your bed and you had eaten your cereals, you finally took your phone and started listening to all Barry’s messaged and reading his texts. They were all the same: he was so sorry, he regret leaving you alone, he knew he had let you down. But it was the last one you found on your voicemail, from that day, the one that caught you attention:

“Hey (Y/N), it’s Barry, again. I wanted to say once again that I’m sorry and I understand that you’re mad at me. I cannot even imagine how you felt when I…left you there. Take all the time you need. Just please, call me someday. Bye”

After hearing that message you felt the impulse to call him to talk but you knew it wasn’t the best idea. You still needed some time to figure out if you really wanted to give him another chance. You connected your phone to the charger and turned off the lights before lying down. It didn’t take you much before you finally fell asleep.

Since you had gone to bed so early you were up an hour before planned. So you decided to go to Jitters and have a proper breakfast before driving to college, praying you didn’t have much to catch up on. You took a quick shower and got dressed, you took all you would need for college, along with your keys, wallet and phone, and left the apartment. On your way to the car you sent both Thea and Oliver and good morning text, letting them know you were alright. Then, you finally headed towards the coffee shop.

You were surprised when you got there since you expected it to be more crowded but, luckily, it wasn’t. You ordered an orange juice, a coffee and a muffin before taking a seat next to the wall. You took out your laptop and went to your degree site to see what they had been up to during the days you had been at home. You also checked your email but it looked like they hadn’t been doing too much. Thank God. You were so focused on what you were seeing on the screen that you didn’t even see someone approaching your table.

“You’re back” you looked up to meet eyes with Barry Allen. Too much for a good day.

“Oh…hey” you said. “Yeah I am” you added.

You had no idea what to do or what to say. You wanted to disappear. You had never imagined you would be running into him so soon, which was stupid since he used to come to Jitters every single day of the week. Couldn’t you just think about that before coming? Apparently not.

“How was Star City?” He asked.

“Fine” you replied simply.

“Good” he nodded.            

Barry didn’t know what to do either. When he spotted you there, he immediately walked over to you but when he met your eyes, he realized he had no idea what to say or what to do. Obviously, you were still mad and hurt and he didn’t know what to do to make it right.

The silence between you two was getting too awkward and since he didn’t look like he was going to move, you decided you were the one leaving. So you packed your laptop, took your coffee and got up from the table. Without even looking at him more than necessary you walked by his side towards the door. This action made Barry react. This was probably his only chance to talk to you so he turned around and followed you outside.

“Wait!” He exclaimed. He was so tempted to use his super speed to catch you but he knew better than that. Luckily, you were forced to stop while you looked for your car keys in your bag. Time he used to get to you. “(Y/N), please. Wait” he said stopping in front of you again.

“I’m late, Barry, I have no time for this” you said. Where were your damn keys!?

“Well, I finished college some years ago but I know classes don’t start until 9 and it’s still 8.15” he said.

His response made you take a deep breath. Didn’t he just get it? You didn’t want to see him. He had abandoned you twice. Twice! And he still had the nerves to come and force yourself to talk to him?

“What do you want?” You finally asked, giving up on the keys.

“To apologize. Again” he said.

“You made that a hundred times over the phone for the past week” you shrugged.

“And you’ve ignored all of it” he said.

“And didn’t you think, Mr Forensic Scientist, that there is a reason for that? Maybe I don’t want to talk to you? Maybe I don’t want to forgive you?” You frowned.

“You don’t want to forgive me?” He asked with a frown.

You looked away and closed your eyes, trying to control your temper which had always been a problem for you when you got angry.

“Barry…we met up twice. And both times you literally abandoned me with no explanation. If you had better things to do then just…tell me, instead of humiliating me” you said looking at him again.

“I never meant to humiliate you, I swear! I…I do like you” he admitted.

“If that’s what you do with someone you like, I don’t want to be your enemy” you snapped.

Barry knew he deserved that, but it was still painful to hear those words and that tone from you. Maybe he had just spent time with you a couple of times, but you had always been so nice with him, so cheerful, and he had changed that.

“Look Barry, I…liked you too. I guess I still do or I wouldn’t care about this. And it is because I like you that I can’t let myself to fall anymore when I know you will keep on doing this” you shrugged.

“I won’t do it again. I swear” he said.

“I can’t trust you, Barry” you sighed.

“Please, just give another chance. The third one. The last one! If I let you down again I swear I won’t call, text or look for you ever again. I swear” he begged you.

Saying no to him was being so freaking hard. You actually wanted to give him one last chance, because you knew he actually was a good guy and you knew he had his reasons. But how could you just go on another date with him thinking he could leave you alone once again?

“Please…” he pledged once again.

You looked at him and sighed, knowing you didn’t really have a choice. You didn’t know what this guy had done to you but you knew saying no to him was too hard to do it.

“Ok. Last chance, Barry. I swear it” you said.

Immediately, his expression changed and a smile appeared on his face, making you smile a little as well.

“Thank you! I swear you won’t regret it this time!” He said hugging you tight.

“Careful! The coffee!” You exclaimed.

“Sorry” he laughed pulling away. “Ok, I’ll pick you up here tonight at 7 alright?” He said.

“Where will you take me?” You asked trying to hide your smile.

“It’s a surprise. Just…wear casual” he smiled.

“Casual. Got it”, you nodded.

He smiled even more and leaned in to plant a kiss on your cheek before running back into Jitters. Probably he still had to take his coffee. Damn Barry Allen and his smile.