BTS reacting to you having heterochromia

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A/N: I’m sorry it took so long but I’m in a pretty bad mental state right now so it took me some time before I found the motivation to do anything. Also, I hope you like it, Sweetie. Also, im sorry It turned kind of shitty. But generally I think that the boys would be super supportive  <3
Disclaimer: heterochromia is a difference in coloration, usually of iris.


He would be worried at first when he saw that a part of your irirs had a different color, but after you’ve explained everything to him he’d just smile and admire them. 
- You look beautiful (Y/N) - he’d say

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Your heterochromia was the first thing he noticed about you. After all, who wouldn’t notice that you’ve had two colored eyes. But he decided not to say anything about it as he didn’t know yet what you thought about your condition. For him though, it was one of the things he admired most about your body and even though he probably never told you anything about it he couldn’t help but take hundreds of photos of your eyes.

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At first, when he saw that a part of your iris is a different color from your eyes he thought that it was light playing with his sight. But as he started to look at you more and more he noticed that you, in fact, really had a part of your iris in a different color. But when you caught him staring and asked him why he was looking at you like this he smiled at you showing his cute dimples. 
- I’m just admiring your beautiful eyes.

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Your eyes always reminded him of the sun. He could stare at them the whole day, loving how the color around your pupil was different from the color on the border of your iris. He would often smile and compliment you on them. 

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Would absolutely love how the color around y our pupil differed from the color on the border. He’d tell you how beautiful it looks, but also wouldn’t really care that much about your eyes itself, focusing more on how they incorporated into your body as a whole.

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When Tae first saw your two colored eyes he immediately fell in love. Also he probably couldn’t help himself and immediately screamed:
- You look like a puppy! 

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Definitely more Jungshook than Jungkook but he’d still admire them. He’d sometimes laugh that you remind him of a video game character.

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pokemon XYZ

So after one of the worst series in pokemon history , I was about done with pokemon I was tired of pokemon and its crap . but then the kalos region came to be and I had my doubts I thought it was going to be bad really bad .
Then my brother proved me wrong he told me ash is actully strong and smart in this one and he actlluy acts like a good trainer . so I got into it and loved every second of it .
So we see ash in this one as a smart trainer you can tell he wanted to become stronger and he used all his past experiences to become strong te one thing that got me into the show was him jumping off the building to save his pokemon .
Ash showed a lot of respect for his pokemon and the bond between them grew , I think he has more respect more honor for his pokemon then I have ever seen . ash even stated that this team was his strongest and I believed it .
Ash pokemon were so awesome each and every pokemon had there own personality and I love the bond between hawlocha and noivern . it was like big brother protecting his little brother or father protecting his son.
Ash was a strong trainer and he trained some strong pokemon , the one thing I wish he could of done was keep them with him .
So I stated that I loved infernape story better then graninja and I was wrong so wrong the ash graninaj bond made the show even awesome , ash loved his pokemon so much and graninja loved him enough to unless a power that hasn’t been seen in a thousand years .
There bond was so long that they broke through the mega energy ray that was cast upon them. These to where so strong they took on the champion and almost won they made it to the finals , this bond was made for ash to go up against mega pokemon and to save kalos .
The fact the froakie wanted to be strong and powerfull and saw that ash is the one that can breing that power out and you can see them training hard to become one with each other .

Now im gonna get into all his friends
So for me bonnie took the show and ran with it . at first I thought she was going to be that little annoying sister type but I was wrong , she was so cute and charming that she grew on me . the cutest moment about her was when she was a ninja .
She just enjoyed being on an adventure and she added more story and growth then most of the pokegirls . she was that little sister who cared for her brother she tried to get him a girlfriend , witch was funny .
This girl cared so much for pokemon that she ran up to a giant enraged zygrade and save it . that part choked me up . her friend was attacking her and she just sat there cryed and sang her song for squishy .
She didn’t care that she could get hurt , she wanted to protect her friend and that moment showed so much growth and power that she calmed a legendary pokemon and inches from attacking her .
One thing I loved was that everyone protected bonnie she was the little sister that everyone people and pokemon had to protect and you saw it a lot in the show . bonnie was one of the best pokegirls she did more for the team then some so called dragon trainer and so called water master .
Bonnie will always be in my heart as the little kid who cared about people and pokemon and it showed brushing there far to calming your best friend before it could hurt her .
Clemont was such a relieve , he was funny and smart and he loved his sister and his friends . he fought so hard to become strong and meeting ash made him a better pokemon trainer and gym leader . clemont was the nerdy kid who was kicked out of his gym
Then he needed help taking it back , in the beginning he had to ask ash for help . sooner or latter he became such a strong trainer . he proved his self when he went up against ash in his gym battle , they put there heart and soul into this battle
Ash pushed clemont to become the man we saw today . durning the team flair arc he went into his gym alone him and his pokemon fought to take back the gym he created and doing so he had to let clembot go to save the city to save kalos he had to destory a dear friend .
That showed some growth , he wewnt from the kid who was kicked out of his own to taking his gym back from team flair .
Clemont was and now will always be my favorite , he passed brock up brock showed some growth but clemont showed so much growth he became my favorite pokeboy other then ash .
So everyone hates on her for following ash saying she stalked him , but other pokegirls followed ash . misty followed him because of a stupid bike , may and dawn also for a bike . irirs , just straight up followed my boy for no reason .
So serena yes wanted to find the boy who helped him out for so long but she did what every other pokegirl did but the thing is serena was about to leave them behind when ash invited her along , the other girls just followed but serena was asked .
Serena was that girl I didn’t know about but I loved her she went on her journey so she didn’t want to become a ryhorn racer and in doing so she found her calling , yes it took her a while and everyone hated her for that .
But out of all of us who still is looking for her calling . so yes it took a while for her to find her answer and when she did she killed it . the bond she showed for her pokemon was one of the best they had ruff times and good time and she showed the most growth out of all pokegirls .
She changed from the girl crying on a dock to the girl flying in a helicopter fighting a giant monster . she was one of the most developed pokegirl , I love how they changed her style up something they never done before .
I loved how she was with her pokemon both eevee and fennekin evolved because of the love and trust she showed to her pokemon , serena will always be in my heart as one of the most developed and best pokegirl .
They love she showed for her friends and her pokemon melted my heart it made me want to get on tumblr and write about her .
So as I was watching pokemon XY{Z} I noticed something . that the growth of this show showed the growth of us as pokemon fans .
Season one of xy they bring back the original song , we were kids when that came out so bring it back made us fall in love with the show . but season one was us as kids , it shows ash as a kid with a bunch of pokemon who were only in stage one .
Then season 2 came along and everyone started growing up they were in the middle stage through out the season or half of it . this season showed us as teens trying to figure out life it was a hard road and soon enough we will find our way .
Season 3 was us as adults we were adults fighting against the evil in the world and trying to make it a better place , all of ash pokemon were all grown up showing the growtth of the tv show and us as pokemon fans .
So im not an artist but I can say when something looks good and bad and the whole XY{Z} series was so awesome , the way the artist made everything click , the way they made the sun drop and they way they made the sun rise .
From running down a path to fighting in the gym , they put so much effort into this show and we saw it . they put the best art work into the pokemon battle and doing so made every battle even the little ones seem a lot better .
The way the light hit the trees and made everything glowed , everything and I mean everything was beautiful . this art style was the best and will always be the best , no other show not even sun and moon can come close to this art style , im so happy that the 20th movie is back with the XYZ art style
You can say what you want sun and moon has the best art maybe that your thought but they onl changed the art to go against yoki watch . pokemon will always be in my heart but once you start changing something good makes me sad .
All in all they put half there budget into this art style making everything about XYZ beautiful .
I loved everything about the performance , in my opinion it was way better then the contest that they used to have. With contest it seemed like they dragged them out and made like four episodes to just get down to one person wining .
I got bored fast with that and with performances I never got bored it was short and sweat with awesome graphic’s , they went from dancing to cooking to making costumes , they did pretty much everything besides battling .
Serena showed us that these things were so awesome , she dance she smiled and she cried she made these performance seem real . I watched every performance and wasn’t bored once .
Well there’s only a few things that I hated . one was ash giving away his pokemon . yes they were protecting others but come on man .
The other was ash should of won the league he was so strong and powerful they had to write alain in to beat him because they never want ash to win. They could of done the team flair arch with ash being the winner but of course the writers does not want ash to win because it may end the show .
Serena not finding out what she wanted to do . yes I loved and hated this , it took her so long to find what she wanted to do but but when she did she killed it .
This was the best arch in the history of bad guys , they wanted to destroy the world and make it a better world and the fact that the gym leaders and champions came out to fight agaisnt the stone monster .
It was my biggest dream to see the gym leaders come and when they did they rocked it the team flair arch was worth they wait and I was happy to watch every minute of it even team rocket steped in to help with the battle .
Everything was about this arch was fantastic . trapping ash on the roof to battling it out and stopping a stone monster that wanted to destroy the world .
There was a part at the end were ash battle clemont and they rocked the airport I swear the battle was so fast and fluid . the art style of this last battle was amazing then the end were as was flying away and it was showing everythign from the beginning to the end .
It showed the growth of each person and I loved it all xyz will always being my heart as one of the best series , ill be amazed if they make something as good as this series

So the reason I got into tumblr was this right here ash and serena . as I watched through the show I saw ash notice serena , I feel he had feeling for her but he expressed it in the only way he new how jumping in front of her to protect her .
Looking at her for confidence in a gym battle and watching her and supporting her during her performance . the thing that is ash always supported everyone during a contest but when it came to serena he supported her no matter what .
Then the snow ball to the face was one of my all time favorite . it showed them fighting for the first time , it showed how much serena cared about as and the fact that ash said I shouldn’t of left you made my heart melt .
Serena brought back ash from the depths and he became the ash we all know and love . then there was the kiss that rocked everyone and made amourshipping canon . you can see it on ashs face , everything slowed down for ash .
Then when they kiss you see ash moving a little showing that he moved in or to get a better foot hold, then when she was leavening everyone’s face was priceless , then ash showed that he liked it . he eyes were glossy he loved the kiss and it was now clear that he had true feelings for this girl everything he did to protect her everything she did to help him came clear to him on that day
XYZ will always be in my heart as the best of the best and the fact that people just through it away for the next big thing kills me . everyone just jumped to the next thing and forgot how awesome XYZ was and is . everything about this show was awesome . it made me laugh it made me tear up and it made my heart race . all in all this show this message this opinion will shed some light on how awesome this show was and how everyone should give it a chance again

Ps . Ash clemont bonnie and serena They all started put as strangers and when the show ended they were a family and no other series made me feel this way . These guys are a family and these guys will with me and us for ever .

não quero mais despir minha alma pra ti 

nem me desculpar por erros que não são meus 

nem seus

que não são nossos

não quero mais ter quer ir e vir

ter quer colidir

não quero não

não quero ter seus dentes mastigando meus defeitos

e seu sorriso explicitando meus jeitos

é preciso ir

ir e não mais voltar



pra dor ir


pra ir

ir te encontrar nos meus sonhos



pra onde não sei

mas fui

fui dormir

fechar os olhos

pra ver a verdade que me salta os olhos

dormi fui

e me veio ideias

sonhei contigo

escrevi versos


dei de cara com o concreto

é certo

a vida é dura

mas quero que ela


Dure para que um dia seja um sonho

e que para eu sorrir

eu não mais precise

ir dormir.


Aryelle Almeida