Here are some photos of W Magazine’s cover stars from the October issue. The magazine will have 11 different covers for its latest 2016 Royals issue, featuring celebrities such as Chris Evans, Jodie Foster, Elle Fanning, Ethan Hawke, Rami Malek, Halle Berry, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Kanye West, Kit Harrington, and Irina Shayk. There are more celebrities and interviews featured in the article, so definitely worth checking it out here if you’ve got time. ps. Shoutout to my babies Chris, Rami, and Kit – y’all look perfect as usual!


WHY???? This literally looks like silly string on their heads and it just looks ugly??? It makes his line look ugly and he could have salvaged it if he used BLACK MODELS for the show because then it would have actually looked good and made sense. Marc Jacobs and All of the models who aren’t black and people who participated in this show are trash. They need to stop making money off of black culture. Idc if it’s for “fashion” they are still making money off of black culture.