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People keep saying that Episode 19 we have Emo!Barry. Not to me..Emo!Barry was the guy sitting on Cisco’s couch, refusing to do anything other than watch musicals. This Future!Barry is a broken man, still full of grief and pain, seven years later. He has not let her go or forgiven himself for being unable to save her. It’s evident that not only is there no Flash without Iris West, there is no Barry Allen without her as well.

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Wish list for the West-Allen wedding

-Barry’s other 3 groomsmen are Wally, Julian, and Oliver

-Iris’s maid of honor is Caitlin and her bridesmaids are Linda, Felicity, and a returned for a visit Jessie Quick

-John Diggle Jr is the ring bearer

-all the supergirl crew comes, and Alex brings Maggie (except Mon-el because…. somebody needs to protect their earth while they’re gone. Sure let’s go with that)

-Stein officiates

-Jax and Rip make them cool futuristic fireworks

-Felicity catches the bouquet

Tension and Release

Unexpected sequel to Playfighting, after some comments on that sparked a bunch of new ideas. Here we go… more domestic Gladnis with a bit of Uncle Prompto for movie night, and Iggy’s having a bad day. Sassy siblings Clara and Nox are there to make it worse and better at the same time

Find it on AO3 here. 

“Daddy, Daddy, Uncle Prompto’s here!” Clara yelled as she skidded down the hallway, her camo-print pants hanging low on her hips, the black tank top showing off her lean arms.

At thirteen Clara was a menace. A kind-hearted, sweet-souled, short-haired menace.

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