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wait so that was sarcasm??? or was that legit but regarding supernatural omg I’m confused. I thought you were legit talking of your brother and how his girlfriend broke up with him via text iirc??? or maybe that wasn’t you idek my creys

no omg it was sarcasm. trying to portray it over text is the worst thing ever because i can’t use different tones of voice to go with it??

and yeah it was supernatural. it kinda makes me mad that these guys jump on a rebound like that and don’t expect the friend zone. or even worse, all the other guys who are all BAWW SYMPATHY because he landed in the friend zone. you can’t control a girl’s feelings by showering her with m&m’s and beer

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For the meme, PoR/RD? (also, those tags are me, and I even have a history with reading ygo fics. OTL)

my canon OTP

oh god lol i don’t even know all the canon otps haha probably neasala/leanne. he’s just so protective of her and it’s really cute

i’m not very good at these things, am i

OTP that hasn’t happened but I SHIP IT


no seriously um… probably ike/soren. they just have that heartwarming history together and it makes me sad and happy at the same time

most badass character

if i had to sit here and pick one, i’d be here all night.

i’m gonna say soren because he’s been through so much but he’s still standing strong and sassy. plus, every time i use soren in both por and rd he’s just a fucking murderous beast. he’s badass in every way to me

pairing I am not a fan of

i kind of don’t like micaiah/sothe because i saw her as more of a mother figure to him and the first time i saw they got married, i kind of stared at my tv screen for a while trying to figure out why. also micky/zelgius. it just doesn’t seem like something that would… mix well, i guess i could say. he’s all stoic and badass, does whatever his superiors tell him, but when micaiah was the general, she kind of let her feelings get in the way of what she was supposed to do, which isn’t a bad thing, but she doesn’t seem like zelg’s type

character I’d wanna be best friends with

soren. no questions asked. we’d sass everyone all over the world together and ike would have to chase us and apologize to everyone we insulted

character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another)

the writers totally fucked ena over big time in every aspect of her life. she had to join the daein army, her fiance was the rabid mount of a rabid king, and then the writers decided to fuck her over even more with “oh look, you have a baby, too, and no father to help take care of it”

favourite friendship

oh no lol why do i always have to choose one?

eddie and leo. they’re just total bros with each other and it makes me happy. they’ve been through hell and back (sometimes together, sometimes not) and they’re still friends

character I want to adopt or be adopted by

i want to be adopted by haar because he’d let me sleep all the time because he’d be sleeping all the time and we could just be sleeping all the time.

(i don’t even know why i started reading it lol but i can’t stop hearing serenity’s nasally LK voice and i’m dying)

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well honestly I feel like they either wouldn’t listen when one pointed them out (e.g. fiona-bashers ignoring that she has a personality, doesn’t hate micaiah, etc.) or that you should point it out so they can listen idek

maybe i’m a little too biased over this because i consider tammi a friend and for some reason i interpret the phrase “they got some of the placements horribly wrong” as an insult and it makes me mad because no one insults one of my friends and gets away with it

also because i feel she put a lot of time and thought into that poster and she wouldn’t put a person somewhere if she didn’t truly believe they belonged there

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my opiniono wouldn’t change either way tbh. which is probably an unpopular opiniono but idgaf tumblr is public so it isn’t like you’re complaining in locked posts where they can’t respond

idk i feel like it’s not really my place to say anything

but at the same time i feel like just debating these issues because a lot of people seem to miss key things about characters

and it’s just

ugh why

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angela I'm raiding your ask box because I reached the tumblr post limit, which hasn't ever happened to me before omg what the fuck is this bullshit and is there some way around it PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS SOME WAY AROUND IT

omg i don’t know. reply to a lot of posts lol or talk to us on skype