Sometimes, divinity is gold and ivory, rose water and soft, white feathers. It is towering clouds and iridescent seas.

But other times, divinity is dried blood under your nails. Divinity is a scream trapped in your throat, burning to be free and tear your mortal vessel apart. Divinity is rage, blindness, the raw and sanguinary repentance of sin, the merciless cleansing of the damned.

And other times still, divinity is nothing at all. It is intangible, empyrean nihility.

What is divinity to you, my angel?

This was the peak of the solar eclipse in Tromsø at 11:09 am, with 95% of the sun covered by the moon. Got the added bonus of the altocumulus clouds turning iridiscent and shimmering pastel rainbow hues at the peak of the eclipse. Alongside the crisp blue skies and the soft snowflakes gently drifting down, I think this might be have been one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life. ;u;