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well hey now, here’s my boy!

Alphabet Soup, or Alphie as we’ve taken to calling him (already) is a gift for my graduation! I barely got these pictures of him since the poor thing relieved himself in the bag he was shipped in, so I had to give him a bath. Talk about a terrible welcome home! He was so tired of being in there I barely got the bag hole open when he launched out to look around. He didn’t strike at me though! Just protected his pretty little head. He’s very sweet and awful chunky, I can’t wait to show you guys the pattern on this boy!

Anyway! Alphie is an Orange Dream Enchi ball python, he’s 310g, and from Red River Reptiles! They’ve been a gift to work with, very concerned about the animals’ wellbeing, so check them out next time you’re on the market!

beautiful words🌙

amaranthine: from the greek words for immortal, unfading, and flower, this word describes the eternal beauty of a subject. it’s also a color that is portrayed as darker red-magenta.

mellifluous: meaning “flowing with honey” from the latin terms mel and fluere. this word characterizes sounds that are sweet, musical, or pleasant to hear.

chatoyant: from the french term to iridesce, like a cat’s eye, this word illustrates gemstones reflecting a band of light, or having a changing luster or color similar to the appearance of cats’ eyes.

caliginous: from latin caligin-, this word describes an atmosphere that is dark, misty, or somber. its first known use was in the mid 1500’s and reached the lowest modern peak of its use around the 1950’s.


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Sherlock was the first to wake the next morning. He yawned and sat up, taking a moment to survey his surroundings. Then a smile came to his lips as he remembered. He was with his John, he felt a hand rest on his and turned to find John still fast asleep, snoring lightly and grasping Sherlock’s hand as if his life depended on it. Sherlock had half a mind to lay back down and just watch him sleep but Rosie chose to ruin the peaceful moment by crying. Sherlock watched carefully as John stirred but didn’t wake up. He must have been exhausted to not even be bothered by the baby’s cries. Sherlock left the bed in the slightest of movements and tiptoed to Rosie’s room. He entered the bright room and honed in on the infant who was sitting up and crying as loud as she could.

Sherlock frowned and walked over to the crib. “What’s the matter, Rosie?” He picked her up and felt her diaper. It didn’t feel full. There was also no foul stench emanating from her, for which he was grateful. He rubbed her back and bounced gently hoping that it would do the trick. She quieted down a little, but she was still upset.

“You’re just hungry, aren’t you?” Her sniffle only confirmed it. He took her to the kitchen to look for the formula. When he found it, he set her down in her highchair to fix her bottle. Rosie didn’t find her new placement agreeable and screamed even louder than before. Sherlock sighed and put the bottle down to get her back in his arms. He kissed her head and tried to shush her before she woke John up. He thought he succeeded, but he heard John’s feet and him saying, “I’m here Rosie…I’m…Rosie?”

Sherlock chuckled and moved back over to her bottle. “We’re in here.”

John walked into the kitchen still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He stopped in the doorway and stared at Sherlock holding Rosie with one hand and holding the bottle with the other.

“Don’t just stand there, help me test her bottle.”

John blinked, but followed Sherlock’s command. Sherlock shook the milk onto John’s wrist, and then slipped the bottle into Rosie’s mouth when John gave the okay. They moved to sit on the sofa and no one spoke. Sherlock was whispering something to Rosie as she drank from the bottle, her eyes fixated on his own, and John fixated on him.

“How long have you been up with her?” Sherlock turned to John.

“We haven’t been up very long. I wanted to stop her crying before you woke up. I failed at that, it seems.”

John smiled down at his daughter and rested a hand on her leg.

“I thought you left, you know.”

Sherlock’s brows furrowed at John. “Left?”

“When I woke up and you weren’t in the bed I thought that…maybe I just dreamed everything…or you left.”

John felt a jolt of electricity course through him as he felt Sherlock’s soft hand clasp his own. The soft rumbling of his laugh excited him and caused him to laugh too.

“Where would I go, John? Have you forgotten why I’m here in the first place?” There was humor in Sherlock’s tone. It made John feel stupid for thinking such things.

“Heh, I don’t know. I was scared, I suppose.”


John forced himself to look into those iridescent eyes and listen to what he had to say. He was caught off-guard by a kiss to his forehead. His mouth hung open trying to form words, but nothing came out. Sherlock then moved to stroke his cheek with his free hand and said, “Don’t worry, John. There’s no Holmes without Watson, wherever you are, I am.”

John closed his eyes and exhaled. “I’m a git aren’t I?”

Sherlock pondered the question before answering. He shrugged and said, “Yeah but you’re my git so it’s all fine. I don’t mind.”

Watching Sherlock’s lips curve into a smile, the brightest and widest he’s ever seen, he couldn’t help but fall even harder for the detective. He leant forward and placed a delicate kiss to his lips and nearly had trouble breaking the contact. Sherlock was beaming now and he held Rosie a little closer to himself.

“Yeah, I don’t mind either.”


Voila! I’m trying to do this stuff in increments. Like them kissing and being full on in a relationship, so slow-burnish? It’s still chock full of fluff.

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