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2017 Not-Resolutions

I gave up New Year’s resolutions a few years ago. But here are some thoughts aimed at the rapidly approaching year, frivolous to serious, in no particular order.

  • Life is short. Wear iridescent highlighter.
  • Shimmery eye shadow is perfectly acceptable for every day looks, no matter how old you are.
  • Wear those headbands that look more like crowns than headbands, you don’t have to save them for special occasions. 
  • If small children can run around in princess dresses because they feel like it, I can be a fairy queen in jeans.
  • Actually, I can be anyone I want to be. 
  • Who I want to be is constantly changing, and that’s okay.
  • It’s more than okay, it’s necessary. 
  • There are things that are changing that may be out of your control. 
  • There are things you will have to face that freeze every atom of your being and make your blood run cold.
  • Know when to let them wash over you, and when to build a dam to stop them in their tracks. 
  • There are times when you will not know which of those things to do. There will be times when neither of those two actions are correct.
  • Sometimes the only way out is through. 
  • There will be times when you feel like giving up. It’s human. 
  • Allow yourself this feeling, then use it to keep going.
  • Be defiant, rebel.
  • Keep in mind that small personal rebellions are just as valid as those that make the news.
  • Your victories are yours, even if no one ever sees them. 
  • It takes strength to be vulnerable and courage to be kind.
  • Your smiles and your tears are not signs of weakness.
  • Other people may take them to be. There will be a time when your inner steel will cut like a knife, all the more so because it is surrounded by your softness. 
  • Humanity may be capable of terrible things, but people are good. This is something I must believe
  • Things are uncertain. There are evil people in the world, some being given more free reign than they have been in a very long time. Be aware, but don’t close your heart to the every day miracles around you. 
  • Keep in mind that miracles have no rhyme or reason. Most occurrences of chance don’t. 
  • Create your own miracles when you have the chance. 
  • Keep the faith, even if you don’t know how to define it. 
  • Faith doesn’t have to be religious. Just some sort of belief in something bigger. Or in the kindness humanity is capable of. Or maybe just in yourself. 
  • On any given day faith in any of the above may be more difficult than the other to keep. That’s okay. 
  • But don’t give up.
  • Please don’t give up. Even if you don’t know what you’re fighting for any more.
  • Just hang on. Sometimes it’s all you can do. 
Spaceboy! Michael

You’ve got your Rose Gold Gavin, you got your Pastel Ryan but have you got your space/holo/glitter Michael no? i think you should,imagine Spaceboy! Michael with;
-Holo/glitter freckles
-glitter contour/highlights 
-silver hair
-silver eyeliner & iridescent eye shadow
-Galaxy print shirt with a silver bomber jacket with an alien head that has the words “ i don’t believe in humans” on the back
-Holo nail polish
-Silver choker
-black jeans with space themed patches sewn around the pockets
-silver platform creepers.

Happy birthday Dyl!

You’re literally the first thing that popped into my mind, when I woke up. Because today 35 years ago, Sue gave birth to beautiful baby boy with those iridescent blue eyes and your cute mane of hair. I wish you were here to celebrate the day you were born, but sadly the universe had other plans for you.

You could’ve been 35 and celebrating with your family, Sue, Tom and Byron and his family as well. Byron’s son looks a lot like you. I see your face on his. I could picture your big goofy grin as the first thing you’d wake up to would be a cake and everyone singing you “happy birthday”. Like any other, you deserved to be happy. To find happiness.. I’m so sorry depression won and the things those mean people did to you at that stupid school. It’s sad how no one did anything about it to stop those stupid bullies until you and Eric reached your limit.

But I’m not here to talk about the stupid bullies, or the school or what happened that day. I’m writing this to you because like I said you deserved to be happy and you mean a lot to me. A lot more than what everyone thinks.

I’ve seen the stuff you wrote on your journal and I could tell you were an old soul who was lost. But your letters.. your letters were beautiful beyond extent. You’re so beautiful Dylan. Even though the letters are heartbreaking, they’re still hauntingly beautiful. And I can’t help but relate myself a lot to you. I’ve come to the understanding of what’s it like to struggle with depression and loneliness.. I do have friends but finding that someone just feels like it’ll never happen. The moment I opened myself to you and Eric, I was unsure about it at first. But during time I found myself relating to you more than anything. I denied it but deep down I knew it was true.

Since then, I’m beyond grateful I opened up to you. You mean everything to me, and I’m sure you know that already. Dyl, I just want you to know that you’re not a monster. Monsters are the ones that pushed you too far. And I’m happy to know that you’re happy on the other side. Once again, you deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way. Oh, I’ve been wanting to let you know that you have an amazing taste in music and movies. You really know your stuff.

I love you so much, sometimes words can’t explain how much, but I do. You bring out the best in me and inspire a lot of poetry. Especially late night when everything is silent and my mind and heart are focused on you. I opened my heart to you and now you took all of it. Which is okay because I love you that much. Thank you for finding yourself a special place in my heart no one else will ever take from you. You’ll always be there. Forever.

Happy 35th birthday, my ray of Sunshine 🌞💖.
I love you so much everyday.

Zodiac Face and Body

Aries: sharp; strong brow bone or jaw; shorter height; fierce eyes

Taurus: buxom; plush lips; large, rounded eyes that flare up and out; solid, shapely body

Gemini: foxy; quick moving, playful eyes; small features; long fingers; fairy-like

Cancer: kawaii; round face & body; small eyes, with pale, muted color; prominent forehead

Leo: raw; noteworthy brown or reddish hair; athletic frame; cat-like eyes; smaller lips

Virgo: dense; fine, well proportioned features; luminous eyes; ample shape (even if skinny)

Libra: cherubic; dimples; soft features, with everything balanced; androgynous

Scorpio: shadowy; sinewy body and limbs; deep set, serious eyes; strong and straight nose and jaw-line

Sagittarius: titanic; big features; very tall; widow’s peak hairline; equine features that are very long and large

Capricorn: classic; straight, almost hard-looking expression, sturdy frame;  earnest eyes with deep, rich colors

Aquarius: kaleidoscopic; bright, iridescent eyes; one or many striking, unique features that vary 

Pisces: languid; wide, relaxed eyes with subdued hues; full, small mouth, dark hair

The second time you love again will fuck you up.
Because you weren’t trying to find love, you were trying to forget about the first one who broke your heart.
But you open up again, hoping that it won’t end up with you loving again
And it’s different, you press your head against his chest to feel his heartbeat and you swear it’s different this time
He has you singing to the stars again and love is no longer a word with a bitter aftertaste that lingers down to the soft cracks of your lips
But then you forget that love is a liar and you are a fool
And the second time you love again will fuck you up more than the first time, because you were foolish enough to believe those sweetening words that covered the lies again.
You trusted again, and it makes you wonder why you thought this time it’d be any different
But you swear now that love is a monster and yet anyone can look into your soft iridescent eyes and see that you are nothing but a liar.
You are child that wants nothing more than to believe in such a beautiful thing.
And that’s why you never fall in love a second time
—  (via @misguided-paradox)