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Do you like the PJO movies?

if you look at them as separate entities, completely divorced from the books, i don’t think they’re actually that bad. like, the scripts definitely still aren’t the best and they’ve been twisted to fit the typical hollywood structure, but the acting’s pretty good imo and they’re good for some lighthearted entertainment

if you look at them as adaptations of the books, they are absolute garbage, horrendously done, void of the charm and humour that the books have in spades, and i honestly don’t understand how chris columbus could have gotten hp so right and pjo so wrong i just don’t get it 

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Imagining a pre-dating percabeth practicing sparring in the arena: Percy: now I'm not gonna go easy on you just because you're a girl, annabeth Annabeth: oh I won't go easy on you just because you're cute, seaweed brain Then percy gets all bashful because "holy shit she just called my cute" and annabeth disarms him that round because he was a lil frazzled ahhh Sorry I just wanted to share this with someone no need to elaborate


I don’t think Percy would ever use the phrase ‘just because you’re a girl’ unless it was sarcastically, because Annabeth has terrified and impressed him from day one. So imagine a particularly dickish new camper had said that to her earlier in the day, before she’d promptly kicked his ass and laid him flat in .2 of a second. But she’s still sort of put out by it, so Percy says it to try and turn it into a bit of a joke instead, something she can laugh about.

And then they spar, and Annabeth has him pinned on the ground, her knee on his chest and Riptide on the ground a few feet away, skidded well out of his reach. The sun’s shining behind her head and Percy’s sort of dazzled as he blinks up at her.

“That wasn’t really fair,” he manages to say.

Annabeth’s smile is ridiculously smug as she helps him back to his feet. “I warned you I wasn’t going to go easy on you.”

He’s just about settled and ready to go for round two when she casually says, “You do look cute when you’re surprised, though.”

She wins that round, too.

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Writing a paper on women's reproductive rights: how do you say mind your own business academically?...

Check out Google Scholar for sure, there’ll be some good articles about this. Once you’ve got some background info and sources and stuff, try something along the lines of, 

“It seems logical, then, that the one’s whose opinions should carry the most weight on this matter are those directly affected by it - the women themselves. Unfortunately, their voices are routinely drowned out by men in positions of power, who are just as woefully uninformed on the nuances of the matter as they are eager to voice their opinions on it.”