Naruhodou Ryuunosuke's 7 Sinful Days: Day 3!

Day 3 of the DGS countdown! First off, check out the above video to learn - was Ryuunosuke being unable to say “Susato-san” three times fast judged a crime?

Next up, Iris takes to the defense’s bench for tonight’s crime! The accusation: Ryuunosuke committed the crime of making his voice actor, Hiro Shimono, overdo it! After all, it took 28 takes just to get his “Objection!” clip right.  Is this a sign of Shimono’s dedication, or a cruel act by Ryuunosuke? (In the meantime, take a listen to Iris’ “Hold it!” above.)

As always, hit up the source link to vote, as well as check out the “Objection!” voice clips released thus far.

iris-sempi asked:

Lucario's shoulder rings are actually not made of flesh! Think of them as a bone, or the 'armoring' on a some species, like lizards, dinos, etc!

Publishing this bc it makes a lot of sense and I feel educated now. Thanks! Shoulder pauldrons.


I’ve been working on these profiles for such a long time, it’s a relief to finally see them done.

Anyway! These are my Splatoon OCs (and sona) who all make up a pretty good team, but also hope to take over Inkopolis. For fun, of course! Why else would 14-15 year old squid kids try to take over a city?

If you click the pictures you can get some fun captions and info about each character I didn’t have room to put in!


Someone did an extended version of Iris’ theme!