I think I cry the most about westallen when I think about the fact that they went from this:

Two kids. Best friends who have each other’s back. Iris believing in Barry the moment he told her that his father didn’t kill his mother, and it’s like Barry knew when he told her that she would believe him. That time when she lied to Joe about Barry taking a shower when he really went to go visit Henry.

To this:

Two adults. Who love each other so immensely - ready to literally take that next step in their life with each other.

 To this:

Each time, they are closer - gravitating toward each other. In this moment, they were something more to each other. Both on the same page in terms of their feelings. And even when Barry said “I don’t know what we have here,” “but I do know that you’re everything to me..” he still knew that Iris was the one constant in his life. With all the uncertainty around them, metas continuously terrorizing the city (or backstabbing mentors)  all lives are uncertain. But the thing that’s most certain (I cannot stress this enough, y'all) is how certain their love is for one another. So damn certain and sure that it defies all tragedy around them. 

Their love story is tragic, in a way. Both have been through life-altering situations. Barry losing his mother, only to lose his father right after. Constantly being doubtful of himself because people wouldn’t believe him (except Iris, of course). Barry getting relatively close to his mentors, who turned out to backstage him. Iris losing her fiancee, literally dying in her arms. Soon after, she she founds that her mother isn’t really dead, but abandoned her. Her life was a lie in terms of her mother. Not only that, but finding out she has a brother in the process. Then bam, her mother dies, leaving her wondering (in my mind) what it would’ve been like to have Francine there. Let’s just say both have been through some shit.

But they have each other - each other’s constants, each other’s certainty. Again, Barry could die any moment by being The Flash. Iris could lose her life trying to fight for justice. Everything is uncertain. But their love? That’s simply indubitable, unquestionable, undeniable, sure…. definite. 


Project Date Night

Inspired by the pics of the first date (yes, I know they’re a few months old at this point) and @inksmudge’s comments about how they’ve seen each other in their schlubbies their entire lives, but they dressed up for their first date like it was freakin’ senior prom.

Project Date Night

Joe West had never signed up for this. Raise Barry? Sure. Teach him right from wrong? Absolutely. Support him as he became a superhero? Bring it on.

Play Tim Gunn while Barry ran back and forth trying to get the absolute perfect outfit for his first date with Iris?

That was a bridge too far.

“Is this too casual? This is too casual.” Whoosh, and then whoosh again as he returned in  a new outfit. “What do you think? Oh my god. What am I thinking? This is way worse.” Whoosh-whoosh. “Okay, okay, sport coat and jeans? Yeah. No.” Whoosh-whoosh.

“That’s a tuxedo,” Joe pointed out.

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“I don’t know what you’re talking about, (Y/N).” Barry said looking behind you at Iris.

“What? So you don’t realise that she is flirting with you? Because half of the time you flirt back!” You say with your voice slightly raising.

“I’m not flirting with her. I’m just supporting her over Eddie’s death.” Barry mumbled before taking a sip of his coffee.

“Barry, that happened over a year ago. And I hared her talking to Caitlin. Barry, she likes you, and I know that you will always lover her. You guys will be getting married in less than 10 so where does that leave us? I know you love me, but you love Iris more.” With that you stood up and walked out of jitters. Barry didn’t even try to stop you.

You headed to S.T.A.R Labs to get your things. The only thing that was keeping you in central city was Barry. You walked into the cortex and saw Caitlin and Cisco at a computer.

You just ignored them. You packed up your things and headed out. Caitlin knew why you were leaving and that’s why she didn’t say anything.

You walked out of S.T.A.R Labs and walked over to your car. Just as you unlocked it someone called for you.

“(Y/N), where are you going?” It was Barry. You looked up and saw Iris standing beside him. Holding his hand. That was fast you thought to yourself.

“Barry, I’m going back to Miami. I’m not staying here any longer.” You say before jumping into your car and driving off.

Part 2??

I really hate how if you ship Snowbarry you’re automatically a racist from a certain group. The show needs to address this. We can’t even post about Snowbarry without getting attacked with racist comments. It’s going beyond just shipping. Iris West is a badly written character. She is a Laurel Lance carbon copy. How does that translate to being racist? I love Wally, Joe, Cisco and Linda. I just hate Iris she’s the weak character. Her being black is irrelevant to her weakly developed narrative.
—  Anonymous