Cameron Russell & Adwoa Aboah by Emma Summerton - Maison Margiela Artisanal & Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture s/s 2017

Y'all this is somebody who’s gettin ready to take his last breath, yet he’s so peaceful and serene. Why do you think that is? I’ll tell you why, he is in the arms of his beloved. He feels safe and content with just her presence. He is gazing upon her gorgeous face and he could care less about anything else, including the fact that he is about to DIE! That is some kinda love, YOU HEAR ME!


Iris gets hate from Caitlin fans even though she’s currently trying to save her life and seems to be one of the few people on Team Flash, other than Julian and Cisco, who is genuinely concerned about her. But all the antis care about is why Iris is helping and not Barry. They’d rather see Caitlin die than have Iris help her.

Black women stay saving these white women, but every time they do it, they get hate. They hate us when we help them, and they hate us when we don’t.

And ya’ll wonder why so many white women voted for Donald Trump.


westallen + third time’s the charm

Fake ass feminists

Iris is literally trying to save Caitlin’s life, but all you idiots care about is “why is she getting so much screen time/why isn’t Barry helping her instead?” Do you hate women this much? Is your obsession with that damn crack ship so deep that it causes you to ignore an awesome moment between two female characters trying to save each other’s lives? Caitlin saved Iris life earlier this season, and now she wants to repay her by saving Caitlin’s. Why is that such a problem? Oh! I know why! Because you hate seeing someone who you’ve wished death upon actually being nice to your fav. You idiots want so desperately for Iris to be selfish and spiteful that you can’t even give her credit for saving Caitlin’s life.

Fuck ya’ll fake feminists. Ya’ll sit here and complain about the writers reducing Iris to nothing but a love interest, but all you’ve been doing this season is complaining about how Caitlin’s being sidelined because the writers refused to put her with Barry. How does the writers’ refusal to make SB canon sideline Caitlin’s character? She’s fucking KILLER FROST!

Selfless Iris West

Like many of you, I was thrilled to see Iris at command while Cisco and Wally were in the field and I love that Iris saved Barry, but the moment that showed us once again what a selfless person she is, is the moment she showed up at Star Labs.

We saw Barry miserable on Cisco’s couch and Iris may have been just as miserable at home, but the moment she got the 911 she got her flawless self over to Star Labs. Now think about it. She’s heartbroken because Barry needed “space.” He’s probably the last person she wants to see right now and she KNOWS that she’s going to see him at Star Labs - she can’t avoid him - but she goes anyway. She could’ve said she was on a deadline or made some other excuse. Joe’s not there. But she goes to help. This just goes to show that she’s not on the team because she’s Barry’s LI or because he wants her there, but because she believes in what they are doing (just as she did in the beginning of S2 when she got the team back together) and wants to help for the greater good.

We will see that come up in episode 21. It’s brought up for the first time, but it’s the fact that we haven’t been dealing with it is what’s brought up, that we haven’t had time. There’s more of just trying to save her life; it’s the more pressing matter at this point.
—  Grant Gustin on Barry and Iris planning their wedding (x)