Honestly I love Todomomo, Momojirou, and Tododeku

All of them somehow work out??? Like if it’s Todomomo, Midoriya and Jirou would be supportive in their relationship and cheer them on. Midoriya would drill through Todoroki’s denseness to help him realize his feelings and Jirou would tease Momo relentlessly about her crush but still be super protective of Momo.

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If it’s Tododeku and Momojirou, we all know Todoroki and Momo would be disaster gays who talk about their crushes together and Jirou and Deku would just watch them both trying to get a grasp on their own feelings. When they finally get together, Momo would help Todoroki when trying to interpret Deku’s feelings and Todoroki would help Momo from overthinking things with Jirou. WE LOVE SUPPORTIVE FRIENDSHIPS

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Roy mustang married headcanons!

🔥 Roy 🔥

*Roy would be the sweetest husband ever! Always wakes you up by kissing you all over you face. Plus you get to wake up to shirtless Roy and with that deep morning voice.

*Roy would be very caring and is always asking you caring questions during the day.

*Needless to say that Roy makes sure you are safe. No one messes with his soul mate and gets away with it.

*Comforting Roy when it rains and everyone else calls him useless. Which causes you to hold Roy against your chest while preaching about how amazing Roy is compared to the rest of us.

*You would be a little territorial about Roy especially around Hawkeye. You would flat out sit in his lap when she is around. It’s not that you don’t like her, you are just giving a message. He.Is.Mine.


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*never leaving Roy’s bedside when he goes blind. You would even sleep in the same hospital bed with him. You would not leave him alone. You would always be touching Roy so he knows you are there with him.

*Late one night at the hospital. Roy was holding you against his chest and you softly started singing to Roy. Even if you could not sing, Roy loved your voice and started crying. You two spent the rest of the night crying and kissing one another.

With Love,

Mikasa ♥️

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Do you ship anyone in bnha?

Yes! I don’t think any of the ships are necessarily thematic or anything like they are in TG or SnK, but I ship for fun when I love a dynamic. 

I like Todomomo because of their dynamic in the school exam arcs, wherein he encourages her, and also he basically copied Kaneki in the “cosplaying as your crush” in the anime XD

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I also like Jirou/Denki and Midoriya/Tsuyu. The one I OTP though is Kacchako. It won’t be canon though; Deku/Ochako is definitely going to be endgame.

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I think my first BNHA ask ever was about why I shipped Kacchako, and my answer still stands here. Basically, I like how they seem to understand each others’ wants and the internal things going on behind those desires (especially for Uraraka with Bakugou, via her empathy which lets her see (in an omake) why he treats Deku the way he does, and for Bakugou, well, he sees everyone as an opponent which is how Uraraka wants to be seen in the tournament arc instead of no one taking her seriously. He doesn’t underestimate her like literally everyone else did–he sees her as she wants to be seen, as strong). Ochako also sees that Bakugou would be more humiliated by being rescued by his classmates and its her comment on that that gives Midoriya the suggestion that Eijorou should be the one to call out to him when they rescue him, because like Uraraka, Bakugou does not like to be underestimated or feel weaker. 

Basically: they see each other as they want to be seen, and as they truly are, and for that reason I adore their dynamic. 

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Hinata has ADHD and forgot to take his medicine one day at practice and luckily Kageyama always keep extra pills with him

  • Ok, so it wasn’t just because Kageyama just happened to carry extras
  • Hinata had asked Kageyama to keep some for him
    • He trusts Kageyama implicitly, so it was only a little awkward to ask him
  • Kageyama saw no problem with it, he needed his partner in tip top shape  after all
    • and he kept it in his volleyball bag, so he never didn’t have it
  • But Kageyama didn’t notice at first
  • And Hinata didn’t say anything either
  • But Hinata was just a bit too restless today
    • and he could not focus on anything- like barely even practice
    • it was after the 3rd time Hinata didn’t jump for a ball that it dawned on Kageyama what it could be
    • everyone thought Kageyama would start yelling at Hinata
    • he asked coach for a small break and pulled Hinata aside, out of earshot of the others
    • He got Hinata’s attention and quietly asked him if he remembered to take his meds today
    • Hinata was spacing off hardcore and it took a moment for him to shake his head no
  • Kageyama towed Hinata back to the club room for his bag
  • Kageyama then went to Takeda and quietly explained to him what was going on, so Takeda asked Ukai to have individual practice so Hinata could have some time to collect himself
  • When Hinata came back to the gym, he went to stand by Kageyama, to thank him sheepishly, but Kageyama stopped him
    • all he said was: don’t worry about it, what are friends for?

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RyoAli in Shokugeki no Soma  no Soma a la carte 3

edit: there’s also a drama cd featuring a condensed version of this novel chapter (and it’s madly adorable imo). it’s bluray vol.6′s bonus tokuten cd for season 1 of the anime. the two also appear in bluray vol.5′s bonus tokuten cd for season 1 (and Ryou is protective of his “Ojou” as usual xD). Ryou appears without Alice in several of the bonus drama cds for season 2, but there are brief mentions of Alice too (i.e. him being on an errand for Alice and him receiving Valentine’s chocolate annually from Alice).  @leonora10frost

Photo snippets from the novel below. 

Something like this happened in the last page:

Leonora hands both of them a present (white gloves for Alice and black gloves for Ryou). 

Leonora: fufufu, you two always get along so well~
Alice: Of course!
When Alice replied in such a manner, she noticed that Ryou’s expression changed just so slightly.
Alice: Ryou-kun?
Ryou: Eh… ah, it’s nothing.
Ryou’s cheeks have became slightly red.
Alice: Ryou, don’t tell me you have grown to like mother!  (TN: yeah, she dropped the -kun she usually attaches)
Alice’s delusion was soon dispelled by Ryou’s next line.
Ryou: …… Mother, huh.
Alice: …………
What sort of meaning that murmur of Ryou holds, Alice does not know. (TN: It’s phrased in a way that suggests that while Alice does not understand the meaning, Ryou does.)
And that’s why, from now on, it would be good if she can always continue to have cooking matches together with this beast-like boy. 
This modest dream of Alice, together with the Yule night, expanded and became bigger.

My Japanese isn’t that stellar at all, so read with a pinch of salt. Feel free to correct/ supplement my translation or translate the following photos.


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I was hoping Mikasa would be with long hair but I'm not disappointed, Mikasa is always beautiful

I’m more concerned she looks very unhappy omfg but waiting for her to appear was eating me alive and I actually like this a lot more than longer hair uwjjdaks she looks almost exactly like a piece of fanart from some months ago that had me dying
Edit: this fanart

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