I love My Little Pony and enjoy designing new ones. This one is Sunset, a pony I first drew like 10 years ago. I wanted to try a new sketchbook I bought the other day, so I used my markers to draw this sweetie.
Me encanta Mi Pequeño Pony y a veces me gusta diseñar ponies nuevos. Este es Sunset, y lo dibujé por primera vez hace unos 10 años ya. El otro día quise probar una libreta que acabo de comprar y usé los rotuladores para dibujar a esta pequeña.


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This image has been coming to my mind since I watched The Force Awakens for the first time, and I had to draw it. I think that the design of Rey is inspired on the monkey king, and I’m wondering to see if her story has something to do with it or that’s only her appearance -or my imagination :P -. Do you know how “king” is spelled in Spanish? Quite so: Rey.

BY the way! I almost forgot one point. If Rey is the Monkey King, that means that Rey is= Goku. Don’t tell me that it’s not amazingly cool! (ง •̀_•́)ง

That’s known that Dragon Ball has a lot of influences on Star Wars, and that one, in turn, is inspired by the Japanese culture. So I don’t think that my theory is far from a possibility. I hope so. And if not, I’m very happy imagining that x)

Also, something tells me that, if I was a child, she’d be my hero and my model in life.
I’ve seen the movie twice yet and probably a third time will happen :)