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Ps: Thanks for letting me do a inspiration draw from your lineart  @bakudrawssometimes ♡ 

“Anyone with eyes...”

Here it is guys the moment we have all been waiting for thank you so much @irenedrew your pictures turned out so so beautiful and I’m so excited to be able to SEE my story alive like that. Collaborating has made this extra fun and I hope everyone who reads this story and sees your art is as excited as I am!

This story is for the prompt 

“I really want to see the Captain of the Desus ship, Rick, get fed up with the non-movement of the sip and call all hands on deck to get it sailing.”

Ill include an AO3 link if that’s your preferred format otherwise read more!

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missscarletawesome  asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if you had any blog recommendations for someone who is new to the Desus fandom? I really love your blog and I hope you have a beautiful day.

Hello Angel welcome to the ship! 

Thank you for following me and I hope your day is about to get even more beautiful. 

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There are so many amazing blogs in this ship run by super talented people. Its been a thrill watching this tiny paddle boat turn into a steam engine since the end of Season 7. We are experiencing a bit of a changing of the guard. Not many of us from the early days are still active. That might be because of the hiatus. 

To make sure I didn’t forget anyone I asked my wifey @abigailht to help me craft this list for you. She is a blog you have got to follow she knows all the goings on’s in this ship. She makes gorgeous FanArt and writes stories. English isn’t even her first language she amazes me daily. 

Presenting Desus Crash Course

@annyanka-x-o  is a must for their FanArt

@themeedes is incredible but odds are you already follow them.

@mypinkcactus makes FanArt and FanFics. So double score.

@adelekthomas is another FanArt to follow 

@irenedrew is my sweet child that I adopted after her very first Edit because oh my god shes so good and getting better everyday. 

@lawofaverages This blog along with @in-case-you-get-thirsty and @anxiety-instinct are blogs I want to describe as analytical breakdown sources. They are always involved when we are talking about a scene and the choices made and the characters behavior as compared to the rest of Canon and all that. They are a felt presence in the Desus community to me. 

Most of our GIF set making blogs are inactive for Hiatus so I wont be able to list the best of those for you until we are back during season 8 and they reactivate. 

So I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone major but thats all I can think of right now. I hope it helps you out! Welcome once again prepare yourself for the most rational sassiest ship in The Walking Dead fandom. 

*** UPDATE *** I knew I would forgot someone. you GOTTA check out @youremyfanart please forgive me  they are BAMF and @edenmo122 for their Edits!

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Something for the Living

After the read more link you will find a new Desus fic to go along with @irenedrew beautiful Photo edit. I’ll include the Archive link in case that’s your preferred format.

“Daryl sees Jesus sneaking off in the early morning hours and follows him to see what he is hiding.”

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