the irene adler mentions are deliberately included because its the perfect misdirection

here’s some other example of misdirections they’ve done in the past:

A) the other one/ the third holmes: general audience will immediately assume that it’s a third brother. Or that there are only three siblings. But the reality is its a sister, it’s been revealed to us that Euros is a sister. Who then is Sherrinford, a fourth sibling perhaps? because they never actually said there were only three siblings.

B) heteronormative assumption for john’s sister: the audience and sherlock immediately assumed Harry is john’s brother because “Harry has a girlfriend named Clara so therefore Harry must be a guy”. But he was wrong. Reality is, Harry is john’s sister and a lesbian, not straight.

now on to irene

as soon as there was that moan text alert and sherlock admits to occasionally texting her, john and the general audience’s immediate assumption is that sherlock loves her. But on what grounds? because he’s a guy and she’s a girl? because sherlock says that he texts back sometimes?

if you take a step back and realize that all the things you thought are “facts” are actually just “immediate assumptions” , that’s when you can really see through the misdirection. Because all of sherlock’s actions throughout this episode alone – to literally poison himself and nearly die just so he can be in touch with John again – does NOT add up if the “irene adler love story” is true. 

and once you realize that irene is just a misdirection, its very obvious that whatever remains must be the truth

Also Bonus point: Mrs Hudson is the only one who can see that sherlock is all emotions. Yes. Mrs Hudson. The same Mrs Hudson who says that the only one who matters is John. 

so really, why are we still worried about adl0ck?

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