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Sherlock x Reader: The Anger Issue

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Request from @wanderingwhedonite: Hello! I hope you are doing well! If you would mind, I’d like to request a Sherlock x Reader? If you are okay with this, could it involve Sherlock being confused about his feelings for her and him taking out his confusion in a moment of anger on the reader, but then he goes over to her place and he apologizes and confesses but she doesn’t believe him, so he kisses her to prove it? I know it’s long, but you don’t have to follow it word for word. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

A/N: I hope you like it! x

“Why can’t you just get out of my head?” Sherlock yelled.

“Um, I’m flattered?” John replied.

Sherlock rolled his eyes. “Not you John!” He informed the other man in the room. “You’re way too boring.”

“Oh I know! You’re talking about Y/N again.”

“Sherlock, have you ever considered that you may be in love?” Mary asked. Both Mary and John were at 221B discussing their wedding. Sherlock was bored but his mind was taken over by a very special someone. That someone was you.

“Sherlock can’t love!” John exclaimed.

“John is right,” Sherlock replied. “I cannot. It is an emotion that I am not capable of having.”

“Yeah sure,” Mary said but she knew he liked Y/N.


“I’m home!” You called but Sherlock was in his mind palace.

“Y/N!” He exclaimed snapping out of his mind palace. “Get out! Your presence means that I cannot concentrate.” Sherlock cannot focus when many people are around however you make it worse. He didn’t hate you. He… He didn’t know what to think of you. Originally, he viewed you as a good friend and admired you. However, recently he had felt something more. He could not describe it however the truth was that he was too ignorant to acknowledge what he felt. Yes, Sherlock Holmes felt love.

“Sherlock,” You replied. “I have just come home!”

“I don’t care. Get out.” Thoughts of you flooded his mind. Thoughts of you and him together. Why did he feel this?

“Sherlock I refuse t-”

“I said get out!” He yelled and stood up. You gasped in fear and looked at him. Normally, you ignore Sherlock’s temper tantrums as they happen a lot but this felt too personal. You were scared. Tears were forming in you eyes. His facial expression changed as he saw what he had done. His anger was now at himself.

“Y/N, I-”

“Please, leave me alone.” You ran into your bedroom and locked the door behind you. You cried.


Later that evening, there was a knock at your door. You did not leave your room as you were scared to face the man.

“Sherlock, please leave me alone,” You said.

“Y/N, I don’t know what came over me,” He said. He sighed, “I think I love you.”

“Sherlock please don’t lie. I know I should have left the room.”

Sherlock picked the lock to your room and sat down next to you. Then he did something completely unexpected: he kissed you. You were very surprised but somehow the kiss felt right.

“Y/N, I cannot explain why I feel this way. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. You don’t have to explain right now.” He nodded and kissed you again.

I think those of us who love Molly should make a pact. A fandom wide agreement.

When the special comes out, if her role is indeed as small as we’re all fearing it will be, we bombard Tumblr with Molly-centric stuff. Stuff focusing on what should have been in the special. Stuff focusing on things we’re expecting in Series 4. Stuff showing the treatment she should have gotten in Series 1/Series 2/Series 3. We celebrate her in all our favorite ships, whether they be Sherlolly or Jolly or Mollstrade or Mollcroft or Molliarty or Mollrene or any ship you can possibly imagine. Even the crossovers like Martolly and Khanolly. Everyone who loves and adores Molly comes out to show their support of our favorite specialist registrar.

Headcanons. Fics. Gifsets. Fanarts. Metas. Fanmixes. Fanvideos.

We show everyone that Molly is not some inconsequential part of Sherlock. We show that she’s tremendously important, that she matters to us. We show that she has our hearts, that she’s somebody that we’re rooting for.

We show that Molly Hooper deserves so much fucking better.

Who’s in this with me?

Sherlock x Reader: Crying

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All you had to do was pick up the tissues and get into your room without being noticed by Sherlock, who was at the kitchen table looking into his microscope. Luckily, Mrs Hudson and John were not in so you didn’t have to talk to them. You loved the pair of them dearly however now wasn’t the best time to speak to them. Today was an off day to you. You woke up not in the best of spirits. Nothing had triggered your bad mood, it was just one of those days. Work had been a bummer too. You had been given a lot of paperwork by your boss and your co-workers had not been pleasant to you. You had left your oyster card at home so you couldn’t catch the bus or tube. You had to walk back to the flat. Normally, you wouldn’t mind a walk but it was raining hard. You just broke down when you got to the door of the flat but had wiped away your tears as you climbed the stairs into the living room of 221B. Sherlock was engrossed in his work so you thought that he would not notice you because he normally does not when he is working. Oh how wrong you were.


“Y/N,” Sherlock said. “I’ve found out what poison…” He trailed off when he saw tears in your eyes as you picked up the box of tissues from the coffee table. “You’ve had a bad day. You tried to sneak in without me noticing your arrival. You had been gloomy this morning so your bad mood had starting this morning. Also, you were happy yesterday evening so nothing big had triggered this. Your mood has worsened throughout the day.” You cried after your boyfriend had finished his deduction. You were tired, drenched by the rain, and you just were not feeling up to anything. Sherlock cocked his head slightly. He had seen you cry before however it was not as bad as this. You were normally bright and happy whereas today you had just completely broke down in front of him. He could tell you felt weak and that you did not want to cry in front of him but you did. Sherlock himself felt a bit disappointed that you were scared to weep in front of him because he was your boyfriend. However he knew that he wasn’t the best person when it came to comforting crying women. He stood up and walked over to you. He wrapped his arms around you and you cried into his shoulder.


You found yourself lying in Sherlock’s arms on the sofa while he absentmindedly played with your hair. You were both drifting off to sleep when John walked through the door.

“Oh sorry!” He exclaimed. “I’ve woken you up! Um… tea?”

“Please,” You replied smiling. Sherlock had fallen asleep. Your mood had definitely lifted though.


There may well be more rounds to be played between the two of us, and until such time as we’re both free to engage, I shall remain in delighted anticipation.
                                                                                                  —   Jamie Moriarty

Sherlock Ships + Kids

I spent the last few hours scouring the internet for my opinion as to the perfect kids for each of the Sherlock ships (I picked one boy and one girl for each). Here’s the fruits of my labor.


Sherlock x John


Sherlock x Molly Hooper


Sherlock x Moriarty


Sherlock x Irene Adler


Sherlock x Mycroft


Sherlock x Lestrade


John x Moriarty

John x Mary


Molly Hooper x Irene Adler


Molly Hooper x Moriarty (or Jim for IT)


Lestrade x Molly Hooper


Moriarty x Irene Adler


Moriarty x Sebastian Moran


Anderson x Donavan


Mycroft x Lestrade


Mycroft x Anthea

Mycroft x Umbrella

Mycroft x Cake

Just want to reiterate that these are just my interpretations! Let me know if I forgot any ships, and I’ll add them! :) Hope everyone enjoys!

Molly Hooper Appreciation Week

August 28th, 2016 - September 3rd, 2016

Welcome to the first annual Molly Hooper Appreciation Week! We’re here to celebrate one of our favorite members of Sherlock’s makeshift family, Molly Hooper, the queen of the morgue. This week is open to any and all fanworks that celebrate your love of Molly Hooper. Each day is dedicated to a theme (aside from Day 7, which is a free-for-all day). The themes are as follows:

Day 1 - A Day In The Life (Fanworks focusing on a typical day in Molly’s life; aka “slice of life” fanworks)
Day 2 - In My Wildest Dreams (Fanworks focusing on AUs)
Day 3 - OMG You’re Really Real? (Fanworks focusing on crossovers)
Day 4 - Flying Solo (Fanworks focusing on just Molly and no other human characters)
Day 5 - Best Friends Forever (Fanworks focusing on Molly’s friendships with others)
Day 6 - Nothing Greater Than True Love (Fanworks focusing on romantic relationships with others)
Day 7 - Free For All (Anything that didn’t fit into a themed day that focuses on Molly in some way)


- Any kind of fanwork you can think of is acceptable for this week: fanfic, fanart, fanvids, manipulations, gifsets* (please make sure they are your gifs, though, and you’re not taking them from others), meta, headcanons…anything you can think of that would celebrate Molly Hooper that would fit in with a theme (or just show love for her in general on Day 7) will be accepted with much pleasure.
- Be kind and respectful to everyone participating. We don’t want any wank because this is a week for sharing our love for a character who loves pretty much everyone we’ve seen her meet.
- If there’s something submitted that you like, please like it (or even better, reblog it so others can see it too)! If there’s a link to it on another website, go to that website and leave them love there as well, especially if it’s fanfic on AO3 of As a fanfic writer myself on AO3, kudos and comments mean the world to us.
- Any and all romantic ships are allowed EXCEPT on Day 4. Fanworks that day should focus solely on Molly without romance factoring into the fanwork. Any way you ship Molly on other days, however, we want to see it! We turn no one away. All ships are valid ships. Likewise, all takes on Molly’s sexuality and gender are valid for this week as well. Not everyone shares the same headcanons but we should all be respectful of others.
- If you post something for the day, please make sure one of your first five tags is molly appreciation week and then make sure a second tag is as follows, depending on the day, so your works can be found by everyone (feel free to track any and all tags that catch your fancy, or just the “molly appreciation week” if you want to catch everything):

day 1: a day in the life
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day 4: flying solo
day 5: best friends forever
day 6: nothing greater than true love
day 7: free for all

(There’s more details in how to tag for the fest, and also a tip for tagging if you’re writing femslash, here)


If you have any questions or want to help volunteer to just keep an eye on things/be around if anyone has any questions (since we aren’t running a secondary blog and I am not online often, I wouldn’t mind having someone who can help monitor the weekly tag and the daily tags and make sure they stay wank free), let me know via ask or via submit (please don’t send me IMs…I’m on mobile most of the time and mobile doesn’t alert me to them half the time). Fair warning: any hate or rudeness will be deleted without being posted. This is being set up to celebrate a character we all love and adore and let’s keep to that spirit, all right? All right!

* For anyone who wants to make a gifset but can’t make gifs, @mollyhooperish has volunteered to help out by making gifs for people with full credit for ideas. Please contact them for more information to collaborate!

Sherlock x Reader: Letters

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Three days. Three bloody days you spent looking through all these letters for the sake of that damned man. He was running around trying to find killers and then injecting himself with morphine while you were sat behind the desk at 221B separating letters. Boxes of the letters were around the living room of the flat and you had to sort them into three piles. Sherlock and yourself were on a case. The victim was a man in his mid forties and he had a wife. However he was also an adulterer. Now the man was quite old fashioned in his ways and did not like technology so he sent letters instead of emails to his mistress and wife. Sherlock believed that these letters held information about who the killer was and what was the motive. So naturally, you had to sort them. One pile was from the wife, one from the mistress, and the last were others. Bills etc. All the boxes were full to the top and you had only got through five boxes in the space of three days.


“Sherlock?” You asked from over the phone.

“Yes?” He snapped. It was obvious that he did not want to pick up his phone while on a case.

“Please can I stop? I haven’t slept, ate, done anything since you set me on this task!”

“Y/N, this is important!”

“I’m aware but you could at least show some concern for your girlfriend.” You sighed. “Please, just let me have a break!”

“No,” Sherlock replied quickly. “This will help me on the case.” You hit the end button and then put your head in your hands. You were too tired.


You had managed to get through another box of letters however you still had a lot left. Lack of sleep was taking its toll on you and the only break you had was to make coffee. The caffeine did not help though. Mrs Hudson had checked up on you to see if you were alright. Sleep was consuming you as you looked through a letter. Your eyes slowly closed as your head fell forward onto the table.


An hour later, your boyfriend arrived back at the flat. He rolled his eyes at you asleep at the desk. He was about to wake you up until he thought what he was about to do. He’d forced you to work while he ran around. He’d also forced you to not eat or sleep. For once, Sherlock felt sorry. For once, he felt sympathy. He picked you up in his strong arms and carried you to your shared bedroom. He tucked in you before kissing you on the forehead.

He said, “Goodnight, love.”

Sherlock's Daughter: The Break Up

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Request from @bunnyboar : can u write about sherlock’s daughter? i love ur blog

A/N: Thank you so much! I hope you like it. x

Warnings: swearing.

That bastard. He dumped you in the most embarrassing way. You were in dinner with your best friend when Dylan walked up to you with his friends and he told you that he only went out with you because you were the daughter of Sherlock Holmes. He proceeded to tell you that you were not anything special and you disappointed him. This broke your heart. You thought you actually meant something but you only made people think of you as the daughter of a great detective. You loved your father dearly however you were not like him. You could not analyse someone in five seconds or deduce a crime scene. A disappointment. That was what you were. To yourself, John, Uncle Mycroft, your family, your other friends, and your own father.


You were walking home from school to 221B and you were wiping the tears from your eyes. The only personality trait you received from your father was his bad luck in love.

“Hello Y/N,” John said cheerily. He had just walked out of the flat and was shutting the door. His smile immediately turned into a frown as he saw your expression. “What is it?”

“Go away!” You yelled at him and flung open the door before storming into the flat. You loved John and he was like a second father to you but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time so he was met by your rage. You were wrong. You had also inherited your father’s fiery temper.

“Hello dear!” Said Mrs Hudson, who had just given Sherlock his tea. You gave her the silent treatment and went into your room. You didn’t even acknowledge your father.


You threw yourself down on your bed and cried into the sheets. At this point, you didn’t really care as much about the break up itself. You just hated the comments an assumptions made against you. You also hated the fact that you were a disappointment to your father. There was a knock at your door.

“Y/N,” Said your father.


“Y/N open the door.”

Again, there was no reply.

“Y/N! I will not ask you again.” He was getting mad now. You still refused to talk to him. He rolled his eyes. “Girl problems,” He muttered to himself before opening the door and sitting on the side of your bed.

“Go away,” You told him.

“No,” He replied.

“Dylan broke up with you and dumped you in an embarrassing way.”

“You are correct.”

“I always am. He wasn’t worth it. He’s an idiot and does not deserve you.”

You smiled and sat up. “I fucking hate him.”

“Language, Y/N.”

“Shit sorry.”

He chuckled. “Apologise to Mrs Hudson and John.”

“Why? You’re always horrible to them.”

“Yes but that’s me. What else is it? Something else is bothering you.”

You sighed. “I’m not smart like you. I’m not talented and I’m just plain boring. I’m looked down upon for not being like you and I’m a disgrace. You’re disappointed with me. You hated it when I couldn’t deduce the crime scene. Don’t deny it because I saw the look on your face. You refused to take me on a case after that.”

He chuckled and then burst out into laughter.

“What?” You yelled at him.

“Oh my dear Y/N. How wrong you are. You are very smart despite the fact that you may not be able to deduce your way out of a paper bag.” You glared at him. “I wasn’t disappointed with you. I was surprised at first then I was happy. Happy that you were not like me. Everyone would hate it if you were like me. I’m horrible! I refused to take you on another case because I could see that you were upset with yourself. I didn’t want that to happen again. The only solution was to not take you. And I took you on many cases with me when you were a baby in a pram. Everyone else hated me for it. Look, if anyone has a problem with you then they will have to speak with me.”

“So you don’t hate me?”

“How could I hate you? You’re my daughter!” He pulled you into a hug. “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too dad.”

Sherlock x Reader: Sherlock Holmes and His Scariest Case Yet

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Request from @no-se-me-ocurre-que-wea-poner : Sherlock x Pregnant Reader cravings and mood swings 😂❤

A/N: I thought this was a great idea. Thank you for requesting. x

John. Help. - SH

Please. - SH

I’m serious. - SH

Are you hiding in the wardrobe again? - JW

She scares me. - SH

Sherlock, she’s your girlfriend! - JW

Exactly. - SH

Look, you only have three months left. It isn’t that bad. - JW

John it’s awful! - SH

She’s eating. She will start crying afterwards and will claim she is fat. She isn’t fat but it will be my fault for getting her pregnant! - SH

Goodbye Sherlock. - JW

John? - SH

John please. - SH

Damn you. - SH


Sherlock put his phone back in his pocket with a sigh. John was no help. Sherlock claimed to be fearless however that was not true. If it was true, he wouldn’t be hiding in the wardrobe. Yes, the downfall of the great Sherlock Holmes was Miss Y/N L/N. Sherlock was bored. The space in the wardrobe was too cramped for Sherlock to go into his mind palace. There was nothing for him to do so he decided to leave the small space he was in. Sherlock had to experience the scariest moment of his life: his pregnant girlfriend.


Sherlock walked into the living room and saw you sat in his chair with your head in your hands.

“What is it, love?” He asked kneeling down beside you taking your hand in his.

“Can we afford a baby?” You asked. “Will I be a good mother? Will-”

“Yes we can afford one. Our finances are good. And you can look after me just fine so you’ll be fine when looking after a child.” You smiled at that last comment.

“Sorry I must be a nightmare to live with.”

He chuckled. “You’re not too bad.”


Sherlock was lying in bed reading a book when you walked in eating yogurt. You were wearing your new pyjamas which you had to buy for your bulging stomach.

“Y/N, you’re eating again,” He informed you.

“I’m eating for two,” You replied.

“Women having to eat more during pregnancy is just a myth. You don’t have to ‘eat for two.’”

“Yogurt is good for you!”

“Y/N, you need to watch what you’re eating. Your cravings are getting too strong.”

“Well you carry a child then!” He rolled his eyes at this.

“I’m just concerned about you, that’s all.”

You sighed, “Yeah I know. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.”


In the middle of the night Sherlock woke up to the sound of you crying.

“What is it?”

“Go away Sherlock.”

“Y/N wh-”

“I said go away!” You yelled a him.

“Okay.” Sherlock grabbed a blanket and slept on the sofa. Normally, Sherlock wouldn’t do this for anyone. However, he loved you and you were carrying his child. Something he would be eternally grateful for. That is why he put up with you despite you scaring him. The bundle of joy that would be placed into your arms would be worth the wait.

Sherlock x Reader: A Simple Day Yet A Complex Emotion


enderlaw asked:

A little fic idea reader x Sherlock: Normal day in Baker Street. You decide to cook something simple like a cake and Sherlock is really curious He may likes the way you’re moving through the kitchen and decide to hug you… or more x

You were quite stressed. Recently, you’d been out with work and then helping Sherlock with cases on top of that. Luckily, today was a day that you had to yourself. You still had to share a flat with Sherlock, however you were sure that he wouldn’t annoy you today. He would normally drag you out somewhere but you could tell he was a little stressed also. He would never admit it though. You thought that he’d probably read, play his violin, or conduct a science experiment. You’d make sure that he’d have to do his experiments somewhere else though because you had decided to bake a cake. It was simple but you enjoyed baking and the end result would taste delicious.



You had placed all of your ingredients and equipment on the table but you had to move all of his science equipment off of the table first. He hadn’t said anything about it yet but you knew he had noticed. You were also sure that he would mention it later. At the moment, he was sat reading ‘The Great Gatsby’ in his chair which meant that he had a view of the kitchen. Sherlock couldn’t lie that he didn’t have any feelings towards you because he did. He was fascinated by you in a way that he had never felt before. Not even towards Irene Adler. He found himself not being able to concentrate on his book as he was distracted by you. He took note of everything. From you humming quietly to your favourite song, despite no music being played, to the way that you moved around the kitchen. He noticed the way that you tucked stray pieces of hair behind your ear and the way that you were so engrossed in baking the cake that you didn’t notice anything else, such as Sherlock staring at you. Sherlock loved watching you however he eventually got annoyed that his mind was occupied by you. He sat in John’s old chair so he wasn’t facing you but that didn’t help. It was like he was in darkness and you were light. He was always drawn to you. Sherlock couldn’t figure out how to stop his emotions. He wasn’t aware that feelings were things that you couldn’t control. He had an overwhelming desire to kiss you but he thought it was wrong for him to feel this way. It was stressing him out. He sat back down in his own chair and continued watching you. It was understandable that it was creepy however it helped Sherlock.



You had just put the cake in the oven when you felt a pair of arms wrapping around your waist.

“Sh-Sherlock?” You stuttered and blushed madly. There was no reply from the consulting detective. You quite liked what was happing because you had felt an emotion of love towards the 'heartless’ man recently. You just found it a bit… Strange. If you had seen his face, you would have noticed that his pupils had dilated. Or if you had taken his pulse, you would have been able to tell that his heartrate had increased. 

“Y/N,” He said finally and turned you around to face him. “I want to-” You cut him off by kissing him. He was taken aback by you agreeing with what he wanted to do, despite him not finishing his sentence. The kiss was comforting and it felt like the world around you both was falling away. It seem like it lasted forever but it was short. You pulled away but rested your forehead against his as he held you in his arms. Sherlock still had many questions but he was sure that he did feel love, even after telling himself for many years that he did not. It was wonderful.

Sherlock x Reader: The Cigarette

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Request from anon: Sherlock and reader sharing a cigarette and John mad at them.

A/N: I’m sorry if the description was bad because I don’t smoke myself and I don’t like it. Therefore I’m not very good however I gave it a go. I hope you like it. x

The dark haired detective stood outside in the cold air, the smoke of his cigarette was rising into sky. He knew you were there but did not turn to face you. John, Sherlock and yourself had just solved a case in the Yorkshire Dales and had returned to the cottage you were staying in. You were to return back to London the next day. It was honestly one of the hardest cases you had ever been on. Even Sherlock struggled! He would never admit that though.

“Are you okay?” You asked him while you moved to stand by his side.

“Stuck in the world of boredom,” He replied and took another puff of the cigarette.

“Of course you are.” You sighed. “Can I have a smoke?”

He spluttered. “You what?”

“I said I want a smoke.” You took the cigarette from him and had a puff. He was surprised when you didn’t cough. You hated smoking but the case had got you so stressed and worked up. It wasn’t the healthiest ways of coping but you needed one. You had never smoked before in your life. You passed it back to Sherlock. You both stood in silence passing the nicotine back and forth.


“Are you two smoking?” John said coming out of the cottage.

“No!” You said quickly hiding the cigarette behind your back.

“It was Y/N!” Sherlock replied at the same time as you.

“I would expect that from Sherlock. But you Y/N?" John was disgusted. "It can destroy your lungs and give you cancer.”

“John it was just a few puffs of smoke. Nothing bad.”

“Nothing bad!” He yelled. He was not happy. “Neither of you listen to me!” He stormed back into the house cursing like a sailor.

“Seriously Y/N,” Sherlock said. “Don’t smoke again. I don’t need my partner with breathing problems.”

“Wow!” You replied. “Did the heartless Sherlock Holmes worry about me?”

There was no reply.

Sherlock x Reader: Reunited This Christmas (Part Two To Lonely This Christmas).


Part 1: Lonely This Christmas

thesmellofasinnamonroll asked:

For the Sherlock x reader lonely this Christmas story, will there be a part two? It’s so good I don’t want it to end!!!!

A/N: Again, thank you so much! I thought I’d have a happy ending to this so I hope you like it. x

It was that time of year. Snow was falling, Christmas adverts were on the TV, people were piling in at the shops in hope of finding the perfect Christmas present, and little children were excited for the arrival of Father Christmas. You were very excited as it meant that you got to spend time with family and friends. However, as you walked down Baker Street, you couldn’t help but having a desire of entering your former home of 221B and greeting your former loved one. You still loved the man but you thought it was best if you separated. John and Mary had told you that he was in no fit state. You had called Mrs Hudson last week and she told you that she didn’t think he’d make it through Christmas Day. You thought the they were exaggerating though. You were sure Sherlock was just fine because he’s Sherlock! You leaving was probably something minor to him.



After opening presents on the morning of Christmas, you went over to John and Mary’s. You didn’t attend last year in fear that Sherlock would be there but they had assured you that he wouldn’t be there this year. You were sat with them in their living room after dinner. Their child was asleep in her cot upstairs while you chatted downstairs. Somehow, you got into a conversation about Sherlock.

“He’s not coping well,” Mary told you.

“I’m worried about him,” John sighed. “I know that Sherlock can be off and strange at time because that’s just who he is. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t make it through January. There’s nothing I can do. He shuts me out…” John started choking up.

You sighed. “I could see him today,” You said. “I know it’s Christmas but…”

“If you wouldn’t mind, Y/N,” Mary said.

“Ill go now,” You said. “Thank you for dinner. I’ll come back later if I’m able.” You got your stuff together and left. “Merry Christmas.”



Mrs Hudson had friends at her flat this Christmas. After greeting her, she led you upstairs.

“Sherlock,” You called. “It’s freezing in here,” You muttered.

“Y/N?” He said quietly. He was sat in his chair. He had a beard and longish hair. He was skinny and looked like a skeleton. The flat was a mess and you knew that Mrs Hudson hadn’t cleaned in a while. But Sherlock looked like a completely different man.

You gasped. “Look at the state of you,” You said as you rushed over to him and you threw your arms around you.

“I’m so sorry,” He said and broke down in tears.

“Sh, shhhh, it’s okay. I’ll run you a bath and while you’re in the bath, I’ll go to the shop and buy some food because I’m sure you don’t have any in.”



You returned with food and tea bags. You was surprised that the corner shop was open but the owner told you that many people came for last minute items on the day. Sherlock had come out of the bath and he had also shaved. You had bought him a sandwich and a chocolate bar which you made him eat. You’d also made him a cup of tea. He still looked malnourished but at least he’d eaten something.

“Your hair is too long,” You said smiling as you ran your hands through it.

“What did I do to ever deserve you?” He asked.

“Stop feeling guilty.” You sighed. “I’m here now. I know it will take time, but do you think we could try again? I’ve missed you and I didn’t realise how much I had until I saw you like this.”

“You haven’t…”

“No I haven’t got a boyfriend.”

“I thought you may have started again.”

“No I haven’t. I hadn’t got over you.”

“Then I’d like to try again. And… I’m sorry for hurting you.”

“It’s okay.”

“Merry Christmas, Y/N.”

“Merry Christmas, Sherlock.”

Sherlock x Reader: Ticklish

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Request from @holmessick :

Hey, it’s me again! 🙊 I have another idea, maybe it sounds a bit kitschy but how do you think about a tickle fight between Sherlock and the reader? Like Sherlock tickles the reader by mistakes and he notices this and the reader tries to deny and hide her ticklish spots but Sherlock doesn’t want to stop, he wants to ‘experiment’ it and finds out how extremely ticklish she really is. And the reader wants to find out whether Sherlock is ticklish as well and maybe he’s more ticklish than we ever thought? 😛 His reaction would be interesting as well. If you write a story about this, I’ll be very excited for it! 😊 I enjoy your writing very much. 💕

A/N: You are very kind! Thank you so much. I hope you like it. x

You never really got loving moments with Sherlock despite him being your boyfriend. He lay upon the sofa reading a book with you laying in his arms. Sherlock had just returned from a case and he had insisted that he must find a new one to save himself from boredom. You had convinced him to relax and spend some time with you instead of him rushing off somewhere. You gave him puppy dog eyes which was the only thing that he could not resist so he promised to stay with you.


He put his book down after finishing it. He put the hand that he was originally holding the book with on your side. You flinched and stifled a laugh.

“Y/N, what was that?” Your boyfriend asked.

“Oh nothing,” You replied quickly. Sherlock thought to himself for a moment. What caused you to squirm in that moment? Was it him? Did you not like him touching him? Did you not like him anymore? No, you would not have begged him to stay. So, it must have been the spot where he touched you. Ticklishness. That was it. Everyone had vulnerable spots and your side must have been one of yours. He wanted to know how ticklish you actually were. He moved his hands to your neck and began to tickle. You yelped and tried to swipe his hands away.


“No!” You giggled. “Please! Stop!” You were in a fit of laughter and could not stop as Sherlock moved his hands up and down your body. You both fell upon your floor and you were pinned underneath Sherlock. You manage to roll over so you were above Sherlock and he lost control. You were curious to know whether Sherlock himself was ticklish. So you tickled him and watched him lose control of his body. You could see that he was very uncomfortable with this but he did let out a few chuckles. You found that he was more ticklish in his neck area.

“Y/N…” He said before bursting into a fit of laughter. “Please! Please stop!” Sherlock hadn’t experienced this feeling since he was a child when his mother and father used to tickle him.

“Well,” You said puling away. “Who would have thought that the famous Sherlock Holmes would be so vulnerable?” You smirked.

“Shut up,” He mumbled.

“Oh Sherlock!” You laughed and kissed him.

THAT EPISODE TO SHERLOCK! It shattered my heart into a million pieces and had me on edge from start to finish!


I always wondered if he would have a sister not another brother but I didn’t think it would actually happen. And I loved that Irene was mentioned because I love her. I cannot wait for next Sunday’s episode as there are so many questions that need answering.