irene almas

Espera, para el carro, escúchame a mí.

Desde que nacemos hasta que morimos nos comen la cabeza con eso de la media naranja, tu otra mitad Si, media y naranja, espero que no quieras solo conformarte con una fruta.

Supuestamente es esa persona que un día te complementa, con la que te chocarás en el pasillo , que te ayudará a recoger del suelo los apuntes que te ha tirado, esa que es tú pero en otro cuerpo, que te cuida….blablablá.

Si todo fuera tan sencillo iríamos al súper a buscar nuestro compañero de toda la vida, ¿una naranja? ¿Y encima media? Si ya que estás exprímela hasta el final, hazte un zumo si quieres, yo es que soy más de fresas.

—  Irene Jodaté.

Little Witch Academia Chronicle!!! Databook!! ^+^

1st Row
Bice, Erika, Bridget, Michelle, Rina, Teodora, Alice, Priscila and Ilaiza(?.

2nd row
Hilda, Ailyn, Bianca, Daisy, Rosie, Heather, Molly, Elsa, Amelia, Henrietta, Aisha, Esther, Abigail, Rita, Rachel, Rajani, Nora and Rajumi.

3rd row

Elfriede, Sarah Bernhardt, Chloe, Isabelle, Gari/Gary, Islay/Aira, Dorotea, Irene, Eleanor, Teresa, Julieta, Alma, Nina, Verochica/velochica(? and Francine.

4th row
Maria, Katia, Carmen, Catarina, Shaoiyi/Xiaolei, Katy, Mary and Blair.


Having a lot of issues with this tablet, it disconnected about 3 times and most of the time wouldn’t connect at all. Hopefully Mightyape can get back to me about a replacement or I’m a bit screwed.

Anyway I managed to draw some Alma, Irene, Kezia and Techiya.

Solidão não é a falta de gente para conversar, namorar, passear ou fazer sexo… Isto é carência! Solidão não é o sentimento que experimentamos pela ausência de entes queridos que não podem mais voltar… Isto é saudade! Solidão não é o retiro voluntário que a gente se impõe, às vezes, para realinhar os pensamentos… Isto é equilíbrio! Solidão não é o claustro involuntário que o destino nos impõe compulsoriamente… Isto é um princípio da natureza! Solidão não é o vazio de gente ao nosso lado… Isto é circunstância! Solidão é muito mais do que isto… Solidão é quando nos perdemos de nós mesmos e procuramos em vão pela nossa alma.
—  Fátima Irene Pinto

Unfortunately my stream is very laggy, I need to sort it all out, maybe try use my partners desktop instead because my poor laptop may be the reason.

Here is what I doodled anyway, the El Amin family. Nic, Nyla, Irene, Alma, Gael and Iman.

Thanks peeps who stopped by and apologies for the lag :)

Spent the whole evening doodling the El Amin family to put with Gael and I didn’t even get around to drawing Alma and Irene. For shame.

Nicolas is Irene’s Husband, Iman is their older Cousin, Anisa is Nic and Irene’s daughter, and Gael and Nyla are Alma and Irene’s parents.

I didn’t really focus on ages here but the heights are a rough idea :’D


The hopeless romantic. He left his small village for the big city because he fell in love. He had to take on multiple crappy jobs just so he could stay living there, but he always felt that his hard work was worth it whenever he saw his loved one smile.
Him and Irene make Alma want to throw up a little bit because there is just way too much sugar in that latte.

Outside of his romance shit, he comes from a small village hidden underneath the desert. It’s a lovely little hotspot for history and culture nuts. Also a fantastic holiday location if you don’t mind locals overcharging you for everything. They have an icy cold spring that is pretty much the main attraction outside of the ancient wall murals.