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HARRY: “Ron, this totally sucks, man. This—”
RON: “This is horrible.”
HARRY: “Yeah, I know. Look at this: Harry Potter vs Voldemort: The Fight of the Century.
RON: “No, it’s not that! It’s Hermione.”

Line by Ron Weasley from A Very Potter Musical, Act 2 Part 1


  • Delirious Sherlock waking up in Irene’s presence.
  • How Sherlock snaps up in alarm when he realised it’s her.
  • How he moves towards her immediately after realising.
  • Irene shushing him with a finger on his lips.
  • How gentle Irene is with Sherlock.
  • How Sherlock leans back and does what she says.
  • That this is in Sherlock’s mind palace, and that she is dominant in it.
  • How Irene is the only person who entered Sherlock’s Mind Palace.
  • That Sherlock shared his mind with her.
  • That she is not a pigment of his imagination in here.
  • That she may have been beside him on his bed while she was deducing.
  • “Don’t get up“ may mean that Sherlock was trying to stand from the bed.
  • That Irene talks to him when he’s passed out in bed.
  • How he loses focus when he looks in her eyes.
  • How he instantly relaxes at the sound of her voice.
  • This one scene.
  • Adlock.