• Wendy : Seulgi.
  • Seulgi : Yes ?
  • Wendy : Have you seen my phone ?
  • Seulgi : * Oh my God, if she finds out I broke it, she's going to be mad, what should I do. I should pretend not knowing what is happening, should I faint ? No that's too much. I know ! I will blame Yeri, she's very clumsy and she's the maknae so she'll be forgiven.*
  • Wendy : Once again, we're not in a drama : I'm right here, I can hear you.
  • Seulgi : I'll pretend not hearing her. I'm so clever. *giggles*
Reaction: Red Velvet Coming home and seeing their gf crying

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“Hey, what´s wrong? Do you wanna talk about it?” Joohyun´s inner mother instinct would kick in and she would do everything in her power to find out why exactly you were crying. She would make sure to give you time and space to cool off if you weren´t ready to tell her yet.

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“Well that professor can shove your ´plagiarisation´ up his you know what. What we´re gonna do now is that we´re going to close this notebook and go watch a movie instead.”

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Seungwan would sit next to you and let you vent. She knew that the best thing for you was getting all your frustrations out, even if it meant crying. She would hug you, and silently listen to what you had to say before giving you the best kind of advice she could come up with.

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Sooyoung would be her cheery self, trying hard to get you involved in her silly antics. If the minor acts of silliness didn´t work, she would go into your bedroom and come out in the most ridiculous outfits possible, giving you a mini fashion show.

“My stage name isn´t Joy just because. See, I just brought joy into you life.” She´d point out as you finally let out a small laugh at her ridiculous antics.

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“I´m not just going to sit here and listen to how they make fun of you, jagiya. I´ll take care of this don´t worry.”

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