Mist in Rostrevor forest by Darren Giddins
Via Flickr:
Atmosphere not to be mist, in Rostrevor forest, County Down, Northern Ireland

~ How To Attract Fairies ~

As someone who grew up seeing fairies and was always taught to respect them (by my Irish mother), I wanted to share my thoughts, and some tips for any witches who’d like to work with them ^-^

So I’m talking about fairies in the sense of nature spirits, tiny winged creatures, however you’d like to think of them (not in the Irish sense, as that term is a more general title for any otherworldly being).

Fairies tend to be very cautious, but they are also very curious. Finding them is easy, they’re all around, but drawing them out and making them feel comfortable can be a bit tricky.

Leaving small offerings at the foot of their plants, or watering and tending to their plants can help to build trust. They also appreciate demonstrations of respect if you’re picking flowers/fruit and things (asking politely, and saying thank you).

Offerings can include…

🌸Fresh water

🍃Painted smooth stones

🌸Crystals (I’ve found rose quartz works very well)


🌸Really anything small, vibrant, and interesting

Things you should never try to do…

🚫Capture a fairy

🚫Keep a fairy away from their home for too long

Talking to them in general and making your intentions clear is always great. You may never be able to see or hear one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build a friendly relationship, and ask for their aid in your practice.

Good luck! ^-^