We need to talk about what’s happening on the @ireland twitter account

Each week a different person who lives in Ireland takes over the account. This week it’s Michelle Marie, a blogger and black plus-size model.

Within hours of taking over the account, Marie was beset by trolls mocking her weight and race.

First she brilliantly addressed the fat shaming:

Then she responded (as graciously as she could) to the racism:

Thankfully, many have spoken out in support of Michelle.

But the hate just kept coming and clearly it had taken its toll. Michelle wrote a heartbreaking yet powerful statement to all the haters.

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Black woman suffers racist abuse after taking over @Ireland Twitter account

“A black British woman has been the subject of racist abuse while tweeting from the @Ireland Twitter account.

Michelle Marie, who is originally from Oxford and has lived in Ireland for three years, was shocked after receiving “eight hours of non-stop hate” within hours of taking over the account, which has 40,000 followers.

The blogger and plus-size model was targeted by trolls, with one user telling Marie to “return to your ancestral lands”.

She posted that she was “hurt” by the abuse in a statement posted on Twitter, but said she would do her best to complete her week running the account.

She added: “I expected trolls, and backlash, and criticism. But today I have experienced racism, sexism, fatphobia and homophobia to a degree I have never known. I have had 8 hrs of nonstop hate thrown at me. I am hurt, shocked and appalled.”

The @Ireland Twitter account rotates each week with a new person introduced every Monday morning.

It is run by, an American news website for Irish news, and Twitter users can either apply to run it or be nominated.”

Read the full piece and see the tweets here

First FKA Twigs, then Leslie Jones, then Normani Kordei, then Gabby Douglas, and now this.

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We piled into a rented Opel (named Opal) and left Dublin with the western islands on our minds. The four of us met up in Ireland, for one last road trip for the summer, before we each make big jumps in our lives. Brenna and Josh, moving to Prague and the end of our travels. Shannon, off to Ghana in a few weeks. And myself, moving out west to LA in a month.

We drove about 750 kilometers, drank about 500 Guinness’s, and listened to a lot of Cranberries songs.

As I get older and reflect on what it means to grow up, it’s reassuring to know that regardless of where our lives lead us, there are friends that being around reminds me that I’m living life the way I should be.


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